Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-Episode 15


[After Khurana disconnected the call Abhay tried to call Amaya again but her phone was switched off]

Abhay:[Abhay said to Shivaay]Bhaiya,I’ll handle this just please don’t tell anyone about this or else everyone will get worried in vain

Shivaay:[Shivaay interrupted Abhay and said in a tone of Big brother]Worried in vain!. He threatened to kill Amaya and you expect me not to do anything. Abhay,Amaya is my sister too. And who is this Khurana anyway? why does he wants you and Ranveer in jail?

Abhay:[Shivaay was get hyper Abhay tried to calm him.Abhay kept hand on Shivaay’s shoulders and said]Shivaay bhaiya relax I will bring Amaya home safe I promise[Abhay picked up his car keys and left Shivaay followed him]

Shivaay:[Shivaay said while following Abhay]you will not go alone I’ll come with you and no arguments on that[Abhay felt like he didn’t have much choice]


[Abhay and Shivaay entered the car and Abhay started driving Abhay called Ranveer]

Abhay:[Ranveer took a little longer to answer]Pick up the damn phone[Ranveer as soon as answered the call Abhay said]Ranveer send Priyanka to Oberoi mansion and I want you to track Khurana’s phone

Ranveer:[Ranveer was at home he became restless]What’s wrong ?it’s past 11

Abhay:[Abhay became irritated by Ranveer’s question and said]Ranveer do as I say Amaya is being kidnapped. Khurana called me from Amaya’s phone. 30 before him Amaya called me and told that she left from hospital. Khurana is planning to kill her rest I’ll inform you later just track Khurana’s phone and get me his location

Ranveer:[Ranveer picked up his gun and asked Priyanka to leave with constable to Oberoi mansion and then said to Abhay on call]you will get Khurana’s location in 10 mins and I’ll meet you there[Ranveer disconnected the call]

Shivaay:[Shivaay was feeling helpless sitting in the passenger seat]Where are we going?

Abhay:[Abhay said without removing his eyes from road]When Khurana called background noise gave away his location I just wanted to be sure that my guess is correct that’s why I asked Ranveer to trace his phone he may switched off Amu’s phone but he must have kept his own phone on[Abhay kept driving rest of the there was silence]


[Abhay halted car in front of tall building that had Khurrana’s office on fifteenth floor]

Shivaay:[Shivaay was being irritated by not knowing what’s going in Abhay’s mind. Shivaay asked in little irritated tone]Why are we here?[Ranveer reached there in his jeep and answered Shivaay]

Ranveer:[Ranveer answered Shivaay looking at the building]On fifteenth floor there is Khurana’s office.He is in his office he must have kept Amaya with himself no one else is in the building it appears[Ranveer asked Abhay]Have you brought your gun[Abhay nodded in no]Then why do have it if are never gonna use it?[Ranveer said moving to the lift inside the building

Abhay:[Abhay said in defensive voice]it is only for defense purposes[the lift door chimed opened on fifteenth floor straight through was Khurana’s cabin and faint voices were audible to them]We have have hurry[Ranveer took out his gun and walked  towards the cabin.As they entered Khurana shot Amaya but Shivaay pulled her and himself aside Ranveer and Abhay disarmed Khurana and Ranveer arrested him]

Abhay:[Abhay went close to Amaya and asked keeping hands on her cheeks]are you okay?

[Amaya nodded in yes]


[Everyone was present in the hall worried as Priyanka came so late night home and she told everyone about Amaya being kidnapped.Omkara and Rudra were about to leave to help Abhay and Shivaay but Abhay,Amaya,Shivaay and Ranveer]

Dadi:[Dadi came near Amaya kept hand on her cheek and said]Beta are you alright?. Are you hurt anywhere?

Amaya:[Amaya took Dadi’s hand in her hands and said]Dadi I am fine. I am not hurt anywhere

Tej:[Tej asked no one in particular]Who was that person anyway?

Abhay:[Abhay took a step forward and said]He was the defense lawyer for a recent case which I won[Abhay said looking at Ranveer]but what I didn’t get is how would killing Amaya would put both of us behind the bars

Ranveer:[Ranveer looked down in guilt and then looked at Abhay and told him]Actually when you asked me to get mental health certificate for all the witnesses I asked Amaya to do the job because I thought Khurana would either buy or pressurize anyone else so Amaya would be fit for the job but I didn’t he would try to kill her and prove our witness unstable and Amaya said that she would inform you[Abhay looked at Amaya inquiringly]

Amaya:[Amaya was in no mood to listen Abhay’s safety lecture so she excused herself] I am tired Veerji and I want to rest[Abhay nodded and let her go but he would surely talk about it tomorrow while leaving Amaya said looking to Shivaay]Thank you Shivaay for saving me [Shivaay nodded in acknowledgement but Shivaay was disappointed even after all this Amaya didn’t acknowledge him as bhaiya]

Anika:[Anika notice this disappointment and stopped Amaya and said]Amaya what is it gonna take for you to address Shivaay,Omkara and Rudra as your brothers.Today Shivaay even risked his life for you still you don’t recognize him as your brother what more is it gonna take

Shivaay:[Shivaay tried to intervene afraid that Anika might end up increasing her blood pressure and Shivaay didn’t wanted that]Anika relax.Please calm down

Anika:[Anika stepped forward towards Amaya and said]No, Shivaay today she has to answer

Amaya:[Amaya was quiet considering that Anika is pregnant and it’s not good to raise voice on her so she said in quiet voice but the anger and pain in Amaya’s voice was felt by everyone present there]You are telling me that I should acknowledge his as my brother just because he saved my life once risking his own[Abhay tried to calm down Amaya]

Abhay:[Abhay sad holding Amaya’s hand]Amu relax you don’t need to explain anyone

Amaya:[Amaya said looking at Abhay]No Veerji.She asked me for an explanation I’ll give her one [Amaya looks at Anika and says]Shivaay thinks of me as Priyanka but I am not Priyanka I am Amaya for Priyanka her family was her priority but for me my profession is my priority and even if he would understand that he would never be like Veerji.My father refused to talk about my mother to me because that would bring up her memories to him but Veerji would tell me everything about her hiding his own tears never even let them be visible to me.After our father died he gave up his dreams and his passion just so that I could get a future that my father wanted to give. So if your telling me that I should acknowledge them[pointing to Shivaay,Omkara,Rudra]as my brother then least they should do is start understanding me

Abhay:[Abhay didn’t wanted it to go any further so he raised his voice on Amaya]that’s enough Amu go to your room now[Amaya looked at Abhay in disbelief Abhay shouted again] I said go to your NOW


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