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Girls On Top 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The boys disperse from the game when Azher goes to get dinner and Sahir follows him.
In the room, Guru comes to Sahir and Azher and suggest about not speaking about the issue. Azher and Sahir agrees, and stops him from providing any further information. Azher tells Sahir he can smell some trouble.
Azher comes to Gia and asks her to teach him cooking. He asks for anything without nuts. Gia laugh, then moves towards the fridge. She turns around with vegetables to hit Azher, feels shy over his stares. He helps her with vegetables.
In the room, Rave was determined to tell him but indirectly. She instructs herself to focus, goes in front of mirror bringing herself into peace. She practices about telling Guru that she think she still loves Shekhar, then jerks the idea that he would dislike

this. She was about to practice again, calls his name and he had arrived in the room with milk.
Gia asks Azher to help her with the spice box from above the cabinet. He comes to hold her up in the air, Gia was confused then takes the spice box. She allows him to put her down, he smiles before doing so. Gia was nervous.
Rave asks Guru if he came, Guru says he came to speak to her; what she asked in the game. Rave interrupts him and hurries to washroom.
Isha brings Sahir in the room, Sahir blots the door behind her, pinning her on the door. He confess his mistake about telling Rave about Guru’s virginity, can she make sure he can’t get to know. Isha assures she will take care of it. Sahir demands a promise. Isha reminds him about breaking his promise about not touching. He leaves her at once. She comes to taunt that he couldn’t resist her. He apologizes. Isha says its ok, she is actually used to him breaking promises. Sahir asks what she means, how she could even say this. Isha says this isn’t a big deal. Sahir insists whatever she says, she feels, thinks is a big deal for him. When she says ‘just saying’, it hurts. He turns to leave. She stops his way.
Gia was nervous while trying to tell Azher about slicing the onion. She looks at him and cuts her hand, Azher immediately holds it into his mouth. They share an eye-lock. Gia looks down, then says its alright. Azher holds her hand close to him, saying he know its alright. There is again an eye lock.
Isha stops Sahir. Sahir demands what he should do, every moment is a test for him to prove himself. Why she doesn’t trust him. Isha says trust isn’t mind’s voluntary action, it takes time. Sahir says alright, he has been trying for a while now. He demands her to clear it all today, he wants her suspicion and insecurity doesn’t bubble out again and again. Isha turns saying she doesn’t want to fight. Sahir calls it a discussion, he understands she has insecurities but he is tired of her trust issues. Isha suggests about asking questions, and clear all these issues. Sahir allows her to ask, as she has trust issues. He has none.
Guru awaits Rave outside, Rave was inside wondering what she must do. She makes noise about vomiting. Guru calls Rave if he should come inside, is she pregnant? He wish about having their child. Rave was shocked.
Isha tells Sahir about disclosure, the new game. They will dig out each other’s heart out. This way they can be clear about each other. Sahir stands up to ask Isha bring it on. Isha moves towards him as he backs up, she asks why he doesn’t want to touch her. Sahir gulps, and stammers that he doesn’t want her to. Isha has finally pinned him on the wall. Sahir calls it unfair, she isn’t allowing him to finish his sentences. Isha keeps on moving closer. Sahir shuts his eyes tight, he says I… Isha now whispers in his ears, if touching her or her being close to him doesn’t affect him? He opens his eyes to look her closer. Isha demands again if he is moved or not? Sahir held his hand up to hold her arm, but hadn’t yet.

PRECAP: Azher tells Gia she is behaving as if she is his girlfriend. Gia accepts to be one, Azher laughs. Guru shares the trouble with Azher and Sahir. Sahir asks Isha about scoring his career. Isha scores him 7 out of 10. Sahir is enraged.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wow…. nice episode. ab bas GIA yes bol de………… AZHAR is so cute.

  2. i love Gia and azher seen

  3. AzIa scene was so so so damn adorable!!! Like wow! :*
    They both look very cute together.
    Plus IsHr scene was also nice. Except for Rave n Guru.. ok Guru and Rave look good together.. but Rave should clearly say it to him that she is nt ready for a serious relationship.
    And what else? Oh oh precap was awesome!! Why are AzIa sooo cute ?? <3

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