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Girls On Top 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia shouts in the washroom, Rave and Isha rush to her concerned but Gia was panicing for the pimple on her face. Rave hands her a face wash to get rid of acne. They party and celebrate at night. Rave comes up to DJ and rock the party further.
The next day in office, Isha hears gossip about herself. She was upset and goes inside. The boss and UC awaited her in conference hall, UC eyes Isha while the boss looked enraged. Before she could speak, the boss accuses her of crossing her lines this times. Isha was ready to explain. The boss wasn’t ready to hear, his company’s reputation was being ruined, as she favored Sahir. Isha assures to accept any action that he takes, the boss forwards a resignation letter to sign with a notice of thirty days. Isha requests a chance, the boss calls it an offence,

sign the letter and leave. UC smirks at Isha.
Rave and Gia hear Isha’s colleague’s gossip about Isha. Rave questions the girl if they have any idea about the story behind it, what problem they have then. They have an argument with Rave and Gia, Isha comes out and argues why they always accuse girls and never side them to be strong. Rave further mocks one of them. Gia was upset by all this, and remember the night with Azher. She regrets at once, and tells Isha and Rave she kissed him, what must Azher be thinking of him.
Nadia comes to Azher and questions why he cancelled his appointments, what about the next one. Azher didn’t feel like and orders to cancel all appointments. Nadia asks what it is about, is it Gia. Azher didn’t want to talk about her.
In the apartment, Gia tries to think hard. She asks Rave if only this happens if one drinks. Rave asks her to focus, she sneezes hard at which Gia is again distracted. Rave suggests to recall her memory again she must see some photos of kiss. She brings her tab and shows a few to Gia. Gia confess to Rave that she kissed Azher, Rave was excited at once and shows her some more photos. Gai’s memory revive that she kissed him on nose, and she wrote those articles about him. Gia gets up at once, again regretting and shares she screwed it all up. She told him all the truth, she is the secret reporter and secret girlfriend. He has been ignoring her, didn’t call since morning.
The phone bell rings, Gia wonders why he is calling. It was Sahir, he asks about Isha and shares he was worried for her. Gia assures she is fine, she is strong and can handle things.
Isha thinks Gia did right by telling the true, it saves one from all the mess. She wonders if she had told Sahir all the truth, or had told a truth about Sahir this wouldn’t have happened. Gia was shocked when Sahir tells Gia that Isha was fired. Gia comes to her enraged and asks what the hell she thinks she is, why she has to be the Saint Isha Jai Singh, why she didn’t tell them about her getting fired. Isha was at the verge of crying and confess she was about to tell them. Rave asks her to tell right now. Gia tells Rave that Isha got fired, and is serving on thirty days notice. Rave accuses Isha to be hypocritical, she was just talking about truth. Gia and Rave forbid Isha to stop this stranger’s attitude. Isha cries that she had so many emotions at once, anger and doomness. Rave sits with her, Gia wonders how they would help her. Isha calls them both as her support system. They urge her to fight her problems. Isha was determined, she says she is thirty days, she can either spend them depressed or she can do something cool that compel her boss to change his decision. She needs to show the society that a girl in short skirts can do wonders as well.

PRECAP: Rave watches the controversy video of Isha and Sahir. Shreya accuses Sahir of using her. Sahir sends her away and tries to console Isha, but she leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s epi is so sad…

  2. Barkhaaa!!!!!!!! You nailed it girlllll!!!!!!! I so loved Gia in today’s epi!!!!!!!!!!!! One thing i love about the 3 gals is their costume! Their awesome n pretty! Gia’s esp.!
    Waiting for Azhar to show up!

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