Happy New year……………………………………………………
Okay here is my new year surprise. I want to first only declare that the story is inspired from Kannada Movie “Googly” And if someone doesn’t know what is googly let me explain it. It is a term in cricket used for confusing bowling specially used by spin bowlers to confuse the batsman.
All the credit of the title goes to the director of the movie with all due respect Mr. Pawan Wadeyar. And the credit of the concept also to him only. It is specially dedicated to all Tejaswi- Shaleen pair fans. And again I give the credit pairing to my dearest friend Sindhu. So basically all the credits go to everyone except me.

Cast: Arjun- Shaleen Malhotra; Jiya – Tejaswi Prakash; Anoop Singh – Anup Soni ; Avantika Singh- Manasi Salve; Jaiwardhan Kapoor: Ayub Khan; Sakshi Kapoor : Simone Singh.

I looked up from my plate and found my mom busy with her phone. She smiled at me while walking and I shifted my gaze back to my plate. Today is the last day of my Christmas Vacation of the year. I have been in my town Darjeeling from past fiften days near my parents with whom I could hardly speak a sentence completely due to their extremely busy schedule. Today also dad promised that we will have dinner together but due to his important foreign client he missed the dinner. I did not feel bad. I’m just used to it. When I was here also they never spoke to me in a day properly. I thought at least if I stay away from them they will miss me. Initially I used to call them everyday. For a week they spoke to me nicely and I was so happy. I thought my trick worked but as the time passed I realized that I hardly had any importance in their life. And they blame their busy life is for my future. I don’t know how whatever they do is for my future by crushing my present. As I finished cleaning my plate I just headed to my room. Mom was still busy over the phone.

Will I be able to get what I crave for. I looked at the stars outside the window. They looked so near to each other though there was light years of distance between them. My phone ringed and it was my hostel room mate Asha. I smiled and picked up the call.
“Hey Ji you know what there gonna be Global Business Fest in our college from next week. I have registered your name also” screeched Asha. “But Asha how will I attend it? Its a business meet?” “You can sweetheart as it is not restricted for business students. You will get a great exposure” “Okay if you insist so much” “That’s like a good girl. So when is your flight arriving tomorrow. I will come to pick you up” said Asha. “No that’s fine Asha I can manage. I will meet you tomorrow. Good night” I said as I disconnected the call. I reached my bed and lied on it ready to sleep.


“Dad how did mom get impressed with a person like you?” I asked my dad gulping the drink. It tasted great and I started searching for pickle or Chakna to cool my burning tongue. I saw someone holding the chips in a plate in front of me. I looked up and found my mom. I smiled sheepishly at her with one closed eye. She placed the plate in my shivering hand and headed inside nodding her head in disbelief. She was actually fed up of my and Dad’s antics of everyday.
“He he” smiled my dad twisting his face. I looked at him confused. “Your mumma was my junior in college and was flat on my looks on first day only” said Dad stumbling but with pride. I smiled widely closing my eyes. Suddenly I felt my dad who screamed “Flood… Flood” I opened my eyes and looked and found my mom standing with a empty bucket. It took me a minute to understand that mom splashed water on Dad’s face. I burst out laughing looking at Dad who was looking like a wet crow. Mom glared me and I placed my index finger on my lips and looked down. “I was flat on you on first day? You were roaming behind me like dog and I felt pity on you and accepted your proposal. Now I feel pity on myself” said mom glaring Dad who was smiling closing his eyes. Mom huffed and went inside throwing the bucket also on Dad.
My mom and dad did not give me everything but they gave me the most important things of my life. My Freedom and their love. My dad was my best friend more. We always used to have drinks together at home and mom used to get annoyed but I was really amazed looking at their understanding. When I asked him how mom understands him without him saying anything he replied saying That’s love. When you will fall in love you will get your answer. “Love and me? Opposite poles of same magnet which can never meet” I used to tell my dad.

Bangalore was my soul. I was born and brought up here. Though we are from other state. People here are extremely friendly and warm and it never stops for anyone. I just love this city like I love myself. I came to my room after dropping my dad in his room. I stood near the window and looked at the stars whose twinkle had faded behind the shining city. I wanted to shine. I wanted to be the best businessman. And my dream was just a week away from me. “The Global Business Fest” a golden opportunity to the business management students like me.

