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Girls On Top 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia comes inside the office, Diana calls her the favorite reporter. Gia shows her some photos that Diana was reluctant to see. She points towards Azher, but when Gia doesn’t understand she introduces Gia to Azher. Gia shouts. Diana says this is the speciality of Mumbai Masala reporter thatn once started she never stops. Azher hands Gia the file and asks if she wrote the article on Sasha Khan. He appreciates her grammar. Diana asks Gia to guide him search for a role as a film journalist. Gia suggests Naina, but Azher says he likes Gia’s writings. Gia insists Naina is the right choice, Diana asks Naina to leave for her desk. She then gives an eye to Gia and instructs her to stay with Azher as long as he wants the training. Azher thanks Diana, then heads to leave with Gia. Diana stops Azher and says

he must try to be editor, she will be happy to help him. Everyone in the office takes selfies with Azher.
The tailor tells Sahir that to get a girl he must make muscles. Isha comes inside and complains he didn’t tell her he was coming back. Sahir asks if she told him about this fake girlfriend thing, he is a singer and not a puppet. Isha says he will get the most limelight. Sahir asks her to say straight away if she thinks there is something missing in him. He was irritated by the tailor. Sahir complains to Isha if her show is so important for her that she is ready to send him for fake dates just for TRP. Isha says that this show isn’t entirely her, their producers want them to work. Sahir asks how she is ok, if she is so professional that work is the only thing that matters to her. Isha says many people might think she is really strong, but she has a weakness that his Sahir Basin. She doesn’t have a choice, she can’t show her emotions by crying but that doesn’t mean she never cares. Sahir takes a few moments, then say he will do this for her; they have no choice. Ashima comes in when they were about to hug. She tells Isha UC has selected the new contestant Shriya. She hugs Sahir, Sahir calls her a fake girlfriend and leaves.
Rave opens the door to door bell, it was Guru who insists on her to let him say sorry. She calls him come inside finally. He promises to do anything she asks for just to get his sorry accepted. Rave says there is no maid at their home, he must work. Guru gets to wash the plates, cleans the floor, wash clothes. Guru says it is all about money, he thought she needs money. Rave says this doesn’t mean he would manipulate her and turn her to Behn ji. He says he never intended so, slips on floor. Rave holds him, Guru cheers. Guru says he has found Roshali, Guju uncle’s daughter and now he will get their money. Rave asks him not to do so, Guru insists this has to happen.
Isha stands outside when Sahir comes out. She says Hi to him, apologizes for morning and asks him to begin again. He asks if she will trust him. She says off course and hugs him. Isha watches Shruti there. Sahir asks Isha if she trusts him. Isha thinks she doesn’t. Sahir asks if she can trust him. Isha looks down, then says yes she does. Sahir promises to never lie to her. Shruti opens the door, and asks if he will drop her home. UC said she will. Sahir asks who was he to decide, but Isha also say this would be nice. Sahir leaves giving up.
Rave argues and says Roshali will come here. Guru says today Raveti must listen to him, Roshali is here. Roshali comes in, she tells Rave that she was about to do suicide but he stopped her. Rave asks Guru to drop her at her own house, she can’t handle her. Guru asks Roshali, Roshali says this way her papa will kill her. It is better she does suicide. Rave asks her to think about her parents. Roshali cries that it is because of them she wants to suicide. Rave says if she cuts her hand it will be all blood, and her friend has OCP, she will die. She asks Roshali to delete the plan of suicide.
Sahir comes to office asking about Ashima. Ashima says she just left, if he has to say something. Sahir says he has to tell her a lot. Ashima says she knows what he has to say, Isha has a lot of favors on Sahir, she had a lot of fights here to keep him to show. It’s because of her he is getting the limelight. Sahir asks what? Ashima says without Isha he wouldn’t be in the show, UC had rejected him but Isha stood for him and said he would do this show. He should say thanks to her. Sahir says right, he must. Ashima says she is a gem of a person and leaves. Sahir throws away his back, irritated and breaks all the chairs around in frustration.
Gia gets in the car with Azher. He asks what is wrong. Gia says nothing, she is fine. He says she said this word, fine fifty times atleast. This means her isnt. She insists she is fine. Azher says they are together since morning, office then coffee and then office again. She didn’t smile for once. Gia asks why he chose her, she doesn’t know what is the reason of this all. He is getting a lot of coverage from Mumbai Masala, isnt that all. She asks him to drive. All of a sudden, Azher Khan watches Naina shooting them in the car. He gets in front of Gia kissing her and knocks her down, covering her face. Gia leaves the car.

