Gohem (OS)


Hi guys this is an os on sns, since it is an os there will be only one episode . this is after the four years leap
A lady is singing a bhajan , hey govindd krishn karoon aarti teri , she is singing very beautifully, suddenly a girl about 16 to 17 years old girl hugs , she says good morning maa to that lady . the lady says good morning princess . yeh lo Prasad nd gives her the Prasad . the lady asks school nahi hai . the girl says no maa , today is a holiday . a more older lady comes there . she says gopi vahu , pooja ho gayi , yes the first lady was gopi , she was looking very beautiful in a red saree , she was looking good even though she had become lil old , she says ma ji u no , today it is a holiday for rashi also . the second lady was kokila , she says really , then we will go to meera’s house today , kem gopi vahu . gopi says sure . gopi then goes to a big room . she goes inside and sees three children , two boys in a bed and a girl in a bed sleeping peacefully , she says bacchon uto . the two boys get up and say good morn badi dadi , sona comes there , she says gopi maa u woke them up already , gopi says han sona by the way today is a holiday for children shall we go to meera’s house , jai and veeru says yay..gopi smiles , just then the lil girl gets up , she comes and hugs sona. She says good morning kaki , where is ma . gopi says ma is in kitchen wid ur dadi . the girl says really , I will meet then and come . gopi says aram se jao , riya . kokila goes to hall , she sees the photo’s hanging on the wall , it was of madhu behn, radha , rashi , baa and her mota bhai (hetal’s husband) . hetal comes there in white and golden dress . she cries in front of the pics , she says because of all of them’s blessings only our family is united and happy . rashi comes there , she says aap log bahut zyada senti ho rahe ho . kokila laughs .
Riya goes to kitchen . paridhi is seen cooking wid mona (here in this os mona and paridhi r very good and mona’s role is played by anju jadhav of krpkeb) . mona sees riya there and says meri princess and hugs her . paridhi says yahan aa jao and kisses riya . she asks where is gopi behen . riya says dadi she is in our room wid kaki , paridhi says teek hai and kisses her , riya goes . gopi is in her room . suddenly somebody closes her eyes from , behind , it was ahem
A dead body is brought to home , all get shocked . the hospital people say sorry mr ahem modi is no more , he died in an accident , gopi goes and removes the white cloth . her hands were trembling . she sees , the man’s face , it was somebody else , she says kaun hai yeh . ahem comes there , wid a bandage on his head . she goes and hugs him . ahem says who is this . hospital people say this is ahem modi . ahem says I am ahem modi . hospital people say sorry sir there was a mistake , ur accident and his accident happened at the same time and his surname is also modi only . gopi says don’t do like this again , pls hand him over to his family as soon as possible . hospital people say we r sorry madam and go from there . gopi cries and hugs ahem .
Fb ends
Ahem says gopi , u remember what is special today . gopi says are I forgot , today is daram jia nd meera’s wedding anniversary no . ahem says ya .
Suryavanshi mansion .
Three kids r playing , there is one boy and two girls , one girl is about three years old . the another girl looks seven years ,old . meera comes there and picks the baby boy , she says yuvraj chalo ham bath karthe hai (yuvraj was dharam and meera’s son ) . the lil girl was priyal (shravan and vidya’s child ) . the other girl was sana(nayya’s adopted daughter , nayya felt very lonely , so she adopted a daughter and loves sana and priyal and yuvraj equally ). Meera says tum dono ki mumma kahan hai . hum idhar hai di comes a voice , it was vidhya and nayya . vidhya hugs meera and says happy anniversary . meera says thank u vidhya . nayya also wishes her .
Meera comes to her room . she sees her room decorated , dharam comes and says happy anniversary and hugs meera . meera says same to u dharam ji . dharam says evening there is aparty , so u will wear this and gifts meera a diamond neck piece , she says thank u dharam ji and hugs him .
Evening everybody come to suryavanshi mansion . jigar says happy anniversary meera . meera says thanks kaka .everyone wish meera . gopi hugs meera . she says I never knew u would be so happy in ur life , meera says han maa I am very happy , u gave me this wonderful life . priyal , jai-veeru , riya , sana , all play together . gopi sees them and gets happy . ahem comes there and hugs her from behind (satrangi mausam ho plays), gopi says ahem ji leave me all r seeing . ahem says chalo ek selfie kichte hai . gopi smiles and ahem takes a selfie . meera says akele selfie keechte raheng , come we will take a family photo . all the modi and suryavanshi family members come there . suddenly they here somebody shout stop . they see urmila , gopi says mamy ji ko kaise chod diya and makes urmila stand near her . all seem very happy . the photographer says smile and clicks a photo . hum sath sath hai plays in background
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  1. Jasmine rahul

    Happy tat u r back with os.loved how u twisted actual sns by not making ahem die in the accident. Loved gohem scenes. Happy that here paridhi nmona r not negative. Glad that u chose a nice acreess as mona.but eish u hadn’t killed baa n chirag.loved dheera. Happy that here they have a child n evennayya adopted a child. Thank you 4 mmaking nayyya positice.eish u had brought a guy 4 nayya.happy to see everyone pleasant in this os

  2. Jasmine rahul

    Every body wanted samar to get a nice girl on sns.but he didn’t geta nice wife.they r not conentrating on samar mona relationship on d show.samar has nothing to do on sns.thankfully we aee getting sahir sona scenes.so can u plz write an os on samar monica.plz choose a gud actress in monica’s role

    1. thank u jasmine Rahul , I will write an os on samar and mona after some days

  3. Awesome and Emotional end…

    1. Thank u

  4. Jasmine rahul

    If u can plx write samar monica os this week itself as next week I will b offline. If u can plz write an os on naksh aastha too

    1. sure

  5. Sarayumane

    Awesome, when I read after LEAP 4 YEARS, I thought how would it be happy ending, but you made a beautiful twist by keeping ahem alive

    1. thank u

  6. Nandhini

    Very nice story

    1. thank u . sorry for replying late

      1. Nandhini

        Its ok dear…you are welcome…

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