Gohem Raji -Love Hate & Murder Mystery – Episode 3

Part 3

Ahem: Thanks, Gopi! Now I understand why people are not as close to me as they are to Jigar.
He shares about his personal life with Gopi.

Gopi: I’m sorry to hear that. But life has to go on. You should not allow anything to ruin your happiness.

Ahem: I know and will try my best.

Gopi: Nothing is impossible. Leave all your worries & stress to Kanhaji. He will take care.

Ahem: From now on, I will do that.

Meanwhile, Jigar & Rashi have a casual talk.

Jigar: You look good smiling.

Rashi: Thanks. You too look good.

Jigar: Will you have some tea or coffee?

Rashi: Sure! But even you should have.

Even Ahem and Gopi decide to have some snacks. Both go to Jigar’s cabin.

Ahem: Shall we have some snacks as well?

Jigar: Sure!

They spend quality time. Then Ahem and Jigar drop Gopi and Rashi to their place.

Rashi is happy.

Urmila: How was your day?
Rashi: Fine! Do you know that Jigar dropped me here?
Urmila: Yes, and that is a good beginning. Try to know about his life.
Rashi: I will tell you if I see something.
Urmila: Create such a situation for him so you will get the right answer.

Ahem comes home smiling. All are surprised and happy.
Kokila: After a long time, I could see this smile on your face. What is the matter?
Ahem: Nothing special. My new manager cracked 90 billion deals.
The entire family is happy. Kokila blesses him. Ahem goes to his room and thinks about how could he share about his life with Gopi. She is a new joinee. Is anything happening to me? No, I don’t want to love again. It has only given me pain. It took away all my happiness but I have to keep her words in my mind.

He goes to the temple and asks for Kanhaji to guide him and show him the right path. Kokila had found something more in his smile and wonders there could be some special reason as to why Ahem is happy. Deals always crack. I need to find out. She decides to surprise him.

At the workplace
Rashi overhears Jigar saying my girlfriend Purvi… Rashi wonders who is that Purvi. She gets the clue about their relationship and gets to know that she doubts him and gives him hard times. Purvi is actually his cousin sister but a distant relative. She is very forward who freaks around but is possessive about Jigar.

At the end of the day, both submit their report. Jigar looked upset about Purvi’s behavior.

Jigar and Rashi discuss the official schedule and routine. That was the task assigned to her after everyone else leaves.

Purvi enters Jigar’s cabin and misbehaves with Rashi. Both of them fight and argue. Then a loud voice is heard. STOP IT. It was Jigar.

Rashi got upset tears started rolling out of her eyes. Jigar gives her a tissue paper and apologizes to her for Purvi’s behavior.

Jigar: I will speak to you later.

Rashi leaves.

Jigar and Purvi have a verbal fight. Ahem comes out and confronts Purvi to leave as it is an office. He also blasts Jigar after Purvi left.

He tells Gopi about Purvi coming often and creating a nuisance in the office who tells him to keep his cool and giving him a glass of water. He then drops Gopi to her place and goes home.

Ahem apologizes to Jigar for blasting him.

Jigar: It’s ok. As an elder brother and a Managing Director, you have every right to scold me.

Ahem: I scolded you though it is not your fault. I understand that she is related to us. She can come to the office but tell her to behave accordingly.

Jigar: She only comes to check me what I do. I am fed up. I was discussing with Rashi about the official schedule and she misbehaved with her.

Ahem: Why don’t you spend time with her? Take her out for lunch or dinner. I was spending time with Anita in the USA during my college days but my marriage with her didn’t work out. I never knew about her intentions. She has been double-crossing me and I didn’t get any clue. As an elder brother, I advise you don’t take any hasty decisions. Ring up Rashi now and ask her how she is feeling.

Urmila Mansion
Rashi is crying.

Urmila: What happened now? why are you crying?

Rashi: I got to know about Jigar, he has a girlfriend. Her name is Purvi.

