Golden flies: A tale of cool students SamAina FF Part 1








of Pragati Vidya Ka Mandir form the naughty gang ‘Golden flies’.


is their enemy.
Their classmates Arjun

and Shefali

support them.

Golden flies:A tale of cool students Part1

A new teacher named Shilpa joined the school.
Shilpa was walking on the corridor.

Ishq Jaise Hai Ek Aandhi, Ishq Hai Ek Toofaan
Ishq Ke Aage Bebas Hai, Duniya Mein Har Insaa
Ishq Mein Sab Deewane Hain, Ishq Mein Sab Hairaan
Ishq Mein Sab Kuchh Mushkil Hai, Ishq Mein Sab Aasaan
Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parvane

“Excuse me”.
She turned back.She saw a man with glasses.
He:You are the new teacher.Right?
S:Yes.For maths.
He:Good.Our school needed a good maths teacher like you.
She smiled.
He:I am Kishore from the biology department.
S:O!Nice to meet you Sir.
She shook his hands.He was flattered.

Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum
( Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Hal Kya Kahein
Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahein )…

He:Me too.You are so soft Shilpaji.

Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Hal Kya Kahein
Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahein

She felt awkward and removed her hand off him
He:I mean you seem to be very sweet.But i don’t know whether the students will be sweet with you.
He:Because they are very notorious.But since you are too sweet i think they will be sweet with you,
She just smiled.
He:Anyways all the best.
S:Thank you Sir.
He:Don’t call me Sir as we are colleagues.Call me Kishore sweetly.
Shilpa was stunned with his flirty tone.
He walked away with a mischievous smile.Suhail was watching this with anger.He walked towards her.
Suhail:Good morning Ma’am.Welcome to our school.
S:Good morning and thank you for the welcome.
Suhail:Ma’am…you are being fooled on the first day itself.That was not the physics Sir Kishore.

Suhail:Kishore Sir is old.That guy is PANDIT.He is the funniest of the Golden flies.
S:Golden flies?
Suhail:Yes,the notorious gang of our school.Be careful Ma’am.
Shilpa was shocked.Shilpa turned back.
He saw PANDIT smirking at her removing his glasses.Shilpa was stunned.
She thought:How can a student fool a teacher like this?What generation is this?

Shilpa entered the class.
Everyone wished her.

Dil To Hai Ek Raahi Jaana, Dil Ki Tum Manzil Ho
Dil To Hai Ek Kashti Jaana, Jiska Tum Saahil Ho
Dil Na Phir Kuchh Maange Jaana, Tum Agar Haasil Ho
Dil To Hai Mera Tanha Jaana, Aao Tum Mahfil Ho

S:Hi students…i am your new Maths teacher.
Suhail whispered:So hot!

Ishq Se Hain Saari Khushiyan, Ishq Se Barbaadi
Ishq Hai Paabandi Lekin, Ishq Hi Aazaadi
Ishq Ki Duniya Mein Yaaron Khwaboon Ki Aabaadi

Shilpa’s eyes fell on PANDIT.She stared at him.
S:Stand up PANDIT.
PANDIT stood up.
Suhail giggled.He said in his mind:PANDIT will be taken to the Office room now.
PANDIT:I am sorry Ma’am.I did’nt mean to hurt you.
S:You prankster!
Slowly she smiled.
PANDIT and Suhail were shocked about her reaction.
PANDIT:Means…you are not angry with me?
S:No.This is normal among the school students of this generation.

PANDIT was relieved.
S:But don’t repeat this.
PANDIT:No Ma’am…

Suhail got irritated.
S:So you are a Golden fly?
PANDIT:Yes Ma’am.
S:Where are the other Golden flies?
PANDIT turned back and looked at a girl who as lying down on the bench.
S:Who is sleeping during class hours?
Suddenly that girl got up.
She:I am sorry Ma’am.Usually maths hours are boring.So i go to sleep even before the maths teacher comes.

