#GOLU AUR #BITTU KI STORY -short os by yaashi

Hii guys, i am back with new os on kanchi..this is short os and specially dedicated to our family member abhilasha.. get well soon dear. We are missing u khoob saara. Come back soon..
Sanchi: it was ur fault.
Kabir: no urs
Sanchi :how dare u??
Kabir: how dare u??
Sanchi: copy cat..no no copy dog!!dont copy my lines ..
Kabir: i m not cat. U are the cat ,dog,donkey,monkey etc etc..
Sanchi : how dare u???

Kabir: oh come on bittu !!say something new!!!
Sanchi was super angry now and she stamped his foot hard with her foot.
Kabir winced in pain
Kabir: u idiot!!! silly bittu.
And they continued like this.they both were standing in kitchen and fighting equally from last one hour.
Scene shift to breakfast table,
“Ohh granny,i m very hungry. Pet me haathi daud rahe he” said little Mihika holding her tummy..
“Haathi???? ” came kusum’s reply.

“Arrre,i m just telling how hungry i m!! Words pe mat jao,feeling samzo” said irritated mihika..
“I think we will starv today,becoz ur mumma and papa are fighting like tom and jerry.but why they are fighting???” kusum said making curious face..
“Offfo dadu, do they need reason to fight? Jaha kabir sanchi mil gaye wah MAHAYUDDH to hona hi hai” saying this they hi-fi each other..
“Ok mihu,lets go and see what they are doing” they left too see live “MAHAYUDDH”..

sanchi: why u did this?? U did it purposely ,right?
Kabir: u pagal bittu, i m telling u from past hour,but let it go ! There is no use ,now i m not going to explain anything… coz u r dumb.
Sanchi: no ,u r.
Kabir: u
Sanchi: u

“Pls stop stop stop” mihika came running toward them.
They paused for a moment and then realised that mihika and kusum were looking at them as if they are from some another planet..
” bittu, pls pause fo moment “mihu said looking at sanchi
“And u too pls pause” she continued looking at kabir..
“Why???” Kanchi asked together..

” dont ask anything .pause the battle for sometime until i come back!!” she said eyeing them..
She ran from there and came back after 2-3 minutes with popcorns ,snacks and coke …
Kanchi was puzzled at her antics..
“Dont give me mogambo wala expression” she said to her parents..
“And dadu,come here we will enjoy together.” She called out for kusum..
Soon kusum too joined her and both sit on sofa..
“Now,continue!!!!!” She said munching popcorns and offers some to kusum as well.
Sanchi and kabir was surprised by her act .

Sanchi goes to mihika and and complained
” see na mihu,what ur dad have done!” She said showing her ‘Haalat’ of kitchen..
“O teri, pura vaat laga dia” mihika exclaimed and walked toward totally messed kitchen..
She was examining kitchen curiously when someone tapped her from behind.
“Kaun hai be??” She snapped.
“Tumhara baap” kabir replied.
She turned back to see his puppy face and she promised him to help in mind (mind to mind connection)..

“See na, what he have done . Now scold him” sanchi said faking her anger..
Mihika walked toward sofa where kusum was sitting .
She made herself comfortable on sofa ans said in loud voice.
“Saare gavaaho aur saboot ko dekhne k baad court ye decision leta hai ki dr.kabir kapoor ko ba-ijjat free kia jata hai and bittu ko khana banane ki saza sunayi jaati hai”
” why??” Kusum asked in surprise..
“Becoz, Good night active plus have told us to “DONT UNDETESTIMATE GOLU!!! . Golu kuch bhi kr sakta hai” saying this she hi- fi with kusum.

Sanchi burst into laughter while kabir’s mouth turn into perfect ‘O’ shape
Thanx for reading this crap.i seriuosly dont know what i have scribbled down..
So rotten tomatos are always welcome .. bye bye love u guys..

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  1. Anee

    Hey yaashi surprising yaar…..now I gonna to sleep peace fully after read this cute kaanchi nok jhok glimpse…grt work dear….GN.

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear. Sorry for late reply..

  2. Riyarocks

    yaashiiiiiiiiiiii……….so cute…………I would really want to read more of this…..plz dear, don’t end this amazing os here…..plz dear, continue this………such a sweet, cute, innocent plot………luv u loads for this sweetieeeeeee………….& dear, abhilasha’s back…..yippeeeee……….

    1. Yaashi23

      Awwww thank u priyanka.. gladcu liked it. And agin thanx for informing

  3. Dhruti

    superb os and sweet, comedy also specially last part was my favorite :
    ““Saare gavaaho aur saboot ko dekhne k baad court ye decision leta hai ki dr.kabir kapoor ko ba-ijjat free kia jata hai and bittu ko khana banane ki saza sunayi jaati hai”
    ” why??” Kusum asked in surprise..
    “Becoz, Good night active plus have told us to “DONT UNDETESTIMATE GOLU!!! . Golu kuch bhi kr sakta hai” saying this she hi- fi with kusum.

