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Girls On Top 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahir was confused about Isha’s talk with Gia, Isha explained to Gia Sahir was being physical with Shreya and she lost control, she asks Gia if she should trust him or not. Sahir finally comes out slapping the door aloud.
Azher comes towards Gia, her vision blurs due to drinking and rubs her eyes. Azher asks if she is fine. She tells him she can see two of Azher Khan here. He tells her he is right here, she can speak to him and asks her about her secret. Gia had a hangover. Azher asks what was in that drink, he smells the glass saying its rum and vodka. Gia takes Azher to a room and puts the bolt up pinning him to the door.
Sahir asks Isha what she has to ask. Isha accuses him of cheating, he was listening to her conversation. Sahir explains he wasn’t there deliberately. They have an argument

again. Sahir calls Gia as random person, Isha was irked and insists they are her family. Sahir asks why they have breakups. Isha says because it was meant to be, she had a breakup with him this time because for him only physical relations matter. Sahir held his head over it, both shout I hate you to each other. Sahir holds her to wall, both repeat their statements, then give up joining their foreheads.
Azher tells Gia she is drunk and is unaware what she is doing right now. Gia opens her eyes wide saying she knows what she is doing. Azher smiles. Gia confesses she likes him. Azher says she didn’t like actors. Gia insists she has started liking an actor. Azher wonders if she is praising him or insulting… Gia kiss his nose there and then. He asks her to take rest. Gia kiss his cheek again and complains he spoilt her first kiss, for a girl her first kiss is the most important. Azher was about to explain when she kiss him again, then says second kiss as well. They get physical with each other.
Guru comes to Rave, she complains about being bored because of Bollywood music. Isha and Gia had also vanished, then asks Guru if he enjoyed? Guru praises Roshali’s arrangement, then gives her a gift. She was excited, it comes out to be flowers. He explains plastic flowers are special as they last long, it’s his first gift for her; it will always stay with her. Rave hats off to Guru for such an interesting gift and kiss his cheek. He blushes, envisioning their wedding as well.
Isha and Sahir were intimate with each other, Isha questions Sahir why he was physical with Shreya. Sahir tells her she made him do this all, the fake girlfriend drama, Shreya’s entry and all. She has trust issues with him, she has to decide what she wants else they will always wander around roads. He heads to leave, warning her to decide what she expects from him, if she has any or not. Only she can get all the answers, he is leaving her and her questions alone. Rave finds Sahir leaving the room, Isha cried inside. Rave comes inside.
Gia tells Azher there is something important she has to talk about. She faints over his chest in her hangover. He holds her in his arms helping her to bed and sits beside her as she sleep.
Isha tells Rave about all story. Rave advocates Sahir this time, Isha was shocked Rave took his side. Rave insists Isha wanted to understand Sahir. It was her idea to bring in Shreya, Isha explains she had no option. Rave insists she always had. She presented Shreya to Sahir on a platter. She explains no matter Sahir and Shreya’s love story is fake, still its love story.
Gia stops Azher saying she needs to tell him something.

PRECAP: UC plays a BTS video of Sahir and Isha’s kiss in studios. The boss and everyone was shocked, UC smirks.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What the hell??? Gia getting a hangover??? But love got very much

  2. Okay.. Soo… The epi.. It was.. Umm… It was SINFULLY ROMANTIC!!!
    RavU had their ‘hats off’ fun and that hats off was in my mind for three actors named Yuvraj Thakur, Shantanu Maheshwari and Barkha Singh!! Their acting is what i loved the most in the epi!! They just made me love them all over again!!! Truck loads of love for all the three!! Especially you my love!
    They just pulled the scene up so brilliantly!!
    Now.. My analysis..
    Shantanu is one of the best actors I know and after watching him in his previous show D3 which i love crazily makes me feel sad that Saloni is cast opposite him! When Shantanu’s acting is amazingly flawless and the other one.. Saloni.. She’s a huge let down for me! Like I dont understand why is she roped for the role of Isha!! Isha is one wonderful character and the goddamn show is based on her POV and saloni’s freaking voice irks me like anything! The dialogue delivery is flat. No modulations at all! Her acting looks as though she’s been forced to! Not like she wants to! Its gonna be 2 months for the show and still there’s no improvement at all! Sometimes I think okay.. Lets wait a lil more.. But how much more now?! At times i feel like she’s at least trying to improve the next moment she lets me down! And the biggest problem comes between IshIr! They dont go well! Shantanu alone cant pull up the scene himself! I mean he can but its team work! Both of them have to give their part! But no! Yeh kab hone wala hai?! This is so not fair with Shantanu!! How I wish it’d be Vrushika instead of Saloni.. 🙁 VruShan would be back…! And automatically GOT would’ve been a hit till now if it was vrushy! Even Ayesha has improved and I love her for that!
    Okay so enough of this thing.. Let me talk about the epi now… 🙂
    GiAz.. My breath had literally stuck.. Literally!! My heartbeat was overtaking even ussain bolt’s speed! Omg! I literally felt breathless! I needed to the ‘breathe in breathe out’ thing for a while to be back to normal…!!! This was their effect on me! Particularly AZHAR KHAN’s effect on me! That ‘Mr. Khan aap kitne soft ho’ threw all the animals in my stomach.. First of all butterflies were there but no! That was less so the zoo itself came to party in my tum! And gia started pulling azhar’s cheeks!!!!!! Im so obsessed with yuvi’s cheeks and she’s pulling them! Ahhhh!! I was biting my fingers to control the blushes and the hormones in me, literally!! I could not behave normal at all! I was insanely in love with yuvi all over again!! I was so engrossed ke i didnt know my breath was stuck! And is gia going to utter the truth?? And the nose kiss was hell cute!!! Ek toh Mr. Thakur is cuteness factory and the nose kiss made him all the more cute! The cheek kiss.. And the French kiss! Though it was not real i was crazy.. 3/4 credits to Barkha for being such a cutiepie 🙂 And his smile.. There’s nothing in this world ahead of his smile.. It just shows ‘him’.. The real him.. The innocent person! I so love you yuvraj thakur!!! Im a very proud Yuvian you see 😉
    I hope this super long comment gets posted. Otherwise it’ll be my waste of time! Plz post this!

