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Girls On Top 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha comes to Gia, Gia wanted to redecorate Sahir’s room. Isha guesses its for her anniversary. Gia points out everything needed to be changed, Isha wonders if she has finances. Isha suggests Gia about Chinese theme. They can arrange Chinese lamp, Gia goes imagining white Chinese lamp. They lay on the bed together, Isha asks what does this all mean. Gia shares that she is thinking about taking their relation to next level. Isha was clueless, Gia says she wants to go with the flow. If everything goes fine, she might lose her virginity. Isha cheers, no wonder she needed a king sized bed. Guru hears their shouts and come inside, the girls weren’t ready to tell him and as he leaves they scream again.
The next morning, Sahir warns Azher that girls are really unpredictable, she might do anything.

Azher inquires where he and Guru will stay whole day, Sahir was clueless. Sahir suggests him to try “kiss- keep it simple” like their relation, and selects his wardrobe with him. He advices Azher further, sometimes girls can go crazy so he must be cautious. Azher accepts the warning, and calls Sahir turning to the devdas, he must focus to move on with Tapasia. Sahir denies, Azher asks if Isha is still in his heart. He denies that too, but was sure Azher can’t understand.
Isha watches Sahir dance with his injuries. Sahir watches Isha and stops her from leaving, he inquires why she came here. Isha says they must speak to Shekhar about startup funds, she suggests to include Tapasia in their start up again, she can be their choreographer. Sahir was angry that Isha’s problem is that she gets stuck with her assumptions. Isha asks if Tapasia is a part of startup, Sahir replies off course.
Azher comes to Gia, she looked beautiful. He shares that she likes simplicity, for that he dressed up really simple. Gia shares that she thought he liked extravaganza, and she dressed up too much that way. She calls Azher inside, the room had been decorated in white theme. Azher was amazed at the arrangement, both wish each other their anniversary. Azher wipes Gia’s tears, Gia thanks him for tolerating her. She is a difficulty personality, but she has enjoyed every moment with him. He made her realize she is human. Azher thanks her for coming to his life.
Sahir and Guru comes in the room, both fight for the bed when there is a door bell. Guru wonders what if Isha is there, Sahir hurries to open the door. It was Isha. She walks inside, and looks around at the house. She wonders why he isn’t picking up the call, and complains she has called him many times since morning. Sahir calls Guru outside. Isha calls Shekhar from Sahir’s phone, she complains he didn’t pick up her call. Shekhar doesn’t recognize, saying her phone number isn’t saved with him. Isha asks him about funding, Shekhar inquires why Raveti is not ready to come to US with him. Why does she waste such a good proposal? Isha tells Shekhar she didn’t talk to Rave since she has gone to Bangalore. Isha gets the phone to Sahir and Guru and put it on speakers. Isha insists that they needs funds now, Shekhar blackmails her to first convince Rave go with them. Isha was upset that she left her dad’s office just because of his promises. Sahir assures they will find some way.
Azher and Gia were seated together. Gia tries to open the bottle, Azher asks for help as Gia is inexperienced. He pouts themselves drinks. Gia was worried if she would go high after drinking this, Azher tells her that this champaign is really strong. With a single sip, she would go super high. Gia denies drinking it, Azher wonders what about celebration. Gia says she wants to remember each and every detail of tonight. Azher smiles that he was just pulling her leg, one sip won’t matter. They come to dance with each other. Azher gets intimate with Gia, kissing her shoulder. Gia remembers something and hurries to washroom. Azher was elated. In the washroom, Gia calms herself down, she reminds herself that she is 21 years and he is Mr. Khan. She bucks herself up as she can do it. There, Azher clears her mouth by drinks. He gets Nadia’s call who was worried as Maryam is really unwell.

PRECAP: Tapasia speaks to Sahir that they value their relation and wants to clarify anything about what Isha said that night. Gia confirms from Nadia if Maryam really was involved with Azher’s dads’ death.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. S. Aishwarya

    Azhar death???? What does that mean in precap??

    1. It’s actually azhar’s dad . Not azha4 ?? don’t worry

    2. Azhar*

  2. Today’s episode was just awesome ???? my love my azhia ❤❤❤❤ I love them soooooo much ??? gia is such a sweetheart ?? she was looking soooo beautiful ??? my Barbie doll . Their date was extremely beautiful. They are made for each other ❤??❤?? everything was so perfect but azhar’s mom started her drama ????? how mean of her . I don’t understand her blo*dy problem with G. I am damm sure she is it ruin their day . How cheap she is ?????? hate her. I wanted to see more of azhia’s romance!!!!
    Precap – even I am interested to know about azhar’s dad’s death

  3. ya r8 azar mom is mean

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