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Girls On Top 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha thinks about Sahir while Sahir has reached US. Rave comes there upset. Isha was concerned, Rave tells her about Guru. They finish up their coffee cup, Rave says Guru said this and she was so angry about it. Isha gets a call from office and heads to leave. Rave looks at her, laughs and shows her face in the front camera. They laugh watching coffee over Isha’s lips, pose and takes selfie with each other.
Gia sat with the magazine and tries to avoid Azher. He comes home and says she could have wait for him inside as well. Gia says he asked her not to move from there. His servants come to him with towel and then coffee. He offers his to hers. The servant comes with umbrella. Azher asks what she wants. Gia says she wants to tell him she isn’t used to this all. Azher asks if this is about gifts.

Gia asks why he needs to elaborate everything. Another servant comes out. Gia says this isn’t normal about his life. He says he is upset of her. She asks what she has done? Azher says she works for Mumbai Masala, what is the guarantee that she isn’t leaking his stories. Gia asks if he doesn’t trust her? He asks if she does? She turns to apply sun block over her face.
Isha comes to office to audition girls for wild card against Sahir. Isha rejects all of them. Everyone claps for one, but Isha calls for the next. Ashima says she would suit Ashima but Isha says she won’t. Ashima calls her inside again.
Gia, Isha and Rave comes for PCOD test. She was resistant to go to doctor, as Gia and Isha makes fun of her making her even afraid.
Gia asks Azher if he trusts her. He says this time she must tell him. Gia asks what if she say yes. Azher says then he will tell her everything truthfully. Gia says these are heavy words. Azher says honeslty, he doesn’t trust her but a lot. Gia cheers.
Isha was happy to hear about Gia and asks why she isn’t serious about her love story. Gia asks Isha to concentrate on her love story. They hug Isha. The girls come back home, dancing. Megha comes out and asks if they met Sahir. Rave and Gia says they dropped him to airport, Isha and Sahir will patch up soon. Megha goes back to the room. Rave asks Isha to call Sahir just now. Isha watches time and says it must be really early there. Gia insits on her and gets her the cell phone.
Sahir receives the call, Isha asks how was his flight and food over it. Sahir says both ok. She says I miss you. Sahir says one week ago, he could do everything to hear this. But now he feels nothing, she doesn’t trust him and he can’t get it anymore. He miss her too, but he has realized they have no future together. Isha was upset after the call, so was Sahir.
The next morning, Gia opens the door. It was Megha and asks to talk to them. Gia wakes Isha and Rave up. Rave shouts watching her there. Isha clutches her mouth. Megha stood with her bags and says she is leaving. Rave cheers. Megha says she would come straight to point, she tried to break their friendship but hats off to them. She has a problem that she can’t let go. Love is an ailment, that can always come back. She couldn’t believe that Sahir has moved on and would never return. Now his heart belongs to Isha, he has also got the same ailment. Sahir has changed, he never changes for anyone but he changed for Isha. He loves Isha, and not her. He will come back to her, she knows him since childhood. Gia comes to Megha, Rave says she now realize why they hate her. She was enemy of their friend, but it was nothing personal. Megha apologizes for her behavior, they were kind enough to allow her stay but she has to leave now. Isha says she can stay if she wants to. Megha wipes her tears laughing, she says everyone can be jealoused watching them three. Isha has everything a girl can long for, good friends and love. She leaves. Isha thinks about Sahir’s call.

PRECAP: In the car, Gia questions Azher while he kiss her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I love the love story of Gia-Azher….most…. Hope Gia will stop using Azher for articles and will understand his feelings…

  2. Man… i just love this serial so much.. i love Gia the most… 🙂

  3. nice episode!!!!!!
    just loved it!!

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