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Girls On Top 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone congratulates Gia for writing a wonderful story about Azher’s girlfriend. Diana also comes and says she liked Gia’s story. Gia hides her bracelet as Diana curses it. Gia requests Diana that the writer of this articles is a secret, she must not tell Azher about it. Diana says she needs rest. Azher calls Gia and says he is being arrested, they have some reservations about the article in their newspaper. Gia asks which jail he is in, and heads towards him.
Sahir sat in a corner as the rest of contestants sing in an unmelodious voice. Isha comes, she congratulates them and says soon the show will go on air and they will be stars. UC comes there, cuts Isha’s words and tells them to pack their bags. They will text them about their next schedule. Isha asks UC why he was so rude, they are

contestants of this show and the show runs because of them only. UC asks her to relax it isn’t about Sahir. Isha warns him to be personal.
Isha comes to Sahir and asks him for a signature. Sahir says this is a catering bill, she raise her eye brow signaling him to let the others leave. She asks to talk to him, he heads to leave. He says he thought about their relation, but his past is such that he can’t be trusted. It was enough that she considered him responsible for Megha’s pregnancy. Isha asks him to give her some time, things will get clear. Sahir tells Isha he is going to US tomorrow, he needs some clarity in life as well. Isha was upset that he is going tomorrow and is telling her today. Sahir smiles they don’t speak to each other. They have an eye lock. Sahir leaves. Isha couldn’t even discuss this with her friends.
Megha opens the door, it was Guru and recognizes her as Azher’s fan. He says Rave didn’t tell him about her. Megha asks him to speak low, what if anyone helps. She calls him inside. Rave comes to ask Guru not shake hands with Megha, Megha calls Guru cute then how is she a friend with the girl having permanently shocked here. Guru asks Rave if she got some work. Rave says not now, but she will return his money. Guru says he has another solution, marriage.
Gia comes to police station and watches Azher resisting his arrest. She jumps in and asks the inspector to speak to her about it. The director at once says Cut! He appreciates the inspector’s acting skills and says they will crop the last scene. Azher asks Gia how was this unrealistic scene in real jail. Gia asks if this was acting.
Rave holds a knife at Guru for talking about marriage.
Gia leaves the station, Azher Khan follows. He says this was just a test for her and she passed it, he never thought she would come. She says for her, real life situation is really important and serious. She cries and leaves Azher. The three were upset, and wanted to speak to each other. Isha gives them EC, they hurries home. Rave and Gia hit each other, fell down. Isha comes there, Gia asks her not to say it was fake EC. Isha was upset, she says her best friends have lost. She tells the girls she loves Sahir, it means a lot for her. Can’t they give their relation another chance? Megha interferes that if they don’t give her a chance, how her nineteenth breakup will complete. She asks her to forget Sahir. Gia and Rave go, fed up of Sahir’s argument. Megha asks Isha to give up on Sahir, Isha says she won’t. Her friends would understand her feelings for Sahir, she will make him fall in love with her again.

PRECAP: Megha says she is Sahir’s first and last love, Isha cries. Rave pusehes away Guru and asks if he thought she would do anything for money. Azher bring flowers for Diana, Gia crushes the flowers with her heels. Diana stands in front of her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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