Everybody laughed.
S:What nonsense!I won’t let you sleep during my class.Because i assure you that my class will be interesting.
She:Ok…i will try one class.If it’s not interesting i will go back to sleep.
S:Listening to your talk i doubt whether you are a Golden fly.
She:Yes…i am the Golden fly Preeti.
The boy who was sitting next to Preeti whispered to her:Preeti..i told you not to sleep now.
PREETI:Hey…if you advise me too much i will go to permament sleep.Then don’t complain that you can’t concentrate due to my snoring.
Everybody laughed.
S:By the way who are you?
He:I am Manoj Ma’am.
PREETI:He is the most boring Golden fly.He always spends time in the library.We call him Munna.
S:Then how did you become a Golden fly?I mean all other golden flies are pranksters.Right?Then how come decent guy a golden fly?
Manoj:I don’t know how we became friends.We are best buddies.

Shilpa smiled.
Suddenly she heard some voice.
“May we come in Ma’am?”.
Shilpa turned back.They were Sameer,Naina,Swati and Ali.
S:You guys don’t have a watch?Don’t you know that you can’t be late to the class?
Ali:We are just 15 minutes late Ma’am.

Swati:Yes.Usually we are one hour late.

S:What?One hour late?How indisciplined and you are saying that so casually?
Swati did not care.
Sameer:By the way you are Shilpa Ma’am.Right?We heard from the peon that a new Maths teacher is coming.That’s why we came early today.

Shilpa was irritated.
S:Why did you guys become late?Tell me.
Naina:The whole night we were partying.So we could’nt sleep.So we woke up late.
S:Partying at pubs?You guys are only in the school.Still going to pubs?
Swati:We are in school.But we are not kids.We will turn 18 in a few months.School life is going to get over.Right?
S:Are you guys Golden flies?
They smiled:Yes Ma’am.
Shilpa:Seeing your attitude I guessed so.
They introduced themselves individually.
S:Well…this is the first class.So i am forgiving.But tomorrow onwards you guys have to come on time.
Naina murmured:If we come late, you won’t let us enter the class?Then we are happy.We can go out and enjoy.

Sameer whispered to her:But tomorrow onwards i will come early.
Naina was shocked:Sameer,suddenly you became decent?

Sameer:No yaar.Shilpa Ma’am is so hot.How can i not attend her class?
Naina pinched him:You naughty!
He smirked.

S:You all go to your seats.
They walked towards their seats.Sameer stood near Shilpa.
Sameer:I never knew that our new Maths teacher is this stylish…
Shilpa burst into laughter:Naughty.

Kho Gaya Wo Jisko Manzil Ishq Ne Dikhladi
Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazaare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parvaane
Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum

Shilpa:But dear student..if you flirt with your teacher,I will pinch your ear.
Everyone laughed.
Sameer giggled taking it as a joke and sat on his seat.

tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahein
Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kyaa Kahein

Shilpa started the class.
Sameer,PANDIT,Suhail could’nt take their eyes off her.

Tumko Pooja Hai, Tumhari Hi Ibaadat Ki Hai
Hamne Jab Ki Hai To Phir Aise Mohabbat Ki Hai…(2)

Sameer talked to himself:She stands and teaches like a super model.So beautiful.

Dil Mera Paagal Hai Jaana, Isko Tum Bahla Do
Dil Mein Kyun Halchal Hai Jaana, Mujhko Tum Samjha Do
Mahkaa Jo Aanchal Hai Jaana, Isko Tum Lahra Do
Roop Jo Baadal Hai Jaana, Mujhpe Tum Barsa

Sameer:Shilpa Ma’am…teachers like you should not teach us.
Sameer:We can’t concentrate on your class.Instead of that our full concentration is on your beauty.

Do Jaana Le Ke Aaya Hai Tera Ye Deewana
Jaana Tujhpe Mit Jaayega Tera Ye Parwana
Jaana Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai, Tune Ye Na Jaana
Jaana Tujhko Yaad Aayega Mera Ye Afsana

She was embarrassed.
S:Are you not ashamed to talk to your teacher like this?
Suhail:Golden flies are shameless creatures.
Sameer:Sorry Ma’am…Golden flies are frank.
He looked at Suhail:We are not like the guys who do back biting.
Suhail got irritated.
Preeti:Anyways Ma’am…you have defeated a Golden fly like me.I have decided to stop sleeping during the maths hour.Because your class is very interesting.
Shilpa smiled.
She continued her class.All were engrossed inher class.

Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parwane
Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum
( Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahein
Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahein )…(2)

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