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Rave and Gia come to hug Isha. They sit on the beach, Gia and Rave tells Isha they will take some time to call Sahir a star. Isha says she really love Sahir, she pushes them away that she is worried to make him up. She tells them Sahir is leaving, he wants to stay away from her for some time. Gia and Rave stand up and were determined to bring Sahir back with his hair.
Gia and Rave follow Sahir on a cab, in the rush of cars in traffic they come calling Sahir. Sahir says oh shit, and runs out of the car from the other door. He gets in another cab, Gia and Rave follows him to the other one as well. Rave was angry and says they are running with an idiot like him, he must atleast listen to them. Sahir says alright, he isn’t behind Isha anymore and leaves in the cab. Their cab driver denies taking

The boss comes to meeting and asks whose meeting is this. UC says he had called the meeting himself. The boss recalls, and asks about the ratings. UC says he has decided to focus on the most talented contestant. Isha counters that he thinks Rosie is the best contestant. UC asks who else is? Isha says obviously Sahir. UC says alright, they will focus on Sahir. Then there will be a wild card entry, they will make their love story; romance and a pinch of love. They must make it a part of their show. The boss likes the idea, he gives Isha the responsibility to find Wild Card Entry for Sahir. Isha was confused at everything, but was happy that Gia and Rave accepted Sahir.
Gia and Rave come to the restaurant. Gia calls Sahir, she changes her voice and asks if he is Basin. He says she is from Paradise Hotel. They offer him 2 day and 3 night stay in hotel. Sahir says he has no girlfriend. Gia asks him to think about any. Rave impulsively takes the phone and asks him to say Isha is his girlfriend. Gia cuts the call at once. She curses Rave, then says she has another idea about Sahir and Isha’s date. Rave asks Gia not to tell Isha they found Sahir.
A gift comes for Gia, Rave suggests Azher can send her a gift only. Gia asks her to shut up, but she doesn’t. Gia asks her to leave. She comes to office, everyone stared at her. She opens up the box with a cake saying sorry. She thinks everyone asking who sent it. She takes the call of Azher, he asks if she liked the gift. Gia asks him to stop it, Azher asks her another chance. Azher says the second option is that she will say sorry to her in front of Diana even. Gia takes an excuse from everyone, and asks Azher to shut the call off. Someone hands her flowers, she clutches the bouquet and crushes it under her heel. Diana had been staring at her, Gia apologizes. Diana taps her foot, and says Azher is a smart fan. Gia asks if Azher sent them for her. Diana stares at her, and asks her to read the message. The note said, to write so many articles and make him popular, thankyou. Gia says Azher Khan is really charming. Diana wonders who his girlfriend is. Gia says her sources couldn’t figure it out.
Rave and Guru were ready to work on a wedding plan. She promises they will never make any girl run away again. Guru says he got something for Rave and hands her a box. It was a traditional dress. Guru says they are going to a conservative wedding, she can’t go there in this dress. Rave asks if he thinks she will change for some family. Guru says they will lose money else. Rave asks if he suggests she must do anything for money. She will change for no body, her own parents couldn’t change her. She throws his stuff at him and tells him to get out, their partnership is over. He was left looking at her, then leaves.
Gia talks to Isha on phone, Isha says it is alright she didn’t find Sahir. Azher Khan arrives to the office, Gia’s stuff had fallen on the floor. She bends to pick it up, Azher goes to Diana’s office. Azher thanks Diana for accepting his flowers. Diana asks who his girlfriend is. He says it is just a secret like the reporter writing all the stories is. Diana calls Tara to send Gia inside. Tara tells Gia that Diana is calling her to office. Azher didn’t know it was Gia who was revealing

PRECAP: Diana asks whom Azher is impressed with. Azher says Gia Sen who wrote his and Sasha Khan’s story. Diana was shocked. Sahir tells Isha on phone that he thinks there is no space for their relation in his life anymore. Isha cries, Megha says it seems Sahir will never come back now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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