“Hi. My name is Jiya Kapoor and I have registered already” I said standing at the help desk. The guy looked at the register in front of him and found my name. “The fest will start from today and inauguration will commence after the award ceremony for our college students. You can directly go to the auditorium” he said smiling. “Thank you. Can you tell me where is the auditorium?” He showed me the direction and I headed in that direction. The award function had already started. I found a empty chair and sat there. The MC announced the third and second rank student name who climbed the stage and received the prize. “And the first rank goes to Mr. Arjun Singh” announced and MC and looked back at the person entering the auditorium. He wore black shades and a leather jacket over his shirt and torn Jeans pant. I wondered how can he be the first rank holder. His appearance made me think that he is Gunda. “Interesting Character” I said under my breath and looked at him. He just received the prize and headed down. The inauguration program commenced and we were told to gather for the first round the next day. I headed out of the auditorium and searched for Asha who was busy looking after the arrangements as the Fest was in her college. We headed back to our hostel.

“Asha. Shall I ask you something?” I said as we settled in our room after the dinner. She nodded her head smiling. “Who is Arjun Singh?” I said hesitantly. She chocked and coughed as the water she was drinking went in wrong pipe. I patted her head to console her. She cooled down after much struggle. “Ji why are you asking about that half mental?” she said annoyed. I looked at her confused. “He seems interesting. I just wanted to know he is different than others” I said reasoning her. “Oh please he is not interesting. He is big psycho of our college” she said nodding her head. “Common Asha he got first rank and you are saying he is Psycho. Now I really wanna know about him tell na?” I pleaded her. “Ahhhh you won’t budge right?” she asked bending her head irritated. I nodded my head with puppy eyes to which she gave up. “He hates girls and he doesn’t like love word only” she said making annoyed face. “I did not understand. How can you conclude about him like that?” I asked her. “My one classmate was there Priya (played by Mrunal Thakur) She was mad behind him. One day she went to propose him.

“Arjun I love you” said Priya standing in front of Arjun who was drinking juice in college canteen. He coughed and patted his head to console himself. He looked up at her annoyed. “Sorry I did not hear what you said” he said. “Arjun here whole college is behind me but I’m in love with you” said Priya pouting. “Why have you stolen everyone’s money or you have taken loan from everyone that whole college is behind you?” asked Arjun. Priya huffed and said “Oh hello I mean to say already 10 to 15 guys are roaming behind me to propose me and I’m here standing in front of you to propose you. Please accept my love” said Priya blushing. “Have you ever given 50 paisa chocolate to any of them?” asked Arjun. “I didn’t had change for fifty paisa” said Priya pouting. “But you accepted whatever they gifted you” said Arjun. “See I did not tell them to gift me. They only used to gift me” said she complaining. “See Priya this all will not work out. Just leave” said Arjun annoyed. “We will make it work Arjun please” pleaded Priya. “Just get lost you love sick puppy” said Arjun lifting the water jug on the table to scare Priya who ran away from there immediately scared.

“Mummma” I screamed as I imagined how he might have behaved with Priya actually. “See I told you na he is half mental. Now sleep no need to spoil your sleep for that Psycho” said Asha sleeping on her bed. “Really interesting” I said to myself and lied on bed. My curiosity about him was growing with each second. I wanted to know about him.
“Excuse me sir” I said as I entered the venue for the first round. As always I was the last person entering the venue. I settled on a chair and started listening to the speeches given by the participants. Gosh there is nothing boring than the out of the track talks and all the participants were doing the same thing. I fell asleep when the third participant came on stage.

“Mr. Arjun Singh” announced the MC. I looked around and searched him. As I saw my right I saw him sleeping like a kid. He looked so innocent. God what is wrong with me I thought. “Asha see he fell asleep. Please wake him. They are announcing his name” I pleaded Asha. “No ways. Let him sleep. He will be out of the competition.” said Asha smirking. I don’t know why she hated him so much. I looked at her annoyed and got up and neared him to wake him up.

As I was in deep asleep I felt someone kept their hand on my chest and shaking me. I could hear a faint female voice who was calling my name “Arjun… Arjun… wake up. See your turn…” said the voice softly. It was such a melody I couldn’t resist myself. I felt my heart started beating just then. I opened my eyes slowly and found a beautiful face whose lips were moving calling my name and her hand on my chest exactly parallel to my heart. I was so lost in a female face for the first time in life. Suddenly I realized that my name was being called as the last announcement. I jerked and stood up and screamed “Present Sir” Everyone looked at me and burst out laughing. I went to the stage and presented my view.

