Gohem Raji -Love Hate & Murder Mystery – Episode 2

Part 2
Ahem sees her coming in and asks her to take a seat. Gopi thanks him. Ahem keeps silent. Gopi nervously looks at him as he looked grim. He had no smile on his face. He was not in a condition to speak as he was engrossed in his personal problems.

Then he realized he needs to interact with the candidate. He takes a glass of water and offers her. He then recollects that he saw her somewhere before. Then he realizes that Gopi had topped in her graduation and PG. She is also a table tennis player. He and Chirag had come to their college in the USA to recruit people and Chirag gave her the visiting card for topping the University. He talked to her casually and asked her to join the next day. He liked her profile.

Same was the case with Rashi. She had applied for different department wherein she met Jigar and Chirag.

Both Gopi and Rashi left. Rashi had got something in mind. She gets attracted to Jigar. Gopi has lots of responsibilities at home. Her mother Madhu is mentally ill as her father is missing. He had gone abroad and he got stuck there. He is unable to come back as his passport is with his employer and his contract kept extending.

Madhu had taken a lot of pains to educate their daughters. She and Urmila had taken education loans but Urmila kept fooling them about repaying them.

She got away from them with her kalakaris. Madhu had got a mental shock that her husband is no more whereas the fact is that he got stuck.

Gopi has to treat her mother and educate her sister Radha who is going to the college. She has been supporting the family with her scholarship money and part time jobs.

At Modi Bhavan, Jigar learns about what happened between Ahem and Anita. He realizes that Ahem is upset because of that.

Anita’s brother Umang learns that she was thrown out of the house. He goes there and creates a tamasha. But Kokila is firm about not taking her back. Ahem had sent divorce papers to Anita. Umang demanded alimony from the Modi family to which they agreed.

Umang then decides to take revenge from them. He went to Kinjal’s college to flirt with her. Both Kinjal and Radha are studying in the same college and are close friends.

Gopi and Rashi are selected and are happy. Rashi goes to Urmila and says:

“Mummy”, I went for an interview today. I got a job.

Urmila: Oh, Badamvini meri dikri.

Rashi: I want to say one more thing.

Urmila: What?

Rashi: One handsome young man with his father had interviewed me. I like him.

Urmila: Oh not bad. First, you find out whether he has a girlfriend.

Rashi: Mummy shub shub bolo.

Urmila: Do you believe in yourself?

Rashi: Yes.

Urmila: Girlfriend hua toh kya hua. You know we are the best in kalakaris.

Rashi: Mummy, you are great.

Urmila: What is the name of that handsome guy?

Rashi: He is Jigar Modi.

Urmila: I will work out a plan and tell you what to do.

Gopi is thinking about Ahem who interviewed her.

Jeetu: I know you are alone. Your mom is not in a condition wherein you can share your feelings. Radha is too young to understand it. You can tell me. I took care of your mom and sister when you went to study abroad.

Gopi: I am wondering how come Ahem changed. He was looking stern when I stepped in.

Jeetu: Maybe he was in tension but had to do what he is supposed to do.


Ahem looked relaxed after coming.
Jigar: Baa told me what happened between you and Anita when I was away.
Ahem: Don’t take her name.
Kokila: Yes, Ahem is right. No one is going to talk about her. I am thinking of getting Ahem remarried to a nice girl.
Ahem (thinking about Gopi): I am going to my room. I have some work.
Kokila: Fine.

At the workplace.

Gopi and Rashi are introduced as new managers to their staff.

Chirag: Guys, you need to supervise your team and send us a daily report. We will have meetings for every alternate day. But you guys should meet your boss before leaving.

Rashi is happy but Gopi is nervous. Both submit their reports and meet their bosses.

Jigar: Well done Rashi!

Rashi: Thank you.

When Gopi goes to see Ahem she gets speechless.

Ahem: Come on! Why are you scared? You are doing a good job.

Gopi: If I ask you something will you give me?

Ahem: Tell me what it is.

Gopi: I want you to smile at the end of the day.

Ahem, smiles.

Gopi: You look good when you smile.

Ahem is happy.

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