Urmila: Purvi! Yes, I know her very well. She is related to the Modis and is after Jigar.

Rashi: I heard him saying “My girlfriend Purvi” over the phone.

Urmila: No that can’t be. I don’t think he really loves her. We should do something to break their relationship.

Rashi: When she was abusing me, Jigar supported me.

Urmila: That is a good sign.

Rashi: So, this is the reason why you told me to find out. It all happened by itself. I got the information effortlessly.

Urmila: That is much better.

Rashi: Hope even this relationship breaks without our efforts.

Urmila: Don’t expect things to happen. You should make them happen. I have a plan.

Rashi’s phone rings. It is Jigar’s call.

Jigar: Are you alright now?

Rashi: Yes, but I want to tell you something.

Jigar: Tell me.

Rashi: You told me everything about yourself. We have studied in the same college in the USA but you were senior to me and Gopi. But our timings were different. You told me everything about yourself in the cabin but you didn’t tell me that you have a girlfriend. I only heard over the phone and it was casual.

Jigar: No dear, she is not my girlfriend. She is my cousin sister. She is our distant relative.

Rashi: But you love her.

Jigar: No, I don’t love her but she loves me. I don’t want to marry till I establish myself in business. But she wants to marry me immediately. She wants to have a physical relationship with me and she seduces me but I don’t budge on it.

Rashi: But what about the girlfriend you were mentioning?

Jigar: I was talking to my classmate over the phone and he was pulling my leg. I said it for fun. I will see you tomorrow. Bye & Goodnight.

Rashi: Bye and kisses her phone.

Jigar blushes

Rashi calls her mother.

Urmila: What happened now?

Rashi: Jigar called me up. He told me that he does not love Purvi.

Urmila: That’s good news but we have to focus on making Jigar free from that chudail.

Kokila starts searching a girl for Ahem. She tells Panditji I want a DIL who will listen to me. Pandit shows her the girls who had asked for the groom but she is not satisfied.

Kokila: I want someone who does not talk much. But you are showing me a wrong girl.

She then decides to come to Modi industries for a casual visit.

Modi family decides to conduct a Gokul Ashtami Pooja in the office. People are seen working and things are smooth. Kokila sees Gopi and gets impressed. She then recollects as to why he is happy these days. She says to herself, “Yes that is the girl I am looking for. She is the one who brought back the lost smile on his face. Though she is highly educated, she is different from others. She is quite modest. I think he has fallen for her and has made a right choice.”

Gopi had made sweets from home and she distributes them to everyone. Kokila too tasted it and she liked it.

Kokila: You have prepared a nice dish.
Gopi: Thank you, Aunty.
Kokila: Don’t call me aunty. You can call me by my name. I know it is the tendency but aunty is only called to the relatives. My name is Kokila.
Gopi: Kokilaji.

Ahem realizes that he has developed feelings for Gopi.

Days pass by. Ahem calls Gopi in the cabin.

Ahem: Good job. The management has decided to promote you as a CEO.

Rashi too gets the promotion as a Vice President.

Next Day

Gopi comes by rickshaw to the office. It was getting late that day. She reaches on time. Auto rickshaw stops. She has 500 rupees not and does not have a change. Auto Rickshaw fellow also does not have a change. She asks at all the places for the change. Ahem sees her.

Ahem: What is the matter.

Gopi: I don’t have change. I have 500 rupees not.

Ahem gives the money to the rickshaw wallah but shouts at her for asking the change from the strangers.

Ahem: If you don’t have change, come to the office and ask. Anyone of us will give.

Gopi feels bad and starts crying in private i.e. during lunch time. Ahem too feels bad for shouting at her and gives her a tissue paper.

Ahem: I am sorry for shouting at you. Those people are not good. Most of them are drunkards so I told you that if you want something please ask us. We do this for Rashi too. Don’t feel shy.

Gopi: Usually, I don’t come by rickshaw. I come by walk. This is the first time.