  3. Oops! I said that i’ll speak about the epi but i spoke only about GiAz.. To be precise.. Azhar aka Yuvi..
    IshIr were good.. It’d have been awesome if Saloni had done well.. But again she was same old one! Shan was incredible!!! But i dont understand their Break up and Break ke baad thing(IF article). Proud to be a Shan holic too! How much i appreciate him is less!
    RavU.. Damn.. It was so cute!!

  4. Anyways.. Im going. Good night all 🙂
    And no offence for Saloni analysis! That’s just my POV! Probably many others’ too! If u donno them go check GOT forum! Open IF! You’ll know how many there like or dislike her acting!

  5. Wow plumps…such a long analysis….well u r right….and yes I saw ur scrap and I have replied to it……………..

  6. It was a superb epi as always,….and yeah I don’t know when this sahir and ish will patch up…………And I think that gia ki bahut important baath may be the truth that it was she who wrote all those articles….can’t wait to see today’s epi…

  7. anybody there???????????

    1. Hey hey kitty! Im there! I was waitin for ur scrap n didnt see any so came here to check! R u here now? Or on IF??
      And yeah.. Sahir n isha’s break up n patch up is total stupid thing!!

  8. I like this one. Thank you.

  9. And i so freaking hate UC 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

  10. I just saw the repeat telecast of yest epi.. Only the precap actually.. And what I saw made me happy and sad.. Mixed emotions!

  11. So this is the actual precap:
    IshIr, RavU and GiAz.. The song Samjhawan is played on them! Rave kisses guru’s cheek(idk why is it in the precap). Sahir on the street drinking, Isha.. IDK what face did she make! Poor actor! Gia in a drunken state revealed the truth(the volume was low so im not sure) and Azhar leaves her hand and starts to go from there.
    This made me guess that gia might’ve said the truth!

    1. Yup plumps Gia said the truth….I listened carefully and got it right..Donno what’s gonna happen

      1. Oh shit! Kuch bhi karo but dont let azhar cry much..!! Gia toh bilkul nahi!! She’z the strong one!!

  12. So now GiAz track will go super duper interesting! Azhar’s othet side dekhne ko milega??? Ab thoda gyming Mr. Khan 😉 jinhe nahi pata unhe pata chalega how awesome abs you’ve got.. Hahaha.. I love yuvi’s hardwork.. Biggg reason for his success!

    1. Gyming karo*

  13. And the reason im happy with the precap is the song ‘Samjhawan’…!!!! Damn hell it is and will always be my favorite song!! And again the Yuvian me is alive coz the main reason i love samjhawan is yuvi 🙂 Ek toh it is sung by arijit singh and shreya ghoshal.. The lyrics are so full of unconditional love.. The music.. And my PreeMan.. Those who watched fanaah s1 on mtv know what i am speaking. PreeMan = Preet + Anshuman. Anshuman was played by yuvi and that is his best role. His acting was phenomenal!! And the song was played on them and from then it is my favorite song! And here in GOT they play the same damned song and im overjoyed at it!
    The reason to be sad is azhar’s broken heart kinda face.. He felt betrayed.. Uss daayan ko punch karne ka mood mein hu!

  14. Even I love Samjhawan…It is so melodious

  15. Hello to all the girls of this awesome page.. I m a guy and a silent reader but i do appreciate you girls alot..One of d reason why I am commentin here for d frst tym is k I really loved Plumppy analysis on d epi..I too loved Shantanu in D3 and here also..well I m definately not blamin Saloni for her nose and stuff but her actin is definately not improving..not at all :/ A sad truth that she is casted opp of the very very talented . Come on there was no scarcity of actors..the moment I see IshIr scene I grow more complaints for Saloni
    But never mind..
    Love Girls on top like Kaisi yeh yariaan and Manan ♥♡
    LOVE u all alot

  16. Wow rehaan…I think u must comment frequently…

    1. I will comment Kitty.. Sweet of you 🙂

  17. Sahir and isha should be together again along with gia and azar and rev and guru! !!!!??????

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