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Girls On Top 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha and Sahir were at a dance show, watching stunning performances of dancers.
There, Gia leaves the party. A few people ask Azher about Gia, he goes to look around for her and calls her. Gia was crying in the elevator and neglects Azher’s call. Azher was tensed. Gia gets in the house.
The dancer showed crew flickering, Sahir cheered with the crowd. Sahir tells Isha this is the real world, people come here for their passion and dream. They live the real moments of their life here. Isha was excited as girls also participated.
At home, Gia opens her laptop, recalling the words of Tarun. She gets upset again. There, Azher called her. Gia takes the call and shouts at him to stop calling her, its 2 am and for an ordinary girl it’s really late. Azher asks her to open the door. Gia asks

him to leave, else there will be a scene created outside. Azher demands her to open the door then, she unlocks the door. Azher asks what such happened in the party… Gia interrupts this isn’t done and he must leave. She demands him to leave, he inquires what happened there. Gia refuses to do this anymore, this! Us! His image in the industry is of a casinova, he can date any girl he wants to. Azher says he wants to date her, Gia asks why, because she said a no? Azher asks if she think herself to be a fascinating target for him, this isn’t true. Gia apologizes that she can’t relate to his world. Azher says this is part of his life. Gia explains this life is difficult for her. Azher says he wants her to live a life with her, and change his world. Gia withdraws her shoulders from his grip and apologizes. Azher confirms if she is rejecting him?
There, Sahir and Isha enjoyed different dance techniques. Isha tells Sahir she never knew he was in this underground dance team. Sahir boasts many people doesn’t know a lot of things about him. Isha says all these mates were untrained. Isha thanks him for bringing her here. Sahir asks if it ring bells, she can create a show with this idea. Isha wonders why she didn’t get this idea before. Sahir tells Isha that this dancer has been rejected in most of reality shows, explaining he isnt good looking. He tells Isha she got an opportunity to create a reality based dance show, because her feelings are honest. In next four days she needs to create this. Isha was happy that in such an energy, she can do this. This story needs to be told and she will tell this.
Azher asks Gia not to reject him because they are from different worlds. He wants a chance for his love. Gia complains he was so busy in his glamorous fake world people were insulting her, asking her for favors. Azher apologizes that had he known… Gia says she never wants him to take care of her. Azher explains she was his responsibility in that party. Gia says she isn’t blaming him, but their worlds can never co-exist. Azher says it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible. Everything is fake there, but it’s his life. He shuts her mouth with a finger forbidding her to say a no.

Update Credit to: Sona

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