Gohem Raji -Love Hate & Murder Mystery – Episode 1

I am starting from the scratch. Gopi is as educated as Rashi or anyone else. I would like to start with the families of two neighboring cousins i.e. Gopi & Rashi. In this Ahem is married to Anita but is not happy in his married life. No compatibility between them. Anita is lazy and Kokila gets irked very often. She is also a troublemaker in the house and wants to dictate terms to others. Jigar is doing his MBA abroad who will be joining the family business very shortly.

Modi Bhavan
Ahem: Anita, I am going to jogging and swimming. Before I come back, I want the green tea to be ready.

Anita: Fine, I will do that.

Ahem gets up in the morning and reminds Anita about the green tea before 6:30 a.m. Anita is in deep sleep.

Anita: Oh, it is only 4:30 a.m. please don’t disturb me. I want to sleep now.

Ahem sees the time and finds that what she said was right.

Ahem: Fine, do what you want but I want my green tea at any cost.
He goes for jogging. Anita wakes up & prepares green tea. She thinks this is the best time I can impress Ahem & keep him under my thumb that he won’t think about his mom again. Ahem is back from jogging.

Ahem: Is my green tea ready?
Anita: yes. she goes & gets it.
Ahem finds the different taste and calls Anita.
Anita: Now what?
Ahem: Is this the green tea which I have it daily? It has got too much of sugar.
Anita: Green tea is green tea. If you don’t like it why don’t you ask your meethi to prepare it?
Ahem gets angrier. “Can’t you prepare even a simple green tea? If you cannot then what is the point in having you as a wife? Why should I give you what you want? Why should I spend my money on you? You are very selfish.

They both fight. Kokila comes out
Kokila: What is the matter? why are you fighting?
Anita: That is none of your business. We are husband & wife.
Kokila: I’m not interested to interfere between the married couples. Because both of you are shouting it is disturbing the neighborhood.
What is the matter Ahem?

Anita: Why are you asking him? Are you trying to create a rift between us? Solve your marital problems with Parag then you come to us.
Ahem slaps her. All come out to watch the scene & are shocked.
Kokila: Control yourself, son, & tell me what is the matter? It is not good to raise your hand on ghar ki bahu (DIL).

Ahem: Don’t call her bahu. She is a dhabba in the name of that. She has put too much of sugar in green tea whereas she knows I don’t take too much of sugar. One more irritating thing is that she does not keep the room tidy & things are not organized. She will do these things only when she gets time from going to kitty party & clubs daily). I’m sorry mom, I have disobeyed you by marrying this lady. She has been giving me hard times. I am not even able to find my office files because of her. My laptops are slow no matter how much ever RAM I add to it. She puts too much of videos in my laptop & has deleted my files. What will I do before my clients if I have to give the presentation? Every time, I take a new one, she takes them. Last night, I even saw her with another man. Every time I see her, she is engrossed in her phone.

Kokila: Oh Lord Krishna! why didn’t you tell these to me before?
Anita screams, Mother, don’t believe him, he is telling lies. I was not with any man.
Ahem: Really?
He shows the pics to Kokila.
So tell me now whether it’s a lie.
Kokila: Son, I trust you. Anita, get out of the house.
Anita refuses. Ahem drags her & takes her by his car & drops her to the maika.
Jigar returns & shows his degree to the family. All are happy.
Ahem comes out & congratulates him. He asks him to join his business to which he agrees.
Jigar: Bro, why are you so dull? Is everything fine?
Ahem: Do your work. (He is grim as usual). Jigar figures out that something is wrong & decides to find out from Baa.

Gopi & Rashi meet. Both of them go to Modi Industries for an interview. They both wait. Gopi’s turn comes. She goes to the cabin & meets Ahem

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