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Girls On Top 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The boss was angry at once. Shreya calls Sahir a betrayer. UC calls for lights, the judges question UC what it was. The boss questions UC who shot this, a young man confessed he did. UC shouts whom he took consent from, and confesses he suggested about BTS. Everyone turns to Isha, the boss asks what this all is; is this the way she handles her contestants. Isha who was crying leave the hall. She runs outside crying hard and goes to hide herself in a store room. Rave comes behind looking for Isha, she looks around in store room but couldn’t find Isha there. Sahir comes behind her asking for Isha, both heads to find Isha in different places. Rave calls Gia and tells her about everything. Sahir comes in store room calling Isha, she hides herself further.
Isha runs outside the store room and goes

the other way.
Rave panicked as she consider herself as responsible for this all. Gia calms her down and sends her find Isha.
Isha locks herself in a washroom. Sahir comes there calling her. Gia calls Rave to ask about Isha. Rave shouts she don’t know where she can be. Gia suggests to take Sahir’s help. Sahir requests Isha to open the door, he knows she is inside; he warns about breaking the door and pushes it hard. They need to talk, and can handle it together. Isha tells him to go away, why he came here. Sahir says she exactly knows why he came here, Isha asks why he came to her life. Sahir says they have to handle it, he needs her. Isha calls him selfish, mean; he wants her to come out and clear his image in front of everyone. Sahir controls himself and asks to let him in, he can explain. Isha denies opening the door, he wasn’t ready to give up. Sahir qualifies she is getting hyper right now, they can talk and think about a solution together. Isha shouts instead at him to leave, they are parallel lines that can never meet. Sahir was hopeful for these parallel lines to meet, he calls himself dumb and sane, and nobody would wander behind a headstrong like Isha. Isha cries and shouts at him to go away. Rave comes there.
She silently asks Sahir to give way, he leaves. Rave calls Isha to come out, she confirms if Sahir is there? Rave tells her no. She comes out and hugs Rave tight. She cries about her public mockery, Rave takes her out when Sahir stops her from behind. He says he knows the Isha who doesn’t know crying, but only make others cry. He turns to go.
In the evening, Rave and Gia were concerned about Isha. Isha was scared to face everyone tomorrow, and gives up that she can’t. What if her dad knows, if something wrong has to happen, it happens. Gia consoles her not to take tension. Isha was worried dad would be angry but she will deal with him. This video’s shadow will always be with her, people would judge her for whatever she do. She won’t go out of house anymore. Gia and Rave tells her not to give up. They ask her to get up, and bucks her up. Gia suggests about drinking, she had a hangover and memory fade last night. Isha insists she can’t ever forget her day. Rave takes them somewhere that make them forget everything. Gia asks for party.

PRECAP: The girls party all night. Isha explains to boss but he hands her suspension letter. Azher didn’t want to talk about Gia

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ohhhhh my god…precap is vry vry vry intrstng….can’t wait for nxt epi…azher khan no no no plzzz

  2. I’m 1st

  3. OH MY GOD……I was so sad after seeing this epi….Even though saloni’s crying was not so natural, her situation touched me….Hopes that all her problems get sorted out soon…and yes precap was interesting….Gia was actually angry with Isha???Yeah coz precap mein aisa dekha ……..Donno….And God damn it…We shud wait for 3 more days for the next epi…. :(:(

