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Azher returns home in a hurry. Gia comes out of the washroom but can’t find Azher anywhere in the house. She calls Isha to tell her that Azher has left within one minute, she confirms if she isn’t good enough and Azher is having second thoughts. Isha assures that this must be a plan of his part and will be back. Gia hopes it to be a surprise, but with an upset mind. She calls Azher whose number go unreachable. She was tensed.
In the hospital, Nadia calls Azher aside. He hurries to Nadia, she calms him down that she is having her tests, and doctors are with her. Nadia was also clueless, she was fine but all of a sudden she complaint about chest pain and pain in left shoulder. Azher wonders why she and his mother didn’t call him. Nadia calms him down, she thought he was a bit busy. Azher

regrets why he wasn’t available when his mother needed him. Nadia calms him down, and assures everything would be fine. He gets Gia’s call who burst at him, Azher tells her that Maryam underwent a heart attack. Gia promises to come to hospital.
Sahir was helping Tapasia practice with her strained foot, she takes a break of five minutes. They get seated, Tapasia speaks to him. She discuss about Isha’s speech that day, Sahir apologizes Tapasia as Isha is a bit impulsive. Isha came over the stairs and heard this. Tapasia says she doesn’t want their relation change because of Isha, she value what’s between them. Sahir wonders why she think so, they have such understanding. Isha leaves, Tapasia says she doesn’t want some awkward moment between them because of Isha. Sahir assures there won’t be. Tapasia asks him for a coffee, and compliments his smile. They get to dancing again.
In the hospital, Gia rushes to Azher tensed and apologizes she didn’t know about it. Azher apologizes for leaving so abruptly. Gia asks if she is so insensitive. Azher says she doesn’t know anything. Gia asks him to be strong for her at least, Azher shares he feels miserable as he wasn’t there when Maryam needed her the most. The doctors come out to assure Azher that Maryam is fine, it was acidity and normal heart burn. It was a pulse alarm, and they are done with checkup. Gia has a gut feeling that it was a drama, she and Nadia share a look. Gia wonders if Nadia also think the same.
Guru, Sahir and Isha were walking together. Guru was complaining that no one is ready to fund them. Sahir agrees that they only promised album release to them. Isha wonders what now, he forbid Shekhar. She feels upset that she was so excited. Sahir asks her not to get dejected, they have a long journey to travel. Isha thinks it feels as if it’s not about their start-up but their relation. Sahir eases Isha as everything journey has ups and downs. Isha shares an eye lock with him that Guru notices, visibly. Tapasia comes to take a selfie. Sahir questions what she is doing here.
Azher and Gia come to Maryam’s room, he hugs her apologizing that he wasn’t around when she needed him. Maryam was upset that this is going to happen now, looking towards Gia. She understands visibly that he has other responsibilities as well. Azher insists she has been his priority and will always be, how he would live without her. Maryam watches Gia victoriously, Gia takes a leave to wait outside.
Sahir asks what is Tapasia doing here, Tapasia complains he wasn’t attending her calls. She reminds him they had a date. Sahir denies having a date, and consider it a casual date. Tapasia says he ditched her, so she called Guru to get to know about his whereabouts. Sahir apologizes. Tapasia qualifies she isn’t angry or upset, she was just pulling his leg; she understands he was at work and busy. Sahir asks where they must go, Isha was curt at her and murmurs she wants to kill him. Tapasia takes a selfie with Sahir in which Guru forces Isha as well.
Nadia tries to avoid Gia, but she directly inquires if it was Maryam’s drama. She was making payments and take a leave, Gia asks if it was fake, right? Nadia was speechless, she forbids Gia discuss this all. Gia confirms if Maryam knew they were on date. Nadia tells her that Maryam was upset with her that she booked Azher’s date with her. Gia was annoyed at the heart attack and complains her anniversary is ruined. Nadia says she warned her already, its not a good idea to mingle with Maryam, Maryam’s past is really dark. Gia asks her about her past, she was reluctant. Gia then confirms if Maryam was involved with Azher’s father death, was it a rumor or is it truth?

PRECAP: Maryam holds Azher hand saying if Azher is with her, she won’t have anything. Azher assures he is always with her. Sahir touches Isha’s hand while she hands him a pillow. Tapasia discuss with Azher that for her Sahir is most important, he has been stuck with his past but she feels like proposing him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I don’t know why but I find something fishy with Nadia. At times she acts weired ?? anyway azhar’s mom OMG she is too much just to spoil their date she did such a big drama ???????? she is really crazy and poor azhar he cares so much for her but she is playing dirty tricks with him bechara ???? poor gia I really felt very bad for her when azhar was not there she was so worried ??? maryam ruined gia’s plan so badly ?? felt really bad for azhia ??

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