After the presentation I settled back in my chair. I looked at my left where the girl was sitting. I wanted to look at her but she was smiling looking at me my ego made me act as if I was just turning my neck and not noticing her. I did not give her any expression. Then she headed to stage when the MC announced her name as the last participant “Ms. Jiya Kapoor” My world stopped on her face. Though she was speaking exactly related things to the topic. First time in my life I felt I missed my concentration. After few seconds I could not even hear what she was speaking. My eyes were analyzing her silky hear which moved in sync with her head and neck and her peach colored lips. Perfectly shaped eyebrows, sharp nose and perfectly defined eyes with Kajal. She looked like some angel from heaven. Her smile never left her face. Such innocent face she had. “Ahhh what is wrong with me?” I said to myself recollecting my wits as she stepped down the stage smiling. I looked around and just headed out of the venue.

As I stepped down the stage I found him and I tried to speak to him but he just headed out without even turning. I just lowered my head and headed back to hostel as the judges said that they will sms the results to our mobile numbers

“See didn’t I tell he is half mental. He did not even say thanks to you” said Asha as she lied on her bed. “Who knows he must be thinking of saying it” I said and turned other side closing my eyes.

“Arjun… Arjun…. wake up” I heard her whisper again when I was fast asleep on my bed after the dinner. I got up with a jerk horrified. “Why is this happening with me. Why am I remembering her?” I said as I walked to the washroom. I washed my face and looked in mirror. I felt her image calling me in similar way. I got scared. Only one person can answer my question now. I banged my parents room door and turned. As I was about to bang for second time my dad opened the door and came out in half sleep. “Arjun at this time why are you disturbing?” asked Dad annoyed. “Dad you and mom had love marriage na?” I asked him biting my nail. “Yes idiot. Your mom did not forget it. And you are not letting her to forget also” said my dad annoyed. He hated if someone disturbed his sleep. “Did mom tortured you like Mohini (Chudail). Did you used to see her around you always?” I asked my dad horrified. “Haa mere baap. She used to torture me like Mohini, now also she tortures and she will always torture me even after I leave this world she will not leave me” said he annoyed. “She is also torturing me like Mohini” I said which my dad heard. “Who?” he asked confused. Suddenly I realized what I was blurting out and composed myself. “Nothing dad. Go sleep” I said avoiding the topic. He gave me death glare before heading to his room. I smiled at him sheepishly and headed to my room.
“I think if I say her thank you I will be fine. She woke me up na I will say thanks to her tomorrow. That too nicely” I said looking at my image in mirror.

“I should know about him tomorrow.” I said sitting on the dressing table looking at the mirror. I looked at Asha through the mirror who was sleeping peacefully and I was struggling to sleep.
“Where is she? Shall I ask someone” I said while searching her in the campus next day. “No it’s against my image.” I said and turned and I found her standing behind me. I jerked and stood looking at her. I was struggling to stand also in front of her. What the hell is wrong with me. “Hi” she said breaking my thoughts. I wanted to maintain my image though I’m nervous I maintained the fake confidence and said “Hi” She smiled. Gosh her smile made me travel in different world only. “My name is Jiya” she said introducing herself. “I know” I said as I looked at her from corner of my eye acting as if I’m not interested in her. She again smiled making me more weak. I could sense she was equally nervous like me. “Thank you” I said looking at her who was looking around nervous. She looked at me confused. “Wo yesterday you woke me up na so for that Thank You” I said with null expression.

OMG I felt like dancing. He said Thank you. But I controlled my excitement and said “Mention not” and smiled at him. I don’t know why he wasn’t facing me properly. And there was zero expression on his face. He started moving from there. I did not wanted to lose this ice breaking moment between us. “Shall we have coffee?” I asked him immediately. He slowly turned and asked “Why?” bending his head. I was like what the hell. He is making me more nervous. Oh God I should not look desperate. I composed myself and said “I just asked” He was totally different. If anyone in his place was there they themselves would have asked for coffee. Here I’m being girl I’m calling him for coffee and he is asking me why. Uff tough guy.