    1. Yeah kitty.. Even i felt isha’s emotions.. And Sahir’s too.. Shan’s acting is just so flawless!! Love you Shan <3

  4. And @Akshara, welcome to #girlsontopgang …..Plz do comment frequently…

  5. I’ve decided im gonna watch GOT only for Yuvi n Shan.. The story is all so messed up. In the name of youth show they show so much of intimacy.. In fact they show only intimacy! Where’s the goddamn story man??!! Sahir is not given proper storyline.. He’s neglected.. Guru ka poocho mat. He’s seen with rave or somewhere dreaming about rave. GiAz were so promising before and now! They’re becoming a bore! These CVs have to do something ASAP coz im seeing manyyy people quitting watching GOT n if they dont do anything toh i doubt i’d go in that list too! I hope at least now, from today GiAz will go in the proper track.. And not show azhar always into gia!! He has another world! Same goes to sahir! The show is ‘girls’ on top but that doesn’t mean ke the guys will forget their self respect and run behind their girls! Who even does that in today’s world???
    Plz show some logic soon! And Saloni blocks people for criticizing her! This is a joke! No respect for the criticizms and the show is no. 1 when we find so many flaws in it! The fans are being neglected too!

    1. That’s what I was thinking Plumpyy.. U r right about this.. Sahir and Guru are the two very very talented actors and obviously they are the main part of GOT.. But the actors like Saloni who are far behind them in acting is taking all the footage and is highlighted..OK no offence but.. Let’s accept it the charm of GOT AzIa have become not as awesome as before..
      Despite all this and of course a very sad epi let’s hope the awesome chemistry is back on the show.. Love GOT a lot.. hopefully we all be able to see awesome epi in the upcoming days!!
      #girlsontopgang keep commentin
      Thank u for speaking ur heart out Plumpyy 🙂 😀

      1. And thnx a lot for understanding bro!! Frankly, I didnt expect anyone here to get the point and share their opinion! No offence again. And idk why is only isha’s professional life is highlighted?!!! There is a lot of impartiality!! I love GOT but i, or either any other person would accept senseless things!! And another thing I hate is they use the locations of d3! D3’s college is used for the sets of singing star! And another thing is creepier.. Shan is dressed like Swayam!! Oh let him come outta the Swayam zone and come to the Sahir zone! All this is all the more annoying!
        Honestly bro, I’ve repeatedly said this.. But still I cant stop coz I really love GOT n when do not get what we expect from the show and in fact it becomes a bore criticizm is a must! And someone from IF has palki ma’am’s email ID so she’s gotta read the criticizms and HOPEFULLY we’d get our old GOT back! 🙂
        Thnx again bro 🙂 Im glad that you understood what i meant to say 🙂

      2. Welcome Plumpyy 🙂 We want this show to be the best so we will obviously talk about the flaws of d show.. 😀

    2. n dis azia its again coming back to d secret gf i think it needs to change hope it will

  6. haa kitty I’m totally agree with u…can’t wait for 3days…

  7. whre is ystrday video…plzzz anyone give the link of this video…b’coz ystrday in my house lots of guests is arrived…shhhiiitt I’m really worried about girls on top…

  8. Superb but sad epi….Well this is real frndship…Donno wat’s gonna happen now….

  9. Thnk u soooo much neena

  10. I was so sad after seeing this epi…….wat about azhar and gia??????Precap is damn suspicious….Wat will happen now??????????And yup can’t wait 4 the nxt epi….

  11. Any one out there on India forums?????????

  12. No kitty dr..

  13. Sad episode..though I didn’t like Saloni’s acting much.. 🙁 I mean okay it may seem that I m rude and all but honestly I feel disgusted after seeing her not-so-natural acting.. Her voice is actually irritating.
    But having said that let’s hope for d best to happen for GOT and Isha 😀
    Plumpyy dear you are so right.. The show is not going good and all it revolves around is Isha and her professional life..Guru is the one to be neglected almost all the time . The D3 setup was OK for the first day but now!! It makes me go mad as there is no Vrushika also.. Come on CV’s don’t ruin our awesome D3 memories like this..
    For now let’s enjoy the show for our own favorite actors 😀
    And.. Plumpyy don’t mind but u really talk like grown ups :p haha.. In which class do you study ?

