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Episode 4

Hello guys!!!
I m back with the update…
Guys I will try updating every alternate day, pls do bear wid me.
And, I seriously hoped for more connection wid u all, other than this ff. I am new here so thought of making u all as my friend. I just thought of having some good friends here. Dso I just hope u all will become my frnds also.
N I also wanna thanks to all those who r really appreciating my work and commenting on my each update to support me. Thanks guys, ur comments really counts and they r like energy to write more. Thanks a ton to everyone…

Now I will stop my bak bak and will come to the story…

Anchal is missing Abhi in London & wishes for his well being. Abhi is in Mumbai and still searching for Pragya, Purab and Bulbul. He gets the clue that they may be in Delhi, so he decides to go to Delhi.

Episode starts
Abhi is lost in his thoughts of Pragya, when Aliya enters his cabin and tap his back ‘where r u lost bhai?’
Abhi-nothing Aliya, just was thinking about life so far.
Aliya-bhai, don’t think so much, time will heal everything.
Abhi- I hope so…
Aliya- bhai, let’s go home; we have to meet dadi also.
Abhi and Aliya leave from the office and goes to hospital to meet dadi…
They reach hospital.
Abhi goes to meet doctor and sends Aliya to meet dadi.
Abhi meets doctor and ask him about dadi’s conditions
Dr. – her conditions are not fine, she is here from last 10yrs but there are no sign of improvement in her. She could not bear any shock now. She just want to meet Pragya.
Abhi- Dr. There is nothing hidden from u, u know na dadi is not talking with me from last 17yrs. I have been trying to manage everything & soon I will find Pragya and then she will be fine and then she will also talk wid me.

Dr.- I understand it Abhi, just don’t worry she will talk wid u. now go and see her…
Abhi goes to see dadi and cries seeing her condition from outside the room, he doesn’t get courage to go inside and says to herself ‘I will come in front of u dadi only after finding Pragya, without her I will not come in front of u. I promise dadi, I will find her soon and will come to u with high head.’ He cleans tears from his face and calls Aliya and Rachna outside.
Abhi- Aliya, u will stay here at night and I will take Rachna to MM as Ansh (Rachna’s son) will need her mom now. N yes, u both has to take proper care of dadi as I m going to Delhi tomorrow. So it’s both of urs responsibility to take care of dadi till i m not here.
Aliya and Rachna assure him that they will take care of dadi and then Abhi leaves to MM with Rachna.

Rachna & Abhi reaches to MM
Tanu hugs Abhi, but he pushes him back and shouts at her ‘how much time I have told u to stay away from me.”
Abhi- n Tanu, in ur busy schedule u didn’t have a single min to go n take care of dadi.
Tanu- I was busy whole day n y r u behaving like this, u know na she does not wanted to talk with u n me. N she again tries to hold abhi’s hand
Abhi jerks her hand and shouts ‘ when u cant take care of her, so don’t expect anything from me.
Tanu- I go there, but ur Dadi is always asking only about Pragya, she doesn’t care for any1 else. Why doesn’t u tell her that she will never come and soon u will marry me? I m tired of waiting Abhi and listening Pragya’s name again and again.

Abhi- I Have told u hundred times, we r just friends and u r here just bcoz u r Aliya’s childhood friend and u have no place to live. I still love Pragya and will never marry u.
Tanu- u r betraying me for that cheat Pragya. She left u without telling u, she was involved with someone else, thus she left u. I m the one who always stand with u but u r betraying me.
Abhi rises his hand on Tanu but stop and shouts on her ‘don’t u dare say anything about my Pragya.’ N he leaves to his room.

In Tanu’s room
Tanu cries and throws her things here and there in his room and shouts do whatever u want to do Abhi, Pragya will never come back and one day u have to accept me. I will see how many more u will wait for her. I will never let u both come together.

