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Isha and Shekhar were in the restaurant, Isha was happy. Shekhar says one last step is left, he wants to listen to Sahir’s original composition for once, after that their deal is done and they will become business partner. Isha gets worried.
Sahir was still unable to focus with his music, Tapasia come inside and asks if he likes to speak so much that he is speaking alone. Sahir shares his musician’s block with her, he isnt able to create music. Tapasia tells Sahir about her friends, who have a band and practice together. She texts them, Sahir thanks her. Tapasia forwards her hand to be his friend, and sits to take a selfie. She reminds Sahir today is friendship day. In the way, Isha gets an update of Tapasia and Sahir’s selfies together.
Gia and Azher come home, Azher takes a leave.

Gia asks him to stay for a while, Azher says it will become difficult and he won’t want to leave if he stays. Gia suggests about making Maggi pazta for him, he comes to help her in the kitchen. Azher likes the saucy flavor, then takes a leave. Gia asks him to stay for a while. Azher says if he stays, Rave must have a problem. Gia calls Rave a child, whom they never let grow up. Azher calls Gia an old lady, who is always mature. Gia shows him her childish side, Azher notices her OCP had vanished. She drags Azher up on the bed where both dance.
Rave speaks to her mother in front of Shekhar. Her mother gives her the time of one month to come back home, this is strict order from her father. Shekhar asks till when she will keep lying, Rave says they have started a business. Shekhar says that is just on papers yet, it may take more than a month. He suggests her to join his company and move to New York with him, he promises to get her enter in the international music scene.
Gia and Isha were waiting in front of the cake trying Rave’s number, her number was out of reach. Isha suggests about cutting the cake by themselves. They hug each other after wishing friendship day to each other. Gia gets her mother’s call, she explains to Gia about her thinking as no mother can see her child in trouble. Her mother says his family is really a bad reputed one, she must not involve with Azher. Everyone know what his mother did. Gia asks what she did. Her mother got Azher’s father killed, it was a controversial news. There was a film due to which there was a problem between husband and wife, and soon his father died. Everyone accuses his mother to be involved and she also thinks the same. Gia promises not to break her trust, then calls Azher to meet tonight. Azher apologizes as he promised Sahir. He tells Gia that Sahir is going to meet some underground band tonight, they are Tapasia’s friend. Isha hears this, Gia asks if Isha doesn’t know? Isha leaves silently. Gia thinks about going to farmhouse tonight to find some clues.
Tapasia comes to the band, and introduces them to Sahir. Sahir hopes about not disappointing them. Tapasia cheers this is friendship day, and it’s just a celebration session not a competition. Sahir takes a seat for himself, when he looks towards the door where Azher arrives. Sahir goes to Azher saying he won’t be able to do. The band men recognize Azher, Sahir takes Azher out saying he isn’t just in the right frame of mind. He reminds Sahir the first feeling when he held the guitar, why even he held that guitar. He has to capture that feel and play it. Sahir confirms if he can, Azher assures he can for sure. They begin playing. Sahir tries to focus and finally gets mixed with the band’s tunes.
Gia was travelling to Azher’s farmhouse. Faisal asks Faisal mamu’s permission to pick some papers she forgot. She takes snapshots of an album and hurries outside the forbidden room. She takes a leave from Faisal and was outdoor when a car stops by. Faisal tells Gia its Maryam, Azher’s mother.

PRECAP: Maryam asks Azher to breakup with Gia as she is back in his life. Isha complains to Sahir that she forgot there is nothing personal among them anymore. Sahir tells her to understand this as soon as possible. Azher tells Gia about his mother’s wish to break up with her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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