Ahem: That is fine but henceforth you should do that.

At the end of the day, Ahem feels this is the right time to speak to Gopi.

In comes Gopi.

Ahem: I want to tell you something important.

Gopi: What?

Ahem: I don’t know how to start but I want to ask you one thing.
Gopi: Yes, tell me.
Ahem: What do you think about love and marriage?
Gopi: Love is Kanhaji’s gift. It is the innermost feelings of a person. Marriage is a sacred relationship between man and woman.
Ahem: After my divorce, I began to think Love is a b******t and is a time waste. But you have given me a hope. You restored my smile. You have always stood by me and have solved the most complicated problems. When I was angry at Purvi incident, you have not let me lose my cool. I had those feelings for you from the time you have joined us but I didn’t want to love again. I had suppressed my feelings. I want to spend my life with you. Will you be my wife? Will you marry me?

Gopi is shocked.

Gopi: Are you telling me to be your wife?
Ahem: What is wrong in that? I know you have the same feelings for me as I do.
Gopi: I’m a poor and a simple girl and you are very rich. Don’t show me those dreams.
Ahem: You are not poor. You are rich at heart. Your inner beauty has captured my heart.

Hearing this, Gopi runs away. She starts avoiding him from the next day. She too has been suppressing her feelings.

At Modi Mansion

Kokila: Son, I want to tell you something important. It is about your life.
Ahem: Before you start I want to tell you something. If it is about my marriage, I’m not interested.
Kokila: What about Gopi?
Ahem is shocked. He is wondering how does my mom know that I love her?
Kokila: I could figure it out when I saw your changed behavior. I have been observing you for many days. It was my decision to conduct Puja in the office so that I can see her. You have made a right choice.
Ahem: I proposed to her and because of that, she is now avoiding me.
Kokila: Call her to the cabin and speak to her. I will give one more visit tomorrow. I will be preparing the food in the office.
Ahem: As you wish.

Things are going smoothly.

Receptionist: Gopi, Ahem’s mom has come. She wants to talk to you.
Gopi is reluctant but she goes to Ahem’s cabin. They hold her till everybody leaves.

Kokila: I called you because I want to talk to you something important.
Gopi: I know what is it. Ahem told me that but I won’t be able to accept as I have a lot of responsibilities.

Kokila: You are not different from us as all of you are working together.
Ahem: I have shared about my personal life with you. It is an open book but you have not told me anything. What is your responsibility?

Gopi: My mother and sister. My mother is not keeping well. Radha is too young. She has to concentrate on her studies and other activities. She does little work but I take the entire burden. My mother is in a mental shock from the time she heard the death of my father. I need to treat my mother, educate my sister and pay off the education loans. I have been taking tuition for children upto 10th standard, doing embroidery and tailoring work along with my studies and extra activities. My uncle took care of them after I left for the US. I need to repay him.

Ahem: Why didn’t you tell me this before. You should have told me at least when I proposed to you. I love you. Your priorities are my priorities.

Kokila: Yes, ahem is right. We will take care of everything. You can help him in his business after you enter our house as my DIL. What happened to your father?

Gopi: My father had gone to Saudi Arabia for job purpose. He has not been in touch with us for long. After we got a news about his death, my mother lost her mental balance. She is not able to recognize anybody. She lost her memories. I can’t marry till my mom gets well.

Ahem: I can understand. Btw, where was he working?

Gopi: He was working in Deltas Ltd in Jeddah.

Ahem: We are going to meet the client at the same place for business purpose. So, we can get some information there.

Kokila; When you are going let Gopi and Rashi come with you.

Ahem: They are coming with us as we have promoted them and given them more responsibilities.

Kokila: What does the doctor say about your mother’s condition?

Gopi: He says try to do similar things so that she will remember everything. She has not fully recovered. She believes that dad is alive and will come one day.

Kokila: Then chances are there for her to recover if your dad is alive and if you succeed in bringing him back.

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