Golden flies: A tale of cool students SamAina FF Part 2

Golden flies:A tale of cool students Part2

The physics Sir Kishore entered the class.
Everyone wished him.
Ki:Where are Golden flies?
Suhail:They are not here Sir.
Ki:As usual they bunked class.Wretched creatures.
He was really angry.

When he entered the staff room he saw Shilpa.
Ki:Shilpaji,did Golden flies attend your class?
S:Yes.They all attended my class.What happened Sir?
Ki:They bunked my class.They never attend my class.How many times did i punish them?How many times did i take them to the Principal!But no use.He can’t take any action against them as their parents have donated a lot for this school.And they are in top position.But i can’t understand how they attended your class.

Shilpa just smiled.

Ki:I have another class.Let me go.
He got out of the room.
He saw the Golden flies standing in front of them.They were staring at him.
Sameer:You were back biting us.Right?
Swati:We did’nt expect this from you Sir.

Preeti:I always thought you are very sweet though you scold us.But…

Kishore was carried away by their emotional talk.
Ki:Sorry children.You all are my children.

They smiled at him emotionally:Sir…
Ali:You are not angry with us?
Ki:How can i be angry with my own children?
PANDIT:This is such an emotional moment.
PANDIT shed tears

and kept his head on Kishore’s shoulder tearfully.Kishore patted him:It’s ok my son.
Naina whispered in Sameer’s ears:PANDIT is overdoing it.Over acting.
Sameer:Relax.He will stop it now.How long can a laughter box like him shed fake ears?
Swati whispered to Manoj:I think we should bring a bucket.Kishore Sir and PANDIT are shedding that much of tears.
They both giggled.
Preeti:Sir…you did’nt ask where we were during your hour.We had rehearsals for the talent show.
Ki:Rehearsal?Only for you guys?What about the other students?
She stammered:Ah…
Naina lied:They bunked Shilpa Ma’am’s class for rehearsal.
Sameer:Yes Sir.
Ki:Then why did’nt you guys go with them during that hour?
PANDIT:Shilpa Ma’am eyes were so magical that we drowned in her eyes.
Sameer:How can we not attend such a hot class?
Ki:What?Go to your classes.No control at all.
Ali:Yes Sir.
Ki:One more thing.Do rehearsals or whatever..but next monday write my test.If you don’t pass my test paper i will give you 100 times imposition.
Sameer murmured:Give us imposition. We won’t write it.Then what’s the problem if you give us imposition or not?
Naina:Ok Sir…we will write your test for sure.
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She patted his cheek softly with a naughty expression and went away.The other Golden flies ran after her giggling.Kishore was flattered.Within a few seconds he came back to his senses.
Ki:This is that Golden fly’s trick.I will not fall into that trap.

The Golden flies went to the canteen.
Manoj:I told you guys that we should not bunk the class.See how much angry Kishore Sir was!
Sameer:Let him be angry.Who cares?
Pandit:Exactly.Let him preach.We don’t need to keep our ears open.

Naina:Do you expect us to undergo Kishore’s torture?Oh!Such a boring class.
Sameer:Anyways he got flattered by your sweet kick on his cheek.
They laughed.
Naina:But i am wondering how we will write his test paper.
Sameer:What’s the bid deal?We will copy.
Swati:No guys.That’s a crime.
Sameer:Swati…don’t be so sensitive.
Naina:Why should you advise Swati Sameer?She and Munna are studious. Ali is hard working.Whatever
happens he will work hard and write the exam.
ALI:Yes guys…i want to somehow pass the school exams and join the college.A job is a necessity for me.I am not from a rich family.Because of our priest only i got admission here.You all know that.

Naina:And Preeti…she sleeps during class hours.But she goes for tuition and scores good marks.But we…and PANDIT…without copying we can’t pass.

PANDIT:Yes guys.We need to copy.Otherwise we will be insulted by that old boring Kishore Sir.

The test paper was going on…
Sameer,Naina and PANDIT copied.
After the test paper when they got out of the class Shilpa passed by.They wished her.
S:Good morning guys.
Suddenly she saw something written on Sameer’s palm.
S:What is written on your palm Sameer?
Sameer:Nothing Ma’am.
He tried to hide his hands.She pulled his hands and looked at his palms.
She saw some words written over there.
S:One word answers?I am a teacher.I can understand you all.I took your pranks as a joke.But this is very serious.You all copied during the test paper.Right?Shame.Golden flies are liars.
They all became very upset.
Sameer:Sorry Ma’am.We all are not copy cats.Only i copied.
Naina:No Ma’am…i also copied.
PANDIT:Me too.Punish only 3 of us.
The others lied:We all copied.Please don’t punish them alone.

Shilpa:I am touched by your friendship.You don’t want your friends to be punished.So you all are willing to take the blame on yourself.Very good.But one thing you should understand.Copying is cheating.Cheating not only the teachers,but also yourself.Have you guys ever thought what effect it can have on your parents?They will be so upset.
Sameer:I don’t have parents to worry about me Ma’am.
Shilpa was shocked.
Sameer:My dad dumped my mother and married someone else.Without even thinking about me my selfish mother committed suicide.My nani only brought me up.

Naina:My parents are so busy that they don’t have time for me.

PANDIT:My parents are divorced.I don’t have a permanent house.I stay in both houses.They always blame each other.
Shilpa felt sad.
S:But still your parents love you all.Sameer…your mom was depressed,that’ why she committed suicide.Not because she was selfish.Naina,your parents work hard only for you.PANDIT…though your parents are separated they love you.That’s why they both are taking you to their house.

They became emotional.
S:You all should study and write the exam.
Sameer:Yes Ma’am.Sure.
S:I trust you all.Do study well.
Sameer:Ok Ma’am.We will study well.
Shilpa smiled patting his cheek:Good.
Shilpa went away.Sameer touched his palm with a smile as it was touched by Shilpa.
PANDIT:Lucky buddy.Shilpa Ma’am touched you.

Sameer:I need to study for her.
Manoj:I will teach you Sameer.
Sameer:Don’t waste study time by teaching me Munna.You don’t get enough time to study.So no need.
Manoj:No yaar.It’s ok.
Shefali came.
SHEFALI:Don’t worry.I will teach Sameer.

Sameer:Thankyou Shefali.
PANDIT:Who will teach me?I need a teacher who is extremely patient with me.
ALI:I will teach you.
PANDIT:So sweet.But don’t pull my ear if i am slow in learning.
Ali just smiled.
Naina:Who will teach me?
Suddenly she heard a voice from behind.
“I will teach you”.
She turned back.That was Arjun.
Naina:Thankyou so much Arjun.
Arjun smiled:My pleasure Naina.

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