I don’t know why my heart wanted to spend time with her. My stupid heart wanted to say yes when she asked for coffee but my brain just made her nervous with my behavior. At last my heart won and when she turned I stopped her saying “Coffee is heat for body. Shall we have sugar cane juice?” I still maintained the zero expression look. Seriously Arjun you are asking for a date with a girl? I told myself. No no. She asked me for the coffee date but I just modified. Seriously I was giving such silly reasons. What is wrong with me.

OMG one more shock for me. He asked me for a sugar cane date. Jiya have you gone mad? Why are you getting excited for every small thing he is doing. What is wrong with me. My mind and my heart was in battle. I happily nodded my head. If someone attached a machine to measure my heart beat that machine had been exploded by this time seriously so fast my heart was beating with excitement.

As he ordered two glasses of sugar cane juice from the roadside stall I saw him gulping the juice in a go, I just kept staring him. He turned and stood waiting for me to finish the juice. I thought he will drink it slowly so that we can spend little more time together. He really is so confusing to understand but totally different. “Actually sugar cane juice is also heat for the body more than coffee, you know?” I said breaking the silence. “Is it?” he asked. I myself don’t know. I simply told to initiate the conversation. I just nodded my head. “That’s okay. In this cold season it is good for health” he said looking other side.

I did not know what to say. She was trying to break the silence and I also wanted the same. But bechari how much she also will try to talk to me. I don’t know why I did not wanted to make her more nervous. I saw she emptied the glass. “Actually see if we would have gone to coffee day simply for one coffee we would have spent at least 200 rupees” I asked the vendor “How much?” He said 20 rupees and I said “See here only in 20 rupees. You should always think that way” I said. I know I was making a fool of myself. I know she will think me Kanjoos. “Impressive. Business minded you are really” she said shocking me. First time some one did not call me Kanjoos. “So doctor can I call you that?” she again smiled and nodded her head. “So Doctor ji. Please pay the 20 rupees” I said instructing her to pay the vendor. I know she will hate me for making her to pay the bill. After that we started walking on the footpath near the Fly Over.
“Why you hate girls and don’t like falling in love?” I asked him directly to the point. I don’t know why I felt his answer will not disappoint me. What is wrong with me. Why do I need his opinion on love and girls.

She is different. So blunt and brave. You really need guts to talk to a boy about all this whom you met just before a day. “Who told you all this?” I asked as I stopped my steps. She stood nervous not able to answer me. My stupid heart made me to make one more stupid move by justifying myself. “See doctor ji. Someone has instigated you about me. It’s not that I don’t like falling in love but where you find good girls now a days. All girls are money minded” I saw her face expression change and I said “No I’m not talking about you, you are different” I said. She smiled and looked at me. “Why do you think so?” she asked nervous. “Wo because you paid the bill na. Wait I will give my part” I said and took 10 rupees from my pocket and handed to her. After much insisting she took it.

Wow he feels I’m not like other girls. Good going Jiya. I told myself appreciating myself. “You never fell in love?” I asked him. Why why why I’m making a fool of myself again and again. My brain was banging itself to the walls of my skeleton. I don’t know I felt this is my last chance to know him. Whatever questions I had I needed to ask him. Let him feel I’m shameless. I don’t mind.

Again she shocked me with her question. God I have seen girls flirting but she is something different. It did not looked like she is flirting with me. It felt good. “No no I never had all that, Ya I have seen my friends who say that they see the girl they love everywhere like Mohini” as I was saying her I sensed a auto rickshaw stopping near us. My dad popped out of it shocking me. “Hey Arjun. You said you are going to college. What are you doing here?” asked my dad. Fish what will I say him now. “Wo…” before I could say dad blurted out forwarding a thread “First you tie this to your hand” I looked at him confused. “Arrey you were saying na some girl comes and disturbs you like Mohini everywhere” God seriously he said that. I looked at her. She was trying to control her laugh. My image so far I maintained got spoiled. I took him to a side and said him to leave. He got annoyed and left. Then I went back to her. She was controlling her laugh. I had nothing to say. Ahhh first time I’m feeling so nervous. Ahhh my dad spoiled everything. My phone beeped coming to my rescue. She smiled looking at me and tucked her hair behind her ear. I don’t know it made me weak. I face palmed. She looked at me nervous. “Please whenever you come in front of me don’t tuck your hair behind your ear” I pleaded her. “Why?” she asked confused. “Now I don’t have mood to tell. I will tell later” I said and walked from there. She said okay and followed me.

