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Sahir couldn’t focus on playing guitar, and throw it away in frustration. Azher enters the room, he informs Sahir today there is a single scene and would pack up soon; so if they should go out or stay here. He suggests about staying home and do some fun. Sahir sat holding his head, he was confused as he couldn’t focus on writing or composing any music. He was worried as it’s my first music album and he is unable to create a single tune. Azher assures that its creative work and isn’t so mechanical, he must give his mind some relaxation. Sahir says he feels really empty at heart and aimless at the moment. Azher was sure he will do great. His phone bell rings, Azher ignores but Sahir insists on him to take the call. It was Gia. Gia wanted his shoot schedule for tomorrow, and asks about going to

his farmhouse; alone with him. Azher cheers asking she wants to go with him alone. Azher promises to pick her up tomorrow, Gia was upset and says sorry Mr. Khan. She thinks about gathering some more information in farmhouse.
Gia comes home hungry, there was nothing to eat in the fridge. She prepares Maggi Pasta for herself. Gia was packing her bag, Rave was excited and asks Gia if she is ready to lose her virginity. Gia calls her crazy. Isha reminds she is going to spend a night with her date. Gia wasn’t ready to accept, but Isha and Gia forces her to get ready. Gia screams as the girl waxes her legs, Isha and Rave forces her into bikini vwax. Gia resists saying Azher is really sweet, he won’t do anything she is uncomfortable with. Gia flees from the chair, holding a knife. Rave says there are a few things she must learn. Isha lay with Gia saying there will be a moment Azher will try to seduce her, at that moment she must stay confident. Rave guides her with details. Gia uses face pack.
Isha opens the door to Azher, and calls Ms. Sen as her lift is ready. Azher speaks to Isha about Sahir who is unable to create a song for quite many days. Isha was worried. Gia leaves with Azher.
Sahir and Isha videographs a dancer. They clap after he is done. Sahir thanks him for auditions. Isha shares with Sahir she didn’t have breakfast, would he like to have something. Sahir replies he isn’t hungry. The next dancer comes for audition, it was Tapasia as next performer. Sahir watches her intently, UC also come there clapping. He introduces them to their new dance act supervisor, and tells Tapasia meet their HR. Isha demands why he didn’t tell her about it. UC calls Tapasia a good performer and scolds Isha to get to some work.
Faisal Mamu tells Gia Azher spent his childhood in the same room. He tells Gia that Azher’s father was the same as Azher. They stop at room, Faisal Mamu forbid Gia enter the room as its Azher’s parents’. Gia asks him for a pill for head ache, and herself gets into the room. The room had photographs over the walls, she find a photo album inside. Azher comes calling her, she hurries outside. She stood outside the room, Azher comes to blindfold her. He says he has to reach a decision, but before that she must go with him. He brings her into a room, she notices it was a bed where she was sitting. Azher calms her down not to ruin her mistake, and allows her open her eyes now. He held a pile of books, and says he brought all these because he didn’t know her choice. Gia stands up to hug him, she tries to help him and both fell on the bed with the pile of books; Gia in Azher’s arm. He holds her close, Gia shuts her eyes. She opens them to find Azher holding her foot and compliments her feet saying her feet make TLC; tendor love and care. Gia recalls Rave’s instruction and hurries into washroom. She calls Isha for help, Isha comes to Rave and put the call on loud speaker. Gia says it’s all happening upside down, Azher isn’t giving her any neck kisses but compliments her feet only. Isha and Rave asks Gia to clear her head and think about her comfort level. She must question herself if she wants this or not, eventually it doesn’t matter she is a virgin or not. This is the natural progression of her life, and if she is uncomfortable she may say a no anytime.
Gia comes out to Azher, he was concerned and asks to talk to him, and her silence is killing him. Gia says she isn’t ready, he might think her to be an old school but for her it’s a big deal. She doesn’t want to lose her virginity.

PRECAP: Tapasia becomes friend with Sahir. Shekhar shares his idea to Rave, about sharing his company and go to New York. Shekhar demands Isha to hear the original composition of Sahir for once. Gia was making photos of some proofs when there is a knock at the door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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