PRECAP: Sahir clutches Isha from behind, she shouts this isnt normal. Both cry, as Sahir tells her he was stuck with her as well. Isha cries badly. Gia cries in front of Rave asking why she must not react.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. IN LOVE WITH AZHAR ALL OVER AGAIN!!!??????????????????? he kissed gia to cover her!! OMG now what gia will do??? I hope Azhar n gia earn loads n loads of fans n love coz they deserve it!!!
    Yuvi-Barkha. . You guys are great!! You truly truly deserve all our time n love!!!
    Love u soooo much yuvi!!!!!!?????
    Sorry to those who feel im bring partial with others..for these biased comments.. I can’t think of anyone else than Azhar n gia!?
    And and and.. vrushali is rinni of d3!! It means shantanu, macy(macedon) n priyanka are together again!! Aww d3!!
    And I remember guru was prof.rigved in best friends forever! I lmao at it!!?? btw rave n guru were also nice!!
    In love with GOT??

  2. Its not just you Plumpyy. I also ship for Gia and Azhar!! They are just too cute <3
    And seriously this is a good show especially after KYY which is still in my heart! And this is right now in my mind. GOT is really in the top 🙂 ???
    Okay buh bye I'm crazy maniac!

    1. Hey ANU. Aren’t u the writer of Fixing Broken Souls? I lov that ff. Plz post it asap

  3. I love gia and azher (yuvi-barkha) . I love their love story after manan…

  4. actually it is not just for plumps and ,anu gia and azhar are my favorites too…I love them so much…They have a very cute romance…Love u Gia….U r the most cutest girl I have ever seen in my life….I used to watch the repeats of GOT just to see the scenes btwn Gia and azhar…They r really the assets of this show….By the way a day before when i saw the precap of yesterday’s epi,I was damn surprised Seeing azhar kissing Gia….The whole day I was thinking of the reason for that and now I got it..Love u azhar…Love GOT….but hate thursdays…can’t wait for the nxt epi….

  5. So there are 4 comments here and we love GOT after our very own ky2! Great man! We ky2 n GOTholics! MTV is giving us awesome shows like it’s their hobby!
    And anu n kitty! So we are too! Anu how we’re your boards dear? Kitty yaar I’m going to my relatives’ house just after I finish my last exam which is on 13 April and this means I can’t watch got n not even read d updates??????????????? kitty same pinch! Even I couldn’t think of anything else than Azhar n gia after that kissing promo!! That weird feeling was in me.. yaar I cant see yuvi kissing man.. ya I love AzIa. .but yaar I love yuvi.. poora ka poora zoo was in my tummy!! But seriously hats off to Azhar and the CVs man.. for this amazing piece of work???????❤❤❤❤❤???????????????
    GOT has won our hearts in less than a month!! Hey guys wait!!GOT COMPLETED 1 MONTH YESTERDAY!!! IT WAS APRIL 7 YESTERSAT AND GOT STARTED ON MARCH 7!!! Congrats for the 1 month anniversary GOT!! We all love you!!!!???????????? and March 7 is shantanu aka sahir’s b day! Lucky guy! Macy n priyanka are best for their roles here according to me?????
    Completely into girls on top???