“Are you mad?” screamed Asha when I told her that I went out with Arjun. “Asha relax” I said her rubbing my ear. “I feel I have to take you for a check up to test the side effects as you spent so much time with that half mental” she said scared. “He is not half mental Asha. He is just different and very nice person. He is just straight forward so nobody likes him” I said her. “I seriously feel I should take you for check up” she said horrified. “Now sleep. I have to get up early and prepare for next round tomorrow” I said her and we lied on bed.

As the competition progressed we got selected for each round and in the process exchanged our numbers and started talking to each other and texting. We started going out also. I wanted to try this new feeling and relationship. I felt she is the girl meant for me. Just last round was remaining. I wanted to propose her as I could not hold my feelings more and decided to propose her next day.
Yes yes yes he is the one I want in my life. He showed the care and love I was craving from years. I just need him in my life. I’m gonna propose him tomorrow. Haaye when this tomorrow will come? I’m so damn excited. Tomorrow gonna be the best day of my life.

Where is this Arjun. He said he will come at 9.30. Always late god. As I was waiting for him I saw Ritwik came to the place. He is also one of the participant. I smiled at him and he spoke about the competition. I did not wanted to continue the conversation with him. I told him that Asha is waiting for me and headed from there. I texted Arjun on the way that to meet me at the canteen instead.

I was so happy to meet her. The night seemed the longest night of my life after all I’m going to propose the love of my love. She is really special. She is not at all like other girls who will change boyfriends like clothes. I’m so lucky to have her in my life. As I reached the place we decided to meet I saw her talking with Ritwik. Why was she talking to him so friendly. She was laughing and talking to him. It boiled my blood. How can she talk to that moron like that. I saw her leaving the place.
“Stay away from her” I said to Ritwik in warning tone when he was walking from their smiling. He looked at me confused. “I said stay away from Jiya” I repeated my words. “She only is talking to me nicely. What’s your problem dude?” he asked me as if he is challenging me. Now my anger crossed it’s limit. I held his collar and dragged him close to me and screamed “I said stay away from Jiya that’s all. If I see you around her next time you will not have enough time of your life to collect your bones. I will make so many pieces of it” I jerked him and headed from there with rage.
Ahhhh he spoiled all my mood. I headed home. As I reached home I saw her message and my anger cooled a bit. I thought I just over reacted. But still I did good that I warned him. He is like those boys who try on every girl. I should tell Jiya only to stay away from him. Che because of that moron I couldn’t tell her my feelings also.

“I told you na Jiya he is half mental” said Asha standing beside me when I was looking at my phone and waiting for Arjun’s reply. Gosh he did not come to meet me only. I don’t know what happened to him suddenly. Might be he got annoyed that I changed the meeting place at the last moment. Such lazy bum he is. “What happened Asha?” I asked her confused. “He has beaten up Ritwik as he was talking to you” she said which stopped my heart for a moment. “No Asha why will he do like that?” I asked her confused. “Because he is Psycho now only he doubts on you so much think about future Ji. Just don’t propose him now. Wait for some more time” she said. I felt she is right.

As I was ready to go to meet Jiya I got call from an unknown number. I picked the call and answered. “Hey Arjun. Asha here. Jiya met with an accident and had been admitted in City Hospital” said a female from other side. It was enough to stop my heart beat. I ran like a maniac. No I can’t lose her at any cost. As I entered the hospital I asked the receptionist the room where Jiya was. She guided me and I ran like that was the last moment of my life and reached her room. As I stood stumbling at the door I saw Ritwik holding her one hand and her back and I lost my cool.

I wasn’t concentrating while crossing the road and a bike hit me and Asha and Ritwik had to rush me to the hospital. As I gained conscious I found Ritwik standing beside me. He helped me to sit by holding my hand and shoulder. I smiled at him and he told me to be careful. Suddenly I saw Arjun entering room and holding Ritwik’s collar with rage. “I had told you na to stay away from her. You moron. How dare you to touch her” he screamed dragging Ritwik dangerously close to him. I was not in a state to grasp anything. I was shocked to see this side of Arjun. I tried pulling him away but he did not budge. He punched Ritwik so badly that his nose started bleeding. I got horrified looking at it. Arjun was ready to attack him again. I had no other option. I slapped him to bring him to his senses. It pained me more than it pained him. Gosh what did I do. He held his cheek and looked at me horrified.

