Gohem Raji FF – Ishq (Prologue & Part 1)

There are two most wealthy business tycoons who are best friends. Both of them hate poor people & treats them like a crap. One is Ranjit Modi & the other is Harbans bhai.

Ranjit considers poor people as mosquitoes & flies that sucks the blood of the rich & spread diseases. He bitterly hates the poor. When he comes downstairs, he stamps the hand of one of the servant. He said, “You keep your hand wherever I keep my foot.”

The servant replied: Sorry sir.
Ranjit taunts him of his poverty. suddenly, he tramples on the carpet & trips down. The other person saves him.

Ranjit: How dare you touch me?
Servant: You were about to fall. So I saved you.
Ranjit: Yes, I would have fallen down & broken my head but why did you touch me?
He beats him up & orders other servant named Bahadur to boil water for him.

After sitting on the sofa, he said, after scrubbing so much, the bad smell of poverty has gone.He tells Bahadur to serve the food keeping some distance. While he eas eating, his brother-in-law Gyanesh sprayed the medicine on his plate.

Ranjit: Why are you doing this? Is this dining table a gutter that you are putting spray to it?
Gyanesh: I’m doing it to safeguard your health. Even this food is prepared by a poor man.
Ranjit: Really
Gyanesh: Yes. Have you eaten roti?
Ranjit: Yes.
Gyanesh sprays the pest control liquid in his mouth.
Ranjit: What are you planning to do?
Gyanesh: I am killing the poor cavities.
Ranjit: Get out of the house.
Gyanesh: I won’t. Do you know what your sister say before dying? She said unless you perform her last rituals, I won’t go from here.

Ranjit curses God saying, “I died but this person made my life a hell.”

He called another servant asking him to take the vehicle.
Gyanesh: Where are you going.
Ranjit: To commit suicide.
Gyanesh: I will also come with you.
Ranjit: why?
Gyanesh: I don’t trust you.

Harbans, on the other hand, is 10 steps ahead of Ranjit in despising the poor. When people protest to remove poverty, Harbans says that poor people should not exist.

Harbans asked, “Have you guys broken the hut? I want to construct the hotel.
Man: No we could not you as your daughter Rashi stopped us from demolishing them because her friend lives there.
Harbans: Oh her poor friend. I hate her.

Brijesh comes in.
Harbans: Oh nice to see you. Is everything fine?
Brijesh: Yes, my son got married.
Harbans: Your son’s marriage took place & you didn’t bother to inform me.
Brijesh: The circumstances were like that. The guy & the girl love each other. So they married.
Harbans: Is the guy’s status equal to our girl’s status?
Brijesh: To be honest, the guy is our driver’s son.
Harbans gets dismayed. He asked, “How dare you come here after making this person as a son-in-law of our house? if my daughter had done that, I would have shot her. Go away & don’t show me your face.

Brijesh: Relax, I have come here so that you can bless my son if you have any blessings. but I tell you one thing. When the sun & the moon gets obstacles, what are we, humans? God forbid that your daughter does not meet this fate. God bless you.
Brijesh leaves.
Harbans tells to himself, “This will never happen to my daughter. Never.”
Harbans leave. While the driver drives the car, he gets irked seeing No Entry Board. He breaks the rule & goes in. Ranjit sees that & begins to abuse. Both of them fight but they hug each other after coming outside the car.

Part 1
Ranjit: It’s been long that you’ve met.
Harbanslal: Yes, that is true.you could have come to my place.
Ranjit: You too could have come. I want to tell you one thing. You have not changed all these years. You were bald & even now you are the same.
Harbanslal: That is there. But even you haven’t changed. Yesterday you were dark & even now you are dark.
Both of them laugh.
Ranjit: I’m looking for a girl for my son Ahem before he falls for a poor girl. I was coming to Brijesh to get Ahem’s proposal for her.
Harbanslal: It is useless to go to them now. His daughter has eloped away with the driver’s son. He challenged me that I won’t be able to do anything if my daughter elopes away with a poor man. Even I fear the same. Coming with me to the registration office?
Ranjit: For what?
Harbanslal: To get Rashi’s marriage registered.
Ranjit: That’s a good idea. You are definitely hairless but you are a mastermind from within.
Both go and met the advocate at the marriage registration office.
Advocate: I can understand your fear but as per the law, if the children have become adults, they are free to take any decisions.

Harbanslal issues him the cheque and said,”I’m ready to pay any amount of money but please help me.”
He issues the blank cheque to the advocate.
Harbanslal: You can fill in any amount you wish.
The advocate issues him the form to fill the details. Even Ranjit issues him the blank cheque for the application form but he changes his mind and said, “Why don’t you give your daughter to me?”
Harbanslal gets elated. He said, “That is a good idea. So we have become relatives from friends.”
Both of them hug each other.

Ranjit: Only thing is you have to get your daughter’s signature. Do you think she will sign?
Harbanslal: Of course she will sign. She is as innocent as a cow. But how will you get signatures from your son?
Ranjit: I have an idea. I will take his signatures out of deceit. I will put these papers below the property papers.
Both Harbans and Ranjit make property papers and place the marriage certificate below them.

Next day, Rashi meets Gopi and gives her a birthday gift. She said, “Happy birthday Gopi. Shall we go shopping?”
Gopi: What is the need for such an expensive gift?
Rashi: You are my friend and today is your birthday. So anything for you.
Ahem, and Jigar go to the same shopping mall. From the boy’s end, Jigar is driving the car and from the girl’s side, it is Rashi.

Ahem’s car is behind Rashi’s car. Both stop the car at the parking area near the mall. Jigar accidentally breaks Rashi’s car lights which anger her.
Jigar takes out Rs.1000 /- and gives it to her.
Rashi: Rs. 1000/- is for what?
Jigar breaks one more car light and said,”It is for this.”
Rashi breaks the glass from the front view and said, “This is your Rs. 5000/- 4k is for your glass and 1k is a tip for you.”
Rashi: Come Gopi. Let’s go.

All 4 of them enter the mall. Ahem gets mesmerized looking at Gopi. He could not take his eyes from her.
Jigar: What are you looking? Come let’s go.
Jigar heads to buy a toothpaste. Rashi too comes and orders for the same. The stall keeper said, “But there is only one toothpaste.”
Jigar: I have come first and ordered it so I should get it.
Rashi: No I saw it first so I should get it.
Both of them fight.

Jigar: Yes, you are right. You need it the most as your mouth stinks.
Rashi: More than me, you need it. Your mouth, clothes, and character stink.
She opens the tube, takes out the paste and smears it on his face.
Jigar takes out the knife and stabs her. Rashi gets scared but is surprised that she isn’t hurt.

Jigar shows the point and said teechu teechu teechu.
Rashi charges at him.
Ahem, and Gopi are who are spending time with each other comes there and stops them from fighting.

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  1. The story line from the movie ishq ahem and gopi playing ajay and kajol part and Raji playing aamir and juhi part

  2. Shakaib

    Nice one..like raji fighting.. But I’m little bit confuse with prologue… Because of the elders’ character like harbans… Please tell me actor’s name who are playing role of their character, so it will be easy for me to remember their character.

    1. Krkavita

      I have retained the same characters for the elders as in the movie. Dalip Tahil & Sadashiv Amrupurkar. Johny as Gyanesh. this time Gopi is Giaa Manek.

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