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Girls On Top 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahir, Azher and Guru discuss about the plan, Sahir was nervous as they head towards girl’s house. Sahir reminds them about their nature, Azher calls them as nice and innocent and honest. Sahir calls them confused, both argue with each other. Azher was helpless in front of Gia’s smiling face, Guru suggests him about imagining some other guy kissing Gia. Sahir insists that this is a mission, they have to save themselves from girl’s trap and then end their game.
At home, girls give last minute touches to each other’s preparation before opening the door. They say hi to each other. The couple’s eyes meet. Rave goes to knock Guru’s forehead, Guru welcomes the other both inside as his own home. He reminds murmuring that they don’t have to get out on a single ball. They look around for the

arrangement of movie, and were nervous about the special treatment. Azher reminds them to beware. The girls watch them smiling, Gia inquires if they like it. Azher points towards a cockroach, the girls jump up the couch. The boys put all the cushions away from each other.
They argue about the film, girls suggest romantic film but boys suggest action. Sahir in the end asks for horror, Azher insists that girls will be scared watching horror movie and they will get closer. There is a bell at the door, Guru opens the door got Tapasia. She stood smiling at the door, the boys share quizzical looks. Tapasia walks inside to hug sahir, Azher and then goes to Guru, finally recognizing the right guy. Guru says this is dating app friend, Tapasia. Tapasia says I missed you since afternoon. Rave inquires if this is his girlfriend. Guru ignores Rave, Tapasia allows him to call her as Taps. Guru keeps her arm in his and takes her to them all. Tapasia recognizes Isha, and appreciates their house and spirit.
The boys pushes Guru inside the washroom. Sahir questions if they are really going for horror, they are unable to take care of three only and he called four. Azher questions what he saw in Taps, Guru says she is tall, hot and full party type. Sahir was getting uncontrollable at these qualities. Guru doesn’t understand the matter. Azher says he is trying to show Isha that he has improved himself in front of Isha. Sahir explains what if Isha catches him eyeing Tapasia. Azher laughs at Sahir’s face when she hugged him. Sahir insists that Gia will also have a problem with Taps. Guru stops them, he says Rave had to be made jealous and now she will be jealoused. Sahir and Azher insist on him to focus on target. They all come out.
Isha asks Gia why she is being so friendly with Rave. Gia wonders why Rave is being friendly to her. They murmur one must keep one’s enemies closer. Taps appreciates Rave’s name. The boys come out of the washroom, the girls mock them for going to washroom together. Azher hid his face behind the magazine. Taps stops him. She compliments his face, why he is hiding. Azher explains he is just reading an article, then realizes it was an ad page.
Rave and Taps share about their love for cheese popcorn and goes to prepare that. Guru wonders why Rave is in love with Taps. Taps again comes to Azher and tries to recognize him. Gia comes to take taps attention to Guru, Taps come to Guru. He appreciates the white dress she is wearing. They finally play the movie, Taps sat closer to Sahir, she hides her face in Sahir’s arm over a horror scene. Isha was being possessive about him. Guru shouts instead of Rave on the scene. Sahir leaves the room by the end. Azher walks to kitchen, Gia also goes towards him. She asks if he needs something, he smiles he needs her. Gia assures he already has her. Azher smiles as she ask if he would take some exotic drink or an ordinary one. Azher says he just realized ordinary is good, its lovely. Guru comes there, both were afraid all at once. Guru came to speak to Gia and says he is getting trapped, why is only today the first time she is accepting. They look around for Sahir.
Sahir was trying to focus in the washroom, he doesn’t understand why she is appealing him. He was confused. He walks out of the washroom, it was dark. A girl hugged him, he calls Tapasia to leave him when Gia opens the door. It was Isha who parts away. Sahir was speechless.

PRECAP: Gia kneels in front of Azher during the rain.Isha complains Sahir and he never respect her opinion.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. There it goes.That,,,, that was a damn rocking epi….I loved it…….Happy that GOt came back to its track………….OHHHHHHH it was so funny yaar the bromance of the 3 boys…and Tap?????????hahahahahhaha……….superb epiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijuts loved it./………
    #gotbacktotrack 🙂

  2. Gopikamuralidharan

    good episode

  3. Grace

    Nyc epi….

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