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Gia walked in the café restlessly, Guru and Sahir come there and discuss why Gia called them here. Guru asks her about Isha and Rave, Gia explains they had to go for some urgent work, she needs their moral support now and asks for some information. She says Azher has been trying his call for so long but he isn’t replying. If they have any information what is he and his mother up to.
Azher sat with his mother on dining table. The chauffeur comes to take her soup bowl, Maryam says she didn’t think he and Gia are so serious with each other. If he know she was here in farmhouse last night. Azher accepts that Faisal told him she came to take her important papers, Maryam argues if Gia didn’t tell him? Azher says she called him but he didn’t take her call so she came by herself. Her mother

qualifies that everyone is selfish, doesn’t he feel weird that a page 3 gossip reporter is his girlfriend. She shows her dislike to the change in Azher.
Guru tells Gia that Maryam must be feeding bites to Azher with her own hands, and must be asking how her daughter in law is. Sahir disagrees, he doesn’t want to sound negative but he doesn’t think Azher’s mom would be so sweet. Gia agrees she sounded really rude. She tells the boys she went to get her papers back, Maryam questioned what she was doing here. Gia explains she came to take some important papers she had left. Maryam says this means she has already come here before as well. Gia asked if friends aren’t allowed here, Maryam interrupts her not to question after her question. She told Gia that a daughter of a respectable girl never visit some place this late, she must have a motif behind it. Sahir and Guru understand Maryam must be really strict. Gia hopes everything is well and Maryam doesn’t hate her.
Maryam orders the servants to get the bags in car, she takes a leave from Azher promising she will return in next four days and till his return, that girl must not be in his life. She reminds Azher she is his mother who bear a lot for his brought up. Azher was speechless in front of her.
Isha argues with her dad he can’t ask her to return Delhi on such short note. Her father decisively says it’s an order, and he has a big news for Isha. He has got an investor ready to invest in her start up; she must come here with all paper work. This person is investing 3 crores, it’s a good opportunity but on a condition that her base office will be in Delhi. She must book her office as soon as possible. Isha thinks that this is what she wanted in life, her own company, freedom and everything but did she want this without her friends.
Rave sat with Himalaya app, Gia calls her outside. At home, Isha announces that the investors in Delhi are ready to invest 3 crores. Gia leaves the decision over Isha. Guru advices Isha to do what her heart suggests, it is always right. Rave points out that their friendship will be over. Gia argues if Isha’s career is being made in Delhi, why she should stop in the name of friendship. Rave gets weepy, she tells Isha she won’t stop her but she wants her to remember their friendship. She walks inside, Gia stops Isha to spoon feed Rave; they must all get mature enough to live without each other.
Azher comes to talk to Gia, they head to Isha’s room. Guru brings coffee for Rave. Isha and Sahir were alone, Isha asks for Sahir’s opinion as only he was left. Sahir turns away saying off course she must go, at this point of life career is important. He stammers, its amazing offer that she must not reject, cheering about her own business. He hopes to get help in his music album as well, that is amazing and a big deal. Actually he was hurt. Isha asks Sahir if he doesn’t care, Sahir wonders why he would; is she crazy. Isha angrily says yes, it’s good to know he moved on so easily with Tapasia. Sahir reminds she has no right to dig out his personal matters. Isha apologizes that she forgot nothing is personal among them anymore. Sahir insists her to accept it as soon as possible. Isha says his choice has changed so much, Sahir agrees like Isha chose her career; but she has no right to comment over Tapasia. Isha nods, and says it’s great he chose Tapasia finally. Sahir replies yes, it’s really great and wish her a good life. He turns to leave.
In the room, Azher asks Gia what she was doing in his farmhouse. Gia says he knew she forgot some papers there so she went to pick them. Azher complains why she didn’t tell him. Gia says she called him, he was busy so she didn’t trouble him. She asks Azher why he seems so tensed, what his mother said. Azher replies she shouldn’t have been there. Gia apologizes, she accepts she shouldn’t be there; but she was and his mother spotted her. She asks Azher what his mom thought about her. She know one thing, if they were spotted together that must be a bigger problem. She insists on Azher to tell her what his mother said about her. Azher tells her that his mother wants him to breakup from her. Gia was worried about Azher’s reply, Azher says he didn’t say yet. Gia was offensive as Azher didn’t take any stand. Azher holds her by shoulders asking her to understand, it isn’t really easy and is complicated. Gia asks Azher if he is serious and wants to stay with her, Azher insists he does. Gia wants him to pick up the phone and tell his mother about it. Azher was helpless, he must plan things as he can’t be impulsive. Gia had tears in her eyes, she insists on Azher to call his mom, its simple. Azher explains its not simple, she must understand him. Gia says alright, she understood what she means for him, he didn’t even take a stand for them. Azher asks for some time.

Update Credit to: Sona

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