What the hell. She slapped me? I was shocked like anything. “You slapped me? That too for this moron? What happened to me? What was I and what have I became” I said analyzing myself. I felt like I made fool of myself. She screamed back saying “You deserved it. You are acting like a maniac” I could not tolerate more. I held her from her elbows and dragged her close to me and my nails pierced her skin. She winced in pain but my anger did not cool down. “No… You are acting like a b*t*h. I’m such a idiot. You are also like other girls. Really I made a fool of myself. I had trusted you that you are not like other girls. You fooled me” I screamed. My tears were fighting to burst. But no I have to be strong. I have to be strong to show this lady that she was nobody to me and she doesn’t effect me. But my heart was bleeding. But my anger had covered it. I jerked her. She stood stumbling and again that moron held her. “Actually I thought of telling you something. Thank god I did not tell it. You don’t deserve it. Something you gave me na?” I asked her and took a deep breath to cool myself. With all my force I slapped her. She fell on the ground and her lip started bleeding but still my anger did not cool. I stormed out from there without even looking back. “I hate you” I heard her scream and closed my eyes painfully. My heart was paining to look at her pain. I died thousands times that day. The worst day of my life.

“What are you doing Ji?” asked Asha when I was furiously packing my bags. “I cant stay in this city for one more day Asha. I can’t see his face. I can’t” I cried collapsing on the floor. Asha held me and consoled me and I hugged her and burst out crying. The worst day of my life. I never want to see him. Never ever.
“Didi” said Nisha one of the 6 year kid of our orphanage; as I was looking at the setting sun near the lake. I wiped my tears and turned smiling. She dragged me with her to play. I forgot all my pain looking at these innocent souls. It had been five years that I left Bangalore and returned back to Darjeeling. I left my studies in between and came back like a coward. My parents asked me the reason but I was not in a position to tell them anything. I started an orphanage so that I can find souls like me who are craving for love. At least they will give me that love which I craved all my life without judging me.
I touched my cheek, still it pained like fresh. I closed my eyes and let the tears flow. Thank God I did not see his face till now and I should never see his face again.

“So this is the conclusion of my proposal” I finished my presentation and looked at the audience who nodded their head appreciating me. One of the delegate tucked her hair behind her ear. My world stopped and my memory reversed to 5 year back. Her face flashed in my mind. It looked like my past is playing in front of me.

I Mr. Arjun Singh most successful NRI businessman of India was a defeated man today. I had everything. Everything. One thing I did not had was my peace of mind. I never looked back at my past due to my ego which did not let me think of her once also. I took life as a challenge. I put my full will to fulfill my dream to be the most successful businessman. And I succeeded also. But when today I look back I feel I have achieved nothing. Standing in my luxurious room I looked at my palm with which I slapped her. My heart pained as I felt her pain. She was right I behaved like a maniac. With much difficulty I called my dad. “Hello ha Arjun beta” said my dad from the other side. “Dad I think I did mistake. I became over possessive about Jiya. She should only talk to me and should only be with me all these thoughts had occupied my my mind. I became blind, I became selfish” I blurted out and sobbed over the phone. “Look Arjun past is past you cannot change it. Try to move over it” he advised me. “No dad I cannot. I cannot forget her” I said in cracking voice. “I’m coming back to India dad. I need to find her” I told my dad determined.


“No ways Arjun. I’m never gonna tell you where she is” said Asha who was consoling her three months toddler whom I scared due to my rough handling. “Asha relax” said Ritwik taking their daughter who was crying miserably. Ahhh I’m very bad in handling kids. I’m very bad in handling anything. That’s why I lost her. I took a deep breath to control my emotions.
“Asha you also very well know whatever happened was due to misunderstanding. That day I was talking to Jiya about you and even mistake is mine. I also provoked him because I did not know about them” said Ritwik as he consoled his daughter. Asha glared him. I was looking at Ritwik for his revelation. Such a big mistake I did I realized then only. Till now I was justifying my actions but now how will I face her. I did so bad with her. I closed my fist as hard as I could but nothing was enough to match to her pain. “No means no” said Asha bringing me out of my trance. “Please Asha” I said as I knelt in front of her folding my hands. She jerked and looked at me horrified. Damn I never fail to scare people first her kid and now her. Tears flew from eyes and I bent my head as I could not control my emotions anymore. Asha looked at me confused. Ritwik nodded his head smiling at her. She huffed and held my shoulders and made me stand. Rightly said women really deserve the title Kshamaya Dharitri. She sighed and at last smiled looking at me. I smiled widely through my tears. In five years I never felt so happy after we parted our ways that day. I could not control my excitement and I just twirled her excited. She stumbled and stood glaring me. I said sorry shrinking my eyes. Ritwik saw me and nodded his head smiling.