    1. Boards were awesome. Now I’m in 12th still cant believe it babe. It’s so different. The pressure. And watching GOT simply releases it. I love every character. Though KYY ended so soon but MTV hasn’t still lost its charm. GOT is too good. Loved it !! I just wish they get a better timing for repeat telecast. Opening MTV site and watching it is just hectic. But anyways. I have to !!! All the best luvli for ur result. Commencing to 11th standard na??? Best of luck, love. ❤ ♥

      1. Yep I’m commencing to 11 next! Even I can’t believe it! Kyy ended soon..that year passed so fast that we didn’t realise it at all! N it’s in heart for an eternity! Yeah! GOT should have a proper repeat telecast! Now if rodeos x4 won’t get a proper repeat telecast they’l l spoil GOT’s too like they did when kyy was on air! On top of that no got episodes on YouTube now!
        Thanks anu??

    2. Plumps,my boards were really good…By the way I guess I am one year younger than u…Because nxt Year I wud be in 10th…Don’t know how I will manage to study and see GOT together….But no worries as we have sona with her updates..(however reading will not be so effective compared to seeing)..any way last 2 days i was not able to enter my comments..Today it’s monday and as soon as I opened GOT updates I was struck with surprise….16 comments…WOW that is the first time I guess GOT comments went more than 10..Plumps ,let us rock this page and flood it with comments dear..So sad that U can’t see GOT ..But come back soon …

  6. uff my Yuvi….dashing…..???

  7. finally,after ky2 i found my yuvi…yaarrr missed those things about u….love u a looottttt

  8. Hey hello all of u nice people out there (Plumpy Anu Tara Ena Nadira Kitty) U r not the only one Gia and Azhar both are sooo much adorable..and guess what?? I was and am a huuuge manan and kyy fan.
    Monday ko manan day banadia tha and was really sad when it ended. Sayad yehi hai pyaar mene haara mein and hamari adhuri kahani were my fav.. they remind me of manan
    And now GOT wow azia chemistry is like beyond words.. the way they call each ithr aap.. goals for sure
    Plumpyy I remember u fairy and other oldies of kyy ✌✌
    Lots of love
    love girls on top???
    Sana ?

  9. Its sooo good to see all kyy n manan fans here.. mtv has always given us sth so awesome to watch ?

  10. @sana is it really u sana!!! U in 12th na now?? Oyne I missed u soo much!!! How on earth can we forget our family na sana??????? oh Damn! I’m talking to someone of my kyy roxz family after soooo long!!!!!!!! Girls on top again thanks for this wonderful gift!!! And sana.. do u have any contact of auho???
    Yep.. AzIa are awesome!!! They’re just soo good!!! MTV has become the source of happiness right?!
    Ah those manan songs!! Damn! I love all of them!! I loved the songs after they were played on manan except some…!! Oops this is got page??
    Missed u so much sana!!
    GOT rox??

  11. Did anyone saw the new promo of GOT?? It’s mixed n not clear.. as in they’ve shown d old scenes too.. and sahir pushes isha down on the floor.. gia crying in the office.. and some old scenes… nothing new about guru n rave… GOT is conquering me like it was its main aim… so in love with girls on top???????

  12. Umm Plumpyy yes I belong to our own kyy rox family but I am not the one ur talking about… I used to comment before n very well remember u dear..
    Remember kuhu cutie suhash n all other oldies?? Sorry to disappoint u sweeyu but that ain’t matter.. Why u ask? Plumpyy until n unless we are kyyians (GOT fans nw) we belong to the same family
    Remember our cheerful face when we used to have during manan scene??
    I once felt our smiling face wud Neva come back buy MTV has allwways made us smile This tym aid GOT
    P.S I am in class 10

  13. Finally Monday! Can’t wait for today’s episode and yeah Plumpyy the promo is pretty confusing. Anyway, I hope they clear the confusion today. GOT rocks! Truly ♥♥

  14. I was eagerly waiting 4 monday like u Anu…As plumpy said there r some confusions in the promo….Anyway I want to know how azhar will cope up with this situation….I hope Gia give him a chance to explain wat happened that day…Love u GOT..

  15. All the GOT fans out there ….do comment frequently….cause we have to make this GOT page a grand success just as we made our kyy page….Anu,plumps,sanaEnaNadiraTaraDia including kitty shud definitely rock this page…

  16. Hehe. Fosho. Lets make this page rocking!!

  17. The best show ever in MTV! Die hard fan of GOT! Gia n Azar are so cute together! 🙂

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