girls=boys, boys=girls


Hey guys this concept is in my mind from many days so think to write it down and here I am with the starting of the Ss . it will end in some part may be 6-8 but less than 10 . it is about that girls and boys are equal . but society till now don’t accept the fact many accepted but many don’t . its just about that thing . ok now u all read and tell me how is it. So that I will continue it and guys do suggest me the couples u want because its gonna be a multi star Ss . so here we go with the starting.

Let’s start:-

Nature:-Bubbly, soft, tender, emotional, beautiful, sweet, talkative, helpful.
Toys:-barbie, dolls, houses, kitchen toys.
Sentences:- “u ……… Never compete with us u can never be like us.”; “ur place is only in houses nothing more than that”;
“what u will do by studying and participating at last u have to marry and do household works only na so what is the use of this all”;
“u have to think about all than about urself”.

Nature: aggressive, emotionless, active, handsome ,silent, hard from outside .
Toys: cars, video games.
Sentences: “I am proud of u ………”;
“shhhh… ………. Never cries u r not a ………”;
“He is ……… He can do anything he want he have ……. Personal life”.

Two images formed in ur mind easily by reading the above lines. Do you ever think why this images formed so easily in our mind just by reading some words?? If yes , than why?? And if not than why don’t u think about it ?? Why some words create a picture in our mind? why the words are used to describe that words only?? The images are of girl and boy why we always think of them with this words why we compare them??
Many reasons are there:- because older times also do that, because girls can never be boys , because they are different personalities , because girls are stopped at every step.
Why can’t we think that thinking have to change with time as many things change so these thinking also have to be change, if girls can’t be boys than boys also can’t be girls, why they only stop girls why not boys.

Let take an example:
1.)If it is that girls are here to do household chores to be in kitchen only to prepare food than why the world best chefs are boys .if they are not worth to cook and have a place in kitchen .

2.)why most of teachers are girls not boys. When people think their place is only in houses.and boys are here to do this works.

This all are people mentality nothing more girls and boys both are equal. They both can do whatever they want boys can do all the things boys do and boys can do whatever girls do. Even today also people mentality are like this.

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