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Girls On Top 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

UC comes to the hall where Isha was peeking over Tapasia and Sahir. He discuss about Sahir and Tapasia’s intimacy with his colleague. Isha turns to leave, UC teases where is she going, as Sahir is alone. Isha slaps the door curtly.
Sahir and Azher were in a room, both bandaged. Sahir laughs. Azher apologizes him, Sahir laughs that this way they will get some quality time together. Gia and Tapasia come with soup for them. Sahir denies having soup, Gia asks her to let it be. Tapasia says alright, if Sahir doesn’t want to have it Gia can come here. Azher requests Sahir to have it quietly. Gia apologizes Azher, as she was unaware this all would happen. Tapasia says it’s because of Gia they got to experience something new. Gia asks if breaking bones? They all appreciate Tapasia’s ability

to handle everything positively. Isha had arrived with food for Sahir, leaves from the door upset. Gia notices her leave, Tapasia follows Gia outside. Azher asks Sahir if he can’t see Tapasia likes her a lot; Isha is a nice girl but they aren’t happy together. Sahir tells Azher he isn’t mentally ready to get involved with someone else.
Gia comes behind Isha and asks why she is going so distant to Sahir. Isha says this is high time that Sahir moves on. Gia asks if she has gone crazy. Isha says she herself isn’t clear what she wants, and expected Sahir to love her anyway is unfair to him. Gia insists Sahir loves her. Isha thinks Tapasia is the best girl for Sahir, Gia inquires ain’t she jealous of Tapasia. Isha accepts she is, but she isn’t dumb. Sahir and Tapasia look happy together, and in her confusion she doesn’t want Sahir to leave Tapasia. She asks for Gia’s promise not to discuss this matter again. Gia says there is another important thing, she loves Isha.
Maryam enters the room where Sahir was trying to turn television on. She inquires about their healths, then complain he never cares for his mother. Sahir was trying to get away, while Azher held his hand. Maryam instructs him to take care of himself before leaving.
Gia comes out calling Mitali all around, she comes to confront Maryam. Maryam forbids her repeat what she did yesterday. Gia says mam, I am really sorry. Maryam insists she will always be a mam for her, not a mom. Does she even realize how much loss she put them into after this accident, she can never understand as she is just an ordinary journalist. There is a huge difference between them. She asks when they are leaving this place, she had given a lot of ads to Mitali. They walk in opposite directions.
Gia comes inside the room, looking for Mitali but her luggage was also missing. She hurries to inform Isha about it. Tapasia helps Sahir walk, Sahir says it feels really heavy. Sahir laughs that Tapasia is helping him as if his leg was amputated. He struggles with walking a few more steps and keeps his arm over Tapasia’s shoulder. They share an eyelock, Isha watches them. They come towards a table. Sahir says his reputation has been a bit bad, people think he tries to grab girl’s attention; he doesn’t need any more attention. Tapasia asks what if someone wants to give this attention with her own will. Sahir says he isn’t able to handle it, Tapasia was sure he will get used to it.
Isha comes inside crying, Gia tells her that Mitali isn’t here and her bags aren’t also there in the room. She tells Isha it can be Azher’s mom. They get Mitali’s call, Mitali says she can’t tell Gia the reason but can only inform her she can no longer do this show. Isha was worried. Mitali says she is returning after having learnt a lot from them. She began to think she didn’t do anything for herself, and has thought what she needs to do in her life. She hangs up leaving the girls helpless. Isha panics what she would do now, what she will reply the channel now.
Maryam was talking on phone when Gia comes from behind. Maryam warns her to stay away from her personal space. Gia questions what she told Mitali that she had to leave the house. Maryam was thankful she left. Gia asks Maryam if they can keep it as a challenge that had been decided. Azher comes from behind asking what challenge?

PRECAP: The boss tells Isha it was his biggest mistake to promote her. Azher wasn’t ready to listen to a single word against his mother. Gia says fine Azher, Azher asks if she called him by his name. Gia turns to leave saying Maryam must be happy, he no longer has Gia in his life. Tapasia and Sahir were dancing closely, but were shocked as someone comes in the room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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