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Girls On Top 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The boys were shocked to see Isha all dressed up in a traditional attire. Sahir compliments her saying he can’t take his eyes off her. Guru coughs to get their attention, Sahir calls Isha inside. They were ashamed of all the mess they had left house in. Sahir keeps Isha indulged in a book while Guru and Azher clean the mess. Sahir laughs about the mess, then offers Isha a seat on the couch. The video girl reminds Isha that her boyfriend never would have clean a sofa before. Isha denies. Sahir takes a seat beside Isha, Azher remembers an important work and takes a leave. He compliments Isha before leaving. Guru backs Azher, Sahir reminds Guru that he also had to go for an important work and forces him outside. He walks towards Isha, and asks if this doesn’t appear as some romantic film? He shares

he really feels good today, she is looking so… omorfos and explains it’s beautiful in Greek. They share an eye lock.
Azher and Guru were walking in the garden, Azher hid his face with his hands. Guru was confused about which lines he needs to learn from them. Guru boasts he will do such an acting that Rave will never catch him. He turns to leave. Azher stops him as there are so many people around, where he would go then. Guru gets Rave’s call complaining why he ditched her and didn’t come for a coffee. Guru asks if he can come over now. Rave allows him, he says he and Azher are coming over then. Gia was concerned at once about her makeup.
Sahir inquires Isha if she is going somewhere, as she doesn’t dress up this way. Isha asks if he doesn’t like it. He exclaims he is loving it, then gets drink from the refrigerator and asks if she would mind it or not? She is up to becoming a morale girl today. Isha says if he doesn’t want her drink, she won’t. Sahir cheers over the surprise.
Azher and Guru come home. Azher greets Gia, while Guru ignores Rave. He goes to a side and brings out the paper. Azher runs towards him reminding him about a call, and points at his paper. Azher explains Guru has a meeting over a dating app, he wanted him to remind him at sharp 7. Rave was shocked at this revelation. Azher takes Gia inside to show her some photos from his shoot. Rave walks restlessly as Guru poses about talking on phone.
Sahir was in the kitchen, Isha plays a song on the laptop and comes towards Sahir, stopping him from his work, as she tries to get intimate with him.
Gia watches Azher show her photos on laptop, and keeps a hand over his. Azher holds her hand. They were interfered by wind blow, Azher envision Gia in place of the heroine in ad. Gia gets him a cup of coffee when he comes out of his day dreaming.
Sahir was about to kiss Isha when he gets away at once. They walk in opposite directions but Sahir holds Isha’s stroller and drags her towards him. He holds her close, and confess he can’t control himself in front of her. It doesn’t mean he takes her for granted, he won’t break his promise. He pushes her away saying she is too good to be true. He doesn’t want them to have regrets, she must leave. Isha was upset and leaves the house. Sahir turns the couch over in frustration.
The boys drink in the café, Sahir complains about Isha, she can’t fight with a rickshaw driver but can’t confess her love for him. Azher also seconds him that he is still confused if he is a boyfriend for Gia or just a friend. He tells Guru that Rave doesn’t want to be with him but would be jealous if he speaks with someone else. They suggest Guru to make a profile on dating app and upload a photo. Guru uploads their photo in the underground dance camp.
Rave was upset at home, Isha reminds them they still have seven days. They shouldn’t get hopeless. The boys get girl’s call all at once and ask for a movie night. They agree.

PRECAP: Sahir complains Guru about calling a full party type girl. The girl hugs them, Rave was angry at the girl for being Guru’s girlfriend.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Awesome episode.. Boys r rocking… Girls em.. Thy r bt not much as boys..?

    Precap seems to be interesting ?

  2. Gopikamuralidharan

    nice epispde… excited precap.…

    1. Frd pls say me that song and movie name

    2. Dude pls say me what song and movie name that played today

  3. What is that romantic song,from which movie??someone say..

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