Finally I’m here. I can feel her presence. How am I gonna face her. Will she slap me again? I got horrified when I imagined her slap and placed my hand on my cheek pouting. “It’s okay the great businessman Mr. Arjun Singh can take one slap” I said to myself. But will she forgive me ever? The thought stopped my steps. She will surely said my heart and I smiled widely.

What is happening to me today? I’m feeling so restless. Why do I feel his presence around me. No I have to control my emotions. He can never and he will never come here. He is a closed chapter in my life. I wiped my tears and headed to my cabin in orphanage.

“Jiya Kapoor” I said smiling to the watchman of the orphanage as he asked me whom I wanted to meet. He pointed at a direction behind me. I turned and looked at the direction removing my shades. My heart stopped beating at that moment. She was there just in front of me. She was smiling while playing with a handicapped kid of the orphanage.
“She has opened a orphanage in Darjeeling. She never got the love she deserved Arjun. Her parents always ignored her sighting their career commitments. She was all alone most of the time, emotionally detached. As she left from here without completing her studies also she could not get a proper job. She opened the orphanage with her dad’s help who could not see her depressed and helped her. Now she runs the orphanage with the charity money and her part time job as a tutor. She wants to give the love which she missed all her life to those kids who are all alone like her and crave for love. Whenever I told her to move on she just said she had already moved on. She doesn’t want to keep any expectations from anyone.” I remembered Asha’s words. I was the culprit. I did so wrong with her. She was right I’m a maniac. More than that I was most unfortunate person as I lost her. Now I have to get her back at any cost.

As I was approaching her every step of mine doubled my heart beat. Her cute expressions were worth watching and again she did her killer move. She was about to tuck her hair behind her ear which always made me weak and I tried controlling myself from losing.
As I was playing with Arun I felt someone approaching us. My heartbeat doubled as every second passed. As I was about to tuck my hair behind my ear I stopped as it reminded me of him. I turned and looked. I took a deep breath to grasp what exactly is happening. He was standing in front of me just few centimeters away from me. My heartbeat stopped for few seconds. Tears flew from my eyes.

I did not knew what to do when she turned suddenly. She was shocked. I know she was not expecting me. I was unable to grasp what was she thinking. I did not had any other way. I just collapsed on the floor in front of her and folded my hands. She jerked and stood looking at me blankly. I could not speak. What will I say her. How will I ask her forgiveness.

He was kneeling down in front of me and was sobbing like a kid. Was he asking forgiveness? Hold on first let me collect myself from this. I placed my hand on my thumping heart which I felt will jump out from my mouth. How should I react. Why should I even react. I just walked from there. As I was near the gate I just ran from there not able to face my past.

I kept staring at her when she ran out of the orphanage gate. I know I deserve this. I thought she will be angry on me and she will beat me black and blue but alas she just ignored me. This I could not take. “She tolerated whatever you did right now you have to tolerate” my heart spoke.

“Jiya please just talk to me once” I said as she was entering her cabin in her orphanage. She again ignored me and closed the door on my face. I have been trying to talk to her from a week. She did not even looked at my face all these days. I cannot expect her to forgive me so easily, not after what I did with her. I kept myself in her place and asked myself will I be able to forgive such person. “What have you done that Dee has got so much angry?” asked Nisha. She is my favorite among the 200 kids living in orphanage because she was the only person who wanted her dee to give me a chance to speak though she did not know what have I done to her dee. If I explain her also she was not in a stage to understand. I lifted her in my arms smiling.“I did very bad with your dee. I’m very bad, very very bad actually I’m the worst” I could say only this to her and my tears flow remembering the day when I behaved like an animal. She wiped my tears and kissed my cheek. “Dee says nobody is bad only situations become bad” she said pouting sadly. I smiled at her through my tears. Such simple thing a kid can understand but we grown ups cannot understand. True we lose that innocence as we grow. I took her to garden where all the orphanage kids were waiting for us. They had become part of my life now. I used to play with them whole day but Jiya never used to come out of her cabin. So am I less stubborn I also did not wanted to give up unless she forgives me.

