good news (tei fans : twinj)

Hey guys I m her not with my ff or os but there is a good news for sidhant fans…
OK guess the good news
So the news is sidhant is back with a band that is he is going to do a movie opposite Aditi rao hydari and sanjay dutt directed by oumang Kumar(Mary kom film director)
Yes it is very big good news and I m jumping on the bed right now…..
But we will miss our sidmin a lot…we were having hopes that they will work together but it is all dream….He will become a famous actor and may be forget his best friendship bond with Jasmin…but its OK his luck is very good and I m happy with his project but my all time favourite jodi will be sidmin (till my last breathe) no one can take their place…

P.S:- I said that he might forget his friendship bond with Jasmin because many TV actors who starts working in films forget their TV co-actors and even they break up their relationship with their girlfriend or wife (you all know it well)..
Many wanted sidmin to be together and even they wrote os not only on twinj but also sidmin…but our dreams didn’t became true but we will not stop writing their os we will just imagine them in our dreams and make their jodi alive in TV industry….
All the best sidhant…our hero…luv u…


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  1. Sohi

    Yes I have seen the news but sidhant deserve good actor opposite to him Aditi Rao hydari is not so good actor and even she don’t suit him
    U know she is 3 years elder to him but no problem still he is coming back
    And iam definitely sure this will not break
    his friendship with jasmin bhasin
    And ya we will love sidmin forever
    Do continue and post your ff soon

  2. SidMin

    Yeah I am so happy for Sidhant … that really a good news no matter who is with him I am just happy because I would see him in screen soon that to the big screen hope this movie becomes his key to success wish him luck ❤
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful news ….
    Love you ?

  3. Soumyad

    Ya he deserves best actress Aditi rao is not so good actress but ya he deserves it….

  4. Sid will never forget his partner in crime, i.e., jasmin…. N ya he’s coming up wid a bang!!! ✌? bt still…….. I hope sidmin come again together…. I know i m selfish,,,, bt for me no one is better partner for sid except jasmin….. I love their bonding….

    N seriously hope…… Dat dy must must n must marry each other.. ???? *fingers crossed*

    1. Sohi

      I agree with you

    2. Soumyad

      Ya even I want them to do a film together…. Fingers crossed

  5. Presha

    Really excited but wanted jasmine with him

  6. Baby

    Ohhhh god I m jumping ohh god m dancing ohhh god m fainting…..♡♥♡♥♡♥♡
    I will faint srsly I ll fall down……I jst cant cmnt long also c oz my pc is agn dead……hhahaa yeaayyyy m soooo happy ohhh god……luv u sid…..♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  7. SidMin23

    Yes sid doing movie with new co actor this is his 4 movie and I am pretty sure that sid will never ever forgot his co actor which is jas as we all know sidmin are crime in patner. And even tho if he became flim star I am ?% sure that he will never ever forgot jasmin as they were close buddy and even after school ended sidmin are still in touch and sometime sid call her and sometime jas call him and they do let with each other still. And how they give us surprised pictures and surprised segment and I hope their friendship will last forever and we all know and want to see sidmin as couple and sidmin also want to work with each other as they told in IV. Anyway I am happy that sid is back again and don’t think that he will forgot jasmin after doing movie or become famous actor we all know sidmin stand with each other in the life and their friendship is magical and no one can even break their friendship. Proud sidhantian and sidmin fans.

  8. I was thinking about him since so long hmmm honestly I do know how am I feeling I mean I want sidmin together so badly but I’m glad they both found some amazing projects ?❤these two hearts are right now my heart
    When ever I see u guys I feel satisfied knowing that there is someone out there who still thinks like me ❤️May u always stay happy ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Ramya

    Dis was d bestest news to see Sid back
    I hope dis film brings him a huge success
    But I also wish dat sidmin friendship will never change

    I hope n

    Dis was d best news
    Love u keep smiling

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