  14. Khooni Darinda

    People have gone mad.. Saloni is trying her level best to improve and you all guys are just critising her.. How rude!! And Plumpyy girl you don’t like the show thn don’t watch why do u pass negative comments.. Of course they ll show intimacy its not saas bahu drama right??? And for god sake the D3 set location is there to remind us of the show.. To bring back the memories.. If you like an actor very much like Yuvraj And Shantanu then why do you criticize Saloni?? She is the lead so she all be in d lead.. Actors like Guru need not to b highlighted

    1. U have probably gone mad.. We all love GOT and we feel free to express d flaws.. Can’t you get it ?? We the fans of girls on top are not satisfied with Saloni’s acting. And what the hell do u mean by Guru should not be highlighted?? How can you even compare Guru and Saloni?????
      Saloni’s acting is nothing if compared to all other lead of the show.. We are searching for a god damn storyline and a better storyline as a true fan of GOT!! Not just intimacy..
      And yes don’t dare you speak a word against Plumpyy!!
      U are free to say what you want without hurting others and without just criticizing them.. Hope you get d point
      P.S the name totally suits you

      1. And for the D3 location part D3 was a totally different show broadcasted on different channel.. This is Sahir’s story not Swayam’s story..
        And we do love, respect, and appreciate actors like Shan And Yuvi..
        And she is not d only lead OK? Other 5 are also there

      2. Another advocate here!! If people are free to say what they want then I am also doin that why r u criticizing me??
        I like Saloni. And you all are just makin her down.. Mind your toungues before u speak about her she is nice actor and is the narrator.. Why does actor like Guru b highlight?
        And the D3 location is nice.. MTV are doing what ch v could not do.. Being back that place.
        You all are not fan of girls on top you are haters of that show..

      3. Oh khooni….All of them have the right to express their views…But it does’nt mean that u shud DISRESPECT others comments…And yes if u like saloni u can support her…..But shud have some respect for others comments….And why r u telling this again and again that guru need not b highligted???????????????Se khooni…This show is girlS on top…Not girl on top….The 3 girls r EQUALLY important and so r their pairs……Hence of course Guru is one among the main leads..Well we don’t have to proove u how much we love GOT..

  15. Well ,@Khooni Darinda here all have the right to express their views….It’s not being rude or something…We all want Saloni to improve,but if she is not doing that how cud’nt we criticise??????We all love GOT that’s why we r commenting here…Only if criticisms r made the show wud understand wat they r lacking …….And U tell that actors like Guru need not b highlighted?See this show has 6 main leads…Here only Isha ‘s life can’t b shown ….Guru is an important character…If u feel so then I donno wat to say….And ur offence against plumpyyy…I guess she wud give the right answer for that..

    1. What if I criticize Shantanu and Yuvraj here?? You will feel the same
      And you don’t want Saloni to improve all u guys wanna do is compare her to other actors and criticize her.. If there are 6 main leads why the story is told by Isha?? Becoz she is the main part of the drama.. And you are advocate of Plumpyy?

      1. Well u can’t criticise shan or yuvi dear..coz they r acting in a natural way……not like saloni…When ever I see saloni’s acting I feels that someone is forcing her to act…
        We definately want her to improve and that’s why we r criticising..I have alredy told this…And u think that if the story is narrated by isha then Isha will bcome the main lead???????Hahahahahaha..No comments..And u asked if I or sana is the advocate of plumps….!!!!!Well this is girlsontopgang…Here if any outsider blames our gang member we have the right to object them..We don’t mind whoever it is…Understood??????

  16. Just stop it khooni..We all r the crazy fan of this show..I think u r the hater of this serial…STOP COMMENT LIKE THIS..

  17. Wat the hell????????Coming here and blaming us??????????Wat do u think khooni???U can tell anything..???Well I think I don’t have to say much Kitty and sana has already given u enough back….

