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Girls On Top 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia asks Azher to stop the car, she was panting. She was nervous and says she hasn’t been able to compose herself, she gives up as she won’t be handle this. Azher says there is always a first time, he is here. He considers himself to be lucky to have her with him. Gia says exactly, people would stick a label with her that she is a girlfriend of Azher. Azher assures that he is lucky, that she is so pretty and intellectual. She has money, and is wearing a brand already. Gia explains this brand is a big one, but dress is fake. Azher says everything looks natural on her, because she herself is a natural person.
Azher opens the door for Gia in flashes of media’s cameras. Reporters gather the couple, Azher holds Gia back for photo session. Naina asks Gia what is she wearing. Azher tells her about

the dress designer, Naina asks if he has gifted this to her. Azher says she won’t even take a card from him. The reporter wish them luck, and calls Gia a big switcher of the game.
Isha wonders where Sahir brought her, Sahir says this is a surprise. It might get her an idea about her next reality show? Isha calls him really thoughtful. Sahir tells Isha he is counting on the first day of her new beginning, it will be a new day of her victory. Isha asks if he trusts her so much. Sahir says just the way she did on him. He wants to say this for so many days, he now completely understands whatever she did for him was really difficult for him. She put her job on stake to give him a chance. He was lucky to be a part of her big plan. Isha says she is lucky atleast their misunderstanding got resolved.
Gia tells Azher she was really shocked people are more interested in her clothes. People calls Gia’s dress to be amazing. A few girls there were gossiping about a movie, Gia takes notes on her diary. Some of the people around also gossiped about Gia. Gia comes to watch Azher meeting Sasha, and remembers the conversation she overheard between him and Sasha. Diana comes to greet Azher, he compliments her. Someone calls Azher aside, he asks her enjoy the party keeping a hand on her arm and move on.
Rave demands a single reason from Guru why he can’t stay with them. If she is denying her turn to help him. Guru says the reason for her why is she herself. Won’t he love her even more if he watches her every morning? He holds her head and smiles… Rave asks why? He joins his hands and asks her to forgive him for this.
Diana comes to Gia and points at Gia that it’s a big news that Sasha and Azher Khan are here? She wonders if Gia came to enjoy the party or collect scoops. Gia asks if she has come to do her interview. Diana asks excuse me? Diana asks her about the scoops? Gia tells her about Farzana’s new movie scoop. Diana demands Azher and Sasha’s scoop in the paper as well. Azher Khan gets photographed with girls. Sasha comes with her. Gia asks where her new film is coming up? Sasha says it means people call her truly to be an ordinary reporter. Gia says yes, she is. Sasha says page 3 reporters are hardly journalists. Sasha warns Gia that she might get lost in this glittery industry she wants to enter. She explains that from outside she might think her prince charming would save her on a white horse, but in reality it would be a black horse. Azher Khan has a lot of girls around, this world of glitz and glamor may snatch her world even when she won’t realize. Gia comes to the bar and demands a glass of water. Azher comes to her and asks where she had been lost. Gia complains Azher was lost, among those fans. Azher asks Gia to come with him as she wants to introduce her with a few people. A few girls come to take Azher for a selfie. Gia was selfish. A man Tarun comes to Gia, and recognizes her as a reporter. Girls like her get success really fast. Gia gets strict that she doesn’t want to get to his mouth. Tarun holds her arm back and demands what she is worth, it ends as soon as they leave the bed room. Gia cries.

PRECAP: Isha and Sahir were enjoying a dance performance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Epi was good enough
    Isha was right…Gia is too real in that fake world..Shasha and Tarun left no stone unturn in complicating her mental situation ??…..Poor Azhar how will he explain the situation to Gia now!!!!?…instead of tragedious scene I want an intense scene of Azhia ???….
    The best part of the serial is that it gives the reality bell ?….
    This gives call for women empowerment
    Hatts off to the makers…
    Since I am a huge fan of Azhia ??..I poured my views upon them only…rest are also good ??

  2. And thanjs for the written update Sona ????

  3. Sahir&isha r superub.I am fan of them. Precap is awosome.Girls r good,their attitude is great.

  4. ishir rocks?

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