“Good Things Happen Over Coffee” KKB (episode 2)




Hello everyone…
I m back wid mah story…
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Now coming back on the track…

Girl is seen riding cycle and she opens ‘kkb coffee’ and her mother worries for her music and studies. People in London love the coffee made by the mother of that girl whose name is ‘Anchal’.

Screen shifts back to the girl…
She reaches a house which is made in outskirt of London. It is a beautiful house.
She rings the bell.
One lady comes and opens the door.
That girl hugs the lady and shouts…Mausi(mother’s sister)!!! I m here. See I have came to meet u. she kissed her cheeks and her mausi also kisses her back.
Girl- u know mausi, I was dying to meet u n where is DM???
Lady- wait khushi, I m just calling him.
(Yes guys the girl name is Khushi, I know u must be thinking that this girl must be Pragya)
Lady- Purab, Khushi has come to meet u. come out fast.
Purab from the room- just coming Bulbul..
Purab comes out from the room and hugs khushi…
Khushi- oh my god DM u r becoming smart day by day.
Bulbul- I know u call him DM but y?
Khushi (to purab)- DM should I tell mausi our secret.
Purab- ya lets tell her
Khushi- DM stands for darling masaji u know na masaji is so boring so I call him DM
Bulbul- oh god! Tum dono bhi na…
N she gives u r impossible look to them
Purab- how is anchal di??
Khushi- she is good… but as usual always hiding her pain in her smile. I m grown up now I can see pain in her eyes.
Bulbul- doesn’t worry, Khushi. She will be fine.
Khushi- I hope so mausi. I just pray for her happiness. N u knows na that day is coming. She will remain silent for a week now.

Purab caress her head and says- don’t worry, Khushi! Everything will be fine soon.
Khushi starts crying and says – DM I want to see my father. I m 16 nd I have not seen my father yet. It hurts me a lot mausi. I have searched ‘Abhishek Prem Mehra’ in every social networking site. I don’t know how he looks and how much I resemble to him. I really wanted to see him.
Purab and Bulbul also get tear in thier eyes.
Purab in his thoughts
What to tell u khushi that nobody knows ur father name is Abhishek Prem Mehra, he is known as Abhi-The Rockstar. I feel bad for u but we cant tell u that ur mother name is Pragya. N at what situations we came here n why we are leaving here.
Khushi- in which thoughts r u lost DM. (n she shakes him)
Bulbul and Purab hugs Khushi nd consoles her from crying.
Bulbul- now stop crying sweety. N don’t worry if we r hiding sumthing it may have some reasons. Ur mother does not want to loss u at any cost, U r world for her.
Purab- yes sweetheart, everything will be fine with time. Things will change wid time; bcoz time is a biggest healer. N now smile…
N he tickles khushi nd they all starts to laugh…
Bulbul- now come for lunch Aryan must be coming at any time.
(Aryan is Bulbul and Puarb sons)
(He is just 12 yrs. He is cute and smart boy.)
And Aryan comes shouting khushi di!! Khushi di!!
He comes and hugs Khushi
Khushi- how u know I m here
Aryan- ur cycle…
Khushi, Aryan, Bulbul and Purab have lunch together.
Screen shifts to coffee shop and Anchal is shown making muffins.
Café is filled with too much customers and she is working continuously to serve them.
N screen freezes on her face…

Yes guys!!! Anchal is none other than our Pragya n to ur shock that girl is her daughter Khushi…
U might be thinking what had happened, y she is leaving as Anchal and y Khushi has not seen his father…
Wait and watch guys u will be getting it to know soon…
Thanks for ur likes and comments once again guys..
N plz do tell me how was todays episode n hope to see more and more comments now..

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