    Sanchi burst into laughter while kabir’s mouth turn into perfect ‘O’ shape”
    this portion was so awesome and i can imagine sanchi’s laughter and kabir’s expression………….come back with next one soon………..tc…………….gn…………………..

    1. Yaashi23

      It means a lot to me dear. Thanx for reasung and liking it..

  4. Priyanshipp

    Superb dear. ???Pls don’t end it here only. The ending was hilarious. Super duper hit os. Nd ya it’s true good night active plus have taught us not to underestimate GOLU???? nd secondly ” kaun h be” nd answer comes “tmhara baap” Kasam se maza aa gya .

    At end I concluded

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear. Ur words are like chocolates for me.loved them..

  5. Sajnana900

    Hey yaashi hru???
    Long tym na
    Great one yaashi u did best ever yar
    Gud n8 sweet dreams

    1. Yaashi23

      Thanx dear. Yess long time it was… actually i was busy with some silly exams .thats why

  6. Khamoshi

    Yaashi it was fabulous.. pura OS hi mera facmv tha par kuch scenes main to mazaa hi aa gaya..jaise PopCorn, Coke and all wala drama by Nautanki Mihika n Kusum.. and second one was KAUN HAI BE- TUMHARA BAAP ..it was hilarious.. the end was truely GOLMAAL.. Father-Daughter Combo Rocks..
    Plz next tym LONGGGGGG wala update dear bcoz i just love to read the dialogues in your articles..it really enjoyable ?

    1. Yaashi23

      Ohhh thank u mitu dear.. it means a lot to me.. i will try to give long updates onward. Luv u dear.

  7. Trisha139

    Omg such a hilarious and cute one !! Keep going !!!

    1. Yaashi23

      Thanx sweetheart!!!!

  8. Wow awesome fabulous mind blowing os.

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear

  9. Palak.Sharma

    Omg super cute and funny!! The ending tho???!!

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear. Its great to get compliment from u

  10. Neha7873

    It was really awesome OS ! And hilarious epi and I am in love wih you … update soon…love .. loved the golu part …

    1. Yaashi23

      Thanx neha amd i also love GOLU 🙂

  11. Amazing

    1. Yaashi23

      Thsnx for ur constant support dear

  12. So so cute

  13. RuCh23

    ??? superb Yaashi ??? so cute & funny ???

    1. Yaashi23

      Ohh thank u ruwani dear.

  14. Hillarious & cute Yaashi…..I fall from bed….itna kon hasata hai yaar…..loved it completely ….don’t end this here…..continue it sweetie…..lots of love to u.

    1. Yaashi23

      Are baapre, tumhe lagi to nahi na?? Just kidding .thanx for liking niyuuu

  15. It was superb and hilarious.
    I loved the verdict part the most and the popcorn coke part toh maja aagaya.And the good night active plus ka kya kahoon
    Arey yaar tum itne cute ideas kese laate ho. I want to meet u in real.Keep going dear.

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear. Mai bhi tumse milna chahungi,but kya karu main nepal nai aa sakti na. Thanx again

  16. Niyaaa

    Hey yashi tumne itne cute lovely ideas lati kahan se ho… Seriously hilarious marvellous os don’t end it here..plz came back with nxt part my fav. Line mahayudh, popcorn, kon h be,tumhara baap and last saja sunane wala or don’t underestimate the power of golu hehehe.. Gud mrng dear have a nice day lovv u khub sara post karo dherr sara

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u mamta dii. Loved ur comment. Love u dherr saaaara.

  17. Amazing…. It was different and interesting to read

    1. Yaashi23

      Thanx foa appreciation dear

  18. omg!!!! it was so hilaroius ! popcorn wala part was too good!! amazing,mindblowing,fantastic

  19. soo nice dude! kaha se laate ho aise ideas . last para was amazing. pls continue it. ur silent reader.

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear. Glad to see ur comment

  20. Abhilasha

    Omg yaashi dear first of all a tight bone crushing hug to u……really i m feeling like wowww …u gave this much love to me that i m so emotional right now….,really agr aise frnds ho jo itna pyar kre to insan ko bimar kya marne se bi dar na lage……achcha thoda zada emotional ho gya na!!
    Coming to os i loved it to the core……means their nok jhoks oh god our golu and bittu …….hilarious and mihika omg!! And last dialougue oh god!! Loved it so much!!luv uh!!

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u thank u so moch. Im very happy u r back on tu. Really missed u dear. Chalo me kisiko to hasa payyi . Luv u

  21. Jessicca

    Waoo… Was so cute.. Loved it… Keep going

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