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Isha try to rent a room for three girls single in a hotel on phone. She was irritated that there is no room available for single girls. She texts Gia, who was taking an interview that no luck about house. Rave says they must pay heavy money for it. She carries on with her interview. Gia writes that she is listening about Saisha Kapoor’s private tattoo, her job sucks and she can’t even quit. Rave tells them to throw the sad emoticons away, it’s time for some serious business. The three were struggling for money.
Rave is lucky to get a call on Mr. Kanta Bai, Mr. Kanta bai was at barber and says he is a bit busy. Rave says she is ready to do the work with him, 2 lacs and conveyance. Mr Kanta says he has already booked someone else. She says she isn’t asking him, if he hires some other DJ

for his daughter’s wedding she will file a complaint against him in police. Mr. Kanta stops the barber at once and is worried asking what he did. She says she did, she knows the police inspector of Bandra well. Mr. Kanta tells her to come tomorrow. She tells the girls about the new gig wedding. Gia’s client was still spitting rubbish.
Isha was about to knock a door, Sahil opens the door. She comes inside. Isha thinks this time her relationship status was changing from single to engaged. Sahil had decorated the house with candles. Isha thinks no matter Gia and Rave hate Sahil, she likes him. She asks Sahil if everything normal, then why candles. He says it was just his mood. He says he missed her, takes her in his arms and kiss her forehead. She stops him from kissing her and says she has to go. He holds her and tries to by intimate with her. Isha says please, gets away and says she has to reach work in twenty minutes. He says alright, he will mail her the video then. She comes back and asks what video? She asks if he shot and insists on him to show it. He heads to drop her down, but she insists on watching it. She watches the video on his laptop and smiles approvingly. She says this is brilliant. She says she is so happy for him. He says he wish his dream also fulfills. She says her dream hasn’t fulfilled. He says atleast it is in streamline and will fulfil one day. She says if luck be with her. He says he wants her to be proud of him as well. She says she is proud of him. She closes her eyes, he gets away mischieviously. His phone bell rings, she tells him to go as his phone is ringing. He says she will get late then, she says no she will wait for him. Meanwhile she copies his video. She thinks it is important sometimes to keep secrets in relationships. She smiles when Sahil comes back, she says she has to go now and they are meeting for launch party tonight. She gives him a flying kiss while leaving saying I love you. In the way, Isha wished that Sahil career also gets on the right track along with love life. If her boss know about her plan she will lose her job and if Sahil knows she will lose her love. She keeps Sahil’s CD in the short listed singer’s list.
Gia tells Isha on phone that she has been doing this gossip journalist job with much difficulty. Isha says that for next two to three months they can’t afford to lost it. Gia asks if something happened about the house. She tells Gia that she will stay at edit for tonight, her phone might be switched off. Gia goes to get some other gossip information as well. They were at a launch of Azhar Khan. People hooted for Azhar as he waves at them. Gia tries to take a glimpse of him. Saisha Kapoor also makes an appearance there. Azhar holds her hand and they perform there. Girls say they are made for each other, but Saisha was uncomfortable with Azhar.
Rave was talking on phone that it is important for the three of them. She comes home, looks in her bag and socks then texts Gia. Gia was at the launch of film music. Gia’s phone rings. Saisha tells the people that the film is hit. Gia was making a video and cuts Rave’s call. Saisha boasted that anyone who works with her has a good chemistry. Gia finally picks up the call, Rave asks why she didn’t pick up the call. Gia says she had henna on hands as she is getting married. Rave asks her to crack a good joke if she has to. Gia says she is busy right now, later she will find a good joke for her. Rave says she has forgotten the keys right now. Gia says she can’t come right now, and asks Rave to come instead; she will get food here as well. Rave heads outside.
Saisha and Azher gave interview. Saisha says he is lucky to get a chance working with her. Azher couldn’t have got a better chance. Gia comes to filming. Azher says he appreciates Saisha’s work. Gia notices Saisha unhappy. Gia heads to ask a question, but saisha leaves pushing her behind. Azher asks if she is fine? Gia says no she isn’t. Gia talks to Natasha, Gia says she tried to talk to Saisha Kumar. Natasha says it is Saisha Kapoor, Gia says whatever. Natasha says if she doesn’t get a story she will be fired. Gia asks Natasha to do something, they are in a single team. Natasha denies giving her any personal favors. Gia drops her mobile there, she gets down behind the bar to pick it up. Saisha and Azher were there talking to each other in loneliness. Saisha complained that she knew what he wanted to say, she gave him a chance to work with her and he was spoiling her image in front of media. He is a bad actor, he must apologize. Azher says he must not have said anything in front of press, he shouldn’t have said anything in press about their affair. He is a bad actor, and she is a good one that is why he accepted her lie of being pregnant. He did another mistake by dating his best friend’s girlfriend, why she can tolerate a mistake maker. Saisha asks how dare he dumb her? She holds a glass to hit him but he holds her arm, he tells her to behave before she forget his manners. Saisha leaves. Gia comes out from behind the bar and cheers at the clip, jumping around. She thought she got the story, but actually the story had chosen her.

PRECAP: Isha says to Sahil that weirdness doesn’t suit her. Sahil says she suits him. They were happy when Isha watches Rave there. She makes up of headache and leaves, saying if Rave watches her with Sahil she would complain and break up that Isha didn’t share about her relation with them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode. Liking Sahil’s & Isha’s chemistry. But I don’t understand what is the other two girls’ issue with Sahil? Why don’t they like him?

    1. Wow congrats Somalina…..U r the first one 2 comment on girls on top……it’s a credit 4 u..(actually i ‘am partially jealous too…)Plz do continue commenting

      1. Yeah, sure….

  2. thank u sona…plz keep updating wu
    like this show…one can relate with day-to-day life…like isha,rave & gia’s bonding

  3. So happy that a new serial started after kaisi yeh yaariyan…I was a frequent viewer of kyy.and now it’s time 4 kyy….I hope evryone see this show an d join the discussions….like that of kyy….

  4. sry a typing mistake..I meant now it’s time for girls on top..

  5. Nice epi..

    1. Hi Jhelum

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