“Good Things Happen Over Coffee” KKB (episode1)




Hi!! All KKB fans…
I am Siya and have been a keen reader of all Ur ffs….
I am new to this family, and just hope u will like my ff. I have been reading many ffs on kkb from many days and have been appreciating them and I have been a huge fan of all ur ffs..
I have written ff and an os earlier but I m writing first time on kkb…
It’s a short story may be of 10-15 episodes. And will continue further if u all will support me…
So just hope I will get Ur support by Ur comments…
And Guys all Ur positive and negative comments are welcome…
So now I m stopping my bak bak and coming to our ff…

Guys I m not introducing any character right now when it will be needed I will surely do it..

Somewhere in LONDON…
It’s a beautiful warmth morning…
After a heavy continuous snowfall of month, Sun has come out to make the weather soothing and pleasant…
On snow filled roads, there is a girl riding a cycle carrying some fresh flowers. She is wearing winter coat and carrying a bag on her shoulder.
She has pleasant smile on her lips. It feels like Sun has came out bcoz of her smile. Her smile is so pretty which makes the world glow more beautifully…
She is waving hands to all passing by people and smiling to them like she knows everyone…
(I just hope guys’ u all can imagine the scene in front of Ur eyes)

She reaches to coffee shop named “KKB COFFEE”
She opens the shop and turns the board from close to open.
It’s a pleasant and beautiful coffee shop with beautiful lighting and interior. She decorates the flower vases in shop with fresh flowers of lily and roses. There was a small counter at one side of shop and a book shelf near it, which contains all the latest and trending books. There were tables in the front of the counters and lovely vases on each table. The shop has been filled with the lovely aroma of roses and lily…
She turns on the heater and puts off her winter coat on the side by chair. She is wearing shorts and t-shirt and looks damn hot in them.
She puts on the light music in the shop and takes out the photo of Waheguru and prays ‘Oh God! Just keep mummy happy and let everyone stay blessed (hey babaji, maa ko khush rakhna or hum sab par meher banaye rakhna).
Then a customer comes to the shop, he is quite sad
Girl- what can I bring for u?
Customer- one espresso with veg sandwich
Girl- for sure sir in 15 min
She prepares the order and make smiley on the coffee with the cream and serves him.
Girl- sir here is Ur order and I hope this can bring a small smile on ur face.
He smiles back to her and takes his snacks.
A lady enters a café, she is beautiful and has long hairs which she have left open and she is wearing a long skirt and kurta. She is looking very beautiful and charming.
Lady- how many times I have told u not to come here, but u r too stubborn to listens to me. I have told u na I will manage the café u just concentrate on ur studies and music. But u never listens to me.
Girl- maa don’t worry yaar, I love to come here, and don’t take tension about my music I will surely become the rock star one day.
Lady- but beta, u r just 16 I don’t want u take stress of everything. I will manage it for sure.
Girl- maa u has been doing all this from my childhood I want u to relax now. I will manage everything and then u r there with me to support.
Lady- ok baba! But u should leave now its time of ur music class.
Girl- ha maa, but plz make sure u take lunch on time. N plz make me the world’s best coffee.
Lady- just wait, making…
Lady in her thoughts ‘she is totally like her father can’t go anywhere without drinking coffee made by me’
She makes coffee for her and say- Ur lunch is at mausi’s place today. She has been calling u from last month, don’t forget to go. Otherwise I will not be able to help u.
Girl- yes maa, I will go after music class.
N she leaves
After some time some girls enter the coffee shop and places their order.
Lady gives them their order
One girl from that group-
Hey Anchal di, wat a tasty coffee u have prepared. U r really superb…
We always loved Ur muffins and coffee, we come driving 10 kms just to drink and eat it.
Lady (Anchal) – thanks guys Ur feedbacks really means a lot to me…
Everyone cherishes and drinks the coffee. Anchal is busy in serving everyone.
And all enjoys the kkb coffee…
And like this the day went on…

The episode ends…

Guys I know u may be thinking what’s going on where are Abhi and Pragya, but guys just wait on I will slowly bring them. I hope guys’ u all will like my writing skills. Sorry if there are any mistake and I just hope u all will support me. Plz guys do support me nd tell me the places of improvement in my story.

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