In Abhi’s room
Abhi starts packing for going to Delhi, and thinks, Pragya I will find u this time and I will tell u how much I love u and I have been waiting for u all this years. I know u will understand me and my love.
Akash knocks at Abhi’s door
Akash- bhai, I came to ask that will u talk wid some of ur fans
Abhi- y r u asking this Akash?
Akash- bhai, actually there is one fan who is totally crazy for u, she has been trying to talk with u from last 4yrs.
Abhi- this fan sounds quiet interesting, I would love to talk her…
Akash- ok bhai, she is online and trying to contact u continuously. Her name is Khushi Mehra and she is from London.
Abhi- ok Akash, u can go. I will talk to her.
Akash leaves and Abhi comes online to talk with Khushi.
Abhi- hi, Khushi!!! It’s me ‘Abhi-The Rockstar’
Khushi in very exciteness…
Khushi- OMG! I can’t believe u r finally talking to me. I m ur fan since childhood, I m totally crazy for u. I have been trying to talk to u from last 4yrs, (pheww) but no response. Finally u r here to talk. I cant believe u r talking to me. Its u only na.
Abhi- yup sweety, believe me it’s me the rockstar only

Khushi- yohhooo! I m so happy…
Abhi- thanks sweety! Now tell me something about u.
Khushi- I m just 16 sir, n u know I wanted to become the rockstar like u. I m totally desperate to become like u. I had listened all ur songs from the first song u sang to the songs till now.
Abhi- I m happy to listen this dear. Why did u want to become singer?
Khushi- for my mumma. she loves me a lot n she has brought me up with lot of hardwork, she wants me to learn music and I also love singing.
Abhi- udont want to do anything for ur father, just everything for ur mother.
Khushi- sir, I have been brought up only by mumma. My father was never there for me.
Abhi- oh! I m sorry, May his soul rest in peace.
Khushi- need not to be sorry sir, he is alive. He just dosent live with us. He is in London and mumma n he is not together.

(Yes guys Pragya had lied to Khushi about Abhi)
Abhi- ok, dear! Heads of to ur mother who brought u up all alone.
Khushi- that’s y I love her the most. Ok sir I will leave now mumma is calling me. I m glad I talked to u. thanks for responding sir. I m really on cloud ninth today.
Abhi- nice talking to u dear, take care.
Abhi and Khushi stops their chat
Abhi thinks ‘Y I felt so good talking to her,I seriously felt connected to her. She is cute and crazy’
He comes out of his thoughts and sees the time its 12 and thinks of sleeping as he has flight to catch in early morning. He wishes good night to Pragya’s photo and sleeps smiling

In London at Anchal’s house-
Anchal- khushi, leave the lapi and come to have dinner. Its 7:30 aren’t u hungry.
Khushi- maa, just coming. Smell of ur food is making me more hungry.
N she runs out of her room to have dinner
Khushi- maa, its granny’s death anniversary tomorrow, U will not come to café na. I will take care of café as I have already taken leave from all my classes tomorrow.
Anchal- u has become matured khushi, maa would have been so proud of u to see u like this. I love u so much.
Khushi- I love u too maa. Mausi and DM will also come na, plz tell them to bring Aryan also.
Anchal- I will tell them, ok.
They finish the dinner and Anchal is busy in cleaning everything when khushi comes and starts pulling Anchal to her room

Khushi- ok maa! Now come, I want u to listen my song. I have learned playing this song just for u.
Khushi takes her guitar and start singing-

Janam Janam Ho, Tu Hi Mere Paas Maa
Janam Janam Ho, Tu Hi Zami Aasmaa
Ye Hai Khabar Dil Mai Kahi Rab Rehta Hai Magar
Mere Dil Mein Hai Rehti Bholi Bhali Meri Maa
Mere Dil Mein Hai Rehti Bholi Bhali Meri Maa
Pagli Hai Duniya Rab Ko Manane,
Mandir Majaro Main Tak Jati Hai
Ghar Main Hi Mere Hota Hai Thirath,
Mujh Ko Najar Jab Maa Aati Hain
Mujh Ko Najar Jab Maa Aati Hain
Janam Janam Ho,Tu Meri Ardas Maa
Janam Janam Ho,Tu Mera Ehsaas Maa
Such Ka Pata Dil Ko Bhi Hai Par
Mere Dil Mai Rehti Bholi Bhali Meri Maa
Mere Dil Main Rehti Bholi Bhali Meri Maa
(This is the song ‘Janam Janam’ from movie ‘ Phata Poster Nikla Hero’)

Anchal has tears of happiness in her eyes and she hugs khushi wid love after listening the song…
N screen freezes on them…

I hope guys u will love the update. N I don’t know guys how many of u have listen to this song but this is one of my fav song on mother’s love. I hope u like it. Thank u for so much of love in last episode and guys plz wait I will unite Abhigya as per the story moves so plz wait until that.
Love u all…

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