Girls On Top 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahir and Isha were moved at the demand to kiss Shreya live. Isha leaves upset, Sahir watches her go. Gia was worried. Isha walks outside and cries thinking about people’s love for Sahir and Shreya. Sahir comes to her with juice for her, Isha says she didn’t ask for, he must not bring it next time. He interrupts her that she is aware it’s a drama and fake, he has no choice about it. Isha says yes, after all he has signed a contract. Sahir says to hell with contract, he is doing this only because she is the creative producer of the show, if she can’t handle her contestants her reputation would be ruined. No one else would then trust her with any other show. He wants to stay in a relationship with her and he will. He leaves telling her she can’t stop him.
Gia rings the bell, Sahir opens

the door for him. a neighbor was teasing Sahir calling her his girlfriend. Gia was about to resist, Sahir drags her inside. Azher comes outside the washroom, Gia goes to shake her hand with him but he hugs her instead. She tells them she cooked something for them. Azher forbids her do so. Sahir asks if they would prefer, bedroom or balcony. Azher says wherever Gia is comfortable, Sahir leaves them alone in bedroom, winking at Azher. Azher offers her a seat. Gia tells Azher she brought him prawn biryani. Azher takes permission for a dialogue, then asks what she put in this biryani other than love. Gia counts the ingredients and says nuts as well. Azher leaves the bowl at once telling her about being allergic from nuts. He asks if his face is swelling. She was really concerned, he takes medicine and asks her to leave. His face would swell and he doesn’t want her to look at him this way. He knocks the door for Sahir, Sahir laughs at him. Azher demands a drop to his place. Sahir bids a bye to Gia, the boy was still outside and teases Gia as Bhabi.
Guru and Rave were on beach. Guru tells Rave that Isha was right. Rave demands him to be her side as he is her friend. Guru insists he is a true friend, it was Rave’s mistake and he must apologize Isha. He was annoyed and asks Rave not to speak to him again. Rave tells him she felt really bad when they were in no talking relation to each other. Guru confirms if she is his friend only because he abides by her all the time. Rave says no, Guru demands her to consider Isha a true friend. Rave leaves in an understanding way.
At home, Gia calls Azher. She apologizes him for his face. Azher questions if Sahir sent his photo? Sahir denies, Azher chases him. Gia was concerned for Azher. Rave asks Gia not to be so worried. Isha comes home, Rave comes to her and apologizes. Isha says it’s ok dryly. Rave boasts its Raveti Chauhan saying sorry, she must be dancing. Isha tells her she is really tired. Gia tells Isha she almost killed Azher Khan, she was unaware he has allergy with nuts. Isha wasn’t interested, Gia asks her about dinner. Isha says fruits. They were shocked. Gia tells them Sahir’s neighbor thought she was his girlfriend, he spotted them inside and outside as well. Isha wonders if it’s a joke. She questions Gia to clarify about it.

PRECAP: Rave reads a note that friendship is about understanding and not misunderstanding. Gia and Isha have a fight with each other. Isha gets aggressive with Sahir too, he warns her that he would be equally aggressive with her pinning her on the wall.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Loved everyone in today’s epi except isha!
    I just love how azhar was opening the first aid box.. That was so cute man.. The kid in him was so visible!! Love him mostttt

  2. Oh….so cute epi it was..Especially that azia scene…..and yeah…Now if anyone asks me which is my favorite pair in GOT my answer wud b …………………………………………..not Isir………………….not Gurave…………….not even Giaz………………It’s gonna b ………………..Azhir 😉 😉 Hahaha…I just love them ..They r damn funny…..O.k now wat’s this isha doing.???????she has gone mad..Hope rave sorts out the problems btwn gia and ish…….and yup guys I was not able to comment frequently….but I will try…and all the new commentors out there …Hi to all of u….Got rocks……………

  3. Oh this Guru is adorable…..There is a special tune when he speaks….I love him a lot………….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Haha kitty u said my heart out! Sweetheart! Its Azhar n Sahir from my side too!! Hi5 😀
    And today’s precap! Shirtless azhar.. Mera toh dil air dimag theek hone we raha xD

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