I peeped out from my cabin window and found him playing with the orphanage kids. My heart pained every time I ignored him. As I stepped out of my cabin I just walked to home and he again started following me. My mind just could not forgive him. I can tolerate anything. Whatever the situation was he should not had spoken so cheaply about my character. I could not tolerate it. It boiled my blood always. What does he thinks of himself. “Hey Arjun” screeched my mom as he entered my home behind me. Ahhh he had convinced my mom and dad both and took them in his party and I had been fighting alone from a week. “Ji how was your day at orphanage? Need any help?” asked my mom when we were having dinner. I just glared her and she understood that I did not wanted to talk in front of him. “You tell me Arjun how was your day?” asked mom to him annoying me. I just continued my food acting as if I don’t care. They both were talking and laughing. I just wondered how he changed my life in just week. My feelings which I had buried in my heart due to my parents ignorance he made them realize it and they repented also for it. My life had changed drastically from a week. My parents had become his fans and it annoyed me more. Somewhere my heart was softening for him but his words always used to ring in my mind and it used to over power my heart.
“Ji” said my mom when she was caressing my hair when I was sleeping in her lap. “Give him a chance to speak at least” said mom. I did not reply her back. “I know he did wrong with you but he brought all the happiness in your life. If he wasn’t there me and your dad could never understand your pain. Life doesn’t give a second chance to everyone beta. Just don’t miss this chance” she said and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and let the tears flow.
“You think this will work dad?” I asked Jiya’s dad as he told me a plan to cool Jiya. “This worked with me when your sasu ma rejected my love” said he gulping the whiskey in the glass. I had a doubt it will work. What if she gets more angry. But I had no other option. I helped him till his room and headed to guest room.

“What is he doing there?” I heard Nisha looking at someone and followed her gaze and looked at the cliff edge. He was standing there. Has he gone mad? Why is he standing there? I thought. My heart was racing due to restlessness. He turned and smiled looking at me. I looked at him confused. He started walking backward making me more restless. My voice was stuck in my throat. “I love you” he said stopping my heart beat. How much I craved to listen those magical words from him. I burst out crying and looked at him painfully. His eyes gleamed with tears. Suddenly his face became painful. “I’m sorry” he said sobbing like a kid. But his steps did not stop. He moved close to the cliff edge. Before I could stop him he disappeared. My eyes were ready to pop out. “Arjun” I screamed at last gathering all my energy. I ran to the cliff edge. I looked down I could not see anything. My life looked meaningless without him. How can he do like that. Again he left me. Again I was all alone. Why did he do that. I collapsed on the floor and burst out crying bitterly. No no I can’t live without him no I cant. I got up and decided to leave this world.

As per my plan I climbed back the cliff with the help of rope which I tied to my back. I saw her. She burst out crying as she collapsed. I approached her smiling. Oh God she believed me. I felt bad for her. She stood up suddenly and her next move shocked me. Gosh she was about to jump from the cliff edge. I acted swiftly and grabbed her hand from her shoulder. No this time I wont repeat my mistake of leaving her I cannot do that mistake again.

As I stepped to fall from the cliff I felt someone grabbed my hand. I turned and looked at the person. It was him. It was my Arjun. I felt I’m breathing again. He did not leave me he did not leave me. I can’t leave him this time. I can’t live without him. I collapsed on his chest and cried bitterly. “I… I love you too” I blurted.

At last she said those magical words, I closed my eyes encircling my hands around her shoulder and covered her in my embrace. She was still sobbing. I could hear her heart beat. I felt bad to hurt her so much. I cupped her face and wiped her face and nodded my head saying no. “I can’t live without you. Please don’t leave me ever” she pleaded me and I broke into pieces. God she loved me with so much madness. She was sobbing and struggling to breath between her sobs. I covered her lips with my lips closing my eyes. She jerked initially but dragged me close to her and we lost ourselves in that moment. The setting sun witnessed our blissful moment. I could not believe she was back in my life. And I promised myself that I will never hurt her. Never ever.

Hope you people liked it. Ya first half is similar to the movie but second half is how I actually wanted the movie to be because in the movie the heroine forgave the hero so easily and his attitude did not dissolve he remained same arrogant idiot. It’s really pathetic that we girls are expected to forgive easily. Hope you people liked it. Thank you for your valuable time guys. Love you all.

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