  18. And yes if u think saloni is a gud actor do support….Just as kitty told not by disrespecting us….MIND IT

    1. By the way thanku khooni for one thing..Coz of u atleast the comments increased;) 😉 😉

  19. Hey khooni..Don’t u have manners????? u r coming HERE for the first time, so atleast u cud have expresses ur opinion in a decant way…And yup Guru is actually one among the spices of GOT..You really mean ki he does’nt need to be highlighted???????LYK SRSLY?And yeah trisha u r right.Atleast the comments increased na??? 😉 😛

  20. I don’t care what you guys think about me as I think Saloni does her part well and if you guys disagree don’t criticize her. She is the narrator of course she ll be focused a bit more.. Plus you girls are speaking for each other.. This is the best part of this whatever gang

  21. Hello people
    GOT rocks

  22. No ffs on this serial??

    1. Nope.. Maybe when the show will go on track there’d be a FF!

  23. So Mr. Khooni.. You have a grudge on me?? Seems so?? Why do I feel you are not speak or criticizing about the show but only us??!!! Right!?!! Oh hello mr. Whatever!! I dont hate the show n no1 here does!! If a person hates the show why would he or her come here?? To wasts their time?? Time waits for none you see?? So is for saloni! Its been 2 months n we expect better from each actor! And we got the better in all the actors except for saloni! All are equal n we do expect saloni to reach the heights! And criticizing is our RIGHT!! I, we can criticize as much as we want.. The show started with a bang which is going all haywire now! We want Girls On Top to be the no. 1 show until its on air n we’ll get it only when all the actors give their best!! And guru has to be highlighted you idiot!! He is the fun factor of the show m do u even know how important comic characters are for a youth show??? And he’s gonna be the better half of one of the 3 leads of the show!! And Isha, Rave n Gia hold the main roles equally!! They’re equally important so when Isha’s professional life is highlighted it is injustice! Omg! You are mad actually!! And you’ll criticize Yuvi n Shan for their brilliant acting???? Are you freaking mad???? Omg! Thnx for the amazing joke btw! And Im not COMPARING actors here! Neither anyone is! Its YOU who takes them in the wrong way not US!! And about D3 things.. When the show doesn’t go well when we expect it to be the best onscreen, they use d3’s locations, the show which has won millions of hearts, it feels like an insult to the show and the TRUE fans of d3! They’re trying to make Sahir look like Swayam??!!! What the hell is that?? And dont bring Vrushika here!! None of the D3 n VruShan holics like vrushy to be there on GOT! We dont have any grudge on Saloni! She needs to act better! She improved a tiny bit on the last epi.. And just remember we love GOT!! And you just commented to criticize us which is useless for the show’s betterment!
    Go away fellow! Dont interfere in our criticizm when you dont get the points!! Im not restricting you from commenting but you do.t have the right to criticize us!
    We all as GOT lovers wish for the show to touch the sky! But you dumbo wont get it!
    And before questioning the GOT lover in us go check the previous WUs..!! Actually only the comments… You’ll get to know how crazily we love GOT! And dont speak ill about our group of frnz here! We have GOT in us!!
    And dont u dare test my patience!! I tried to be calm but you wont get it if Im calm but actually I doubt how you understood when I was boiling both in anger n weather lol. You donno how hard it is to manage with anger n this freakin hot summer you see!
    Anyway thnx for that awesome joke haan 😉 Criticizing yuvi n shan for their brilliant acting xD

  24. @sana n kitty.. I love u guyz.. Thnx for handling the situation guyz.. U srsly r awesome n true frnz.. N sana woh kya hai na aftr havin elderly frnz on IF yeh thoda grown ups kinda behave karti hu.. Agar baccha wala behaviour chahiye toh bhi im ready coz i love being childish! See that woman child barkha itself 😛 lol. N d thing i like abt saloni is she’s beautiful.. N on IF there ws an article that v ppl r too harsh on saloni! Thats what ppl who like saloni think! The article was ‘being too harsh’…
    Hahahaha gia is tellin rave that she kissed azhar baba’s nose xD

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