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The three comes to meet Mr. Mathew who was the chairperson of the society. He asks what this all is? A lady accuses them to wear short clothes, they live in repetitive community. The girls argue with the lady. Mr. Mathew shuts them up and says when the contract was of three girls how come fourth one came here. Gia says she is their friend, they had place and she needed friend. Mr. Mathew asks if they have place would they bring cow or bull as well. Megha comes there and says she was a helpless girl and had no house to live. Helping a friend isn’t known as breaking rules, she is their friend who will leave their house soon. She tells him that Gia is a journalist in Mumbai masala, if she publishes it in the National level newspaper. Gia also blackmails him and says she was silent till now just because

of society’s reputation. Mr. Mathew says fourth girl allowed, but for a few days. The girls cheer and come home.
Megha asks Sahir if he doesn’t trust her at all. Sahir says not at all, she must not trouble Isha and throws the phone aside. Isha heard this, Megha notices this and puts the phone on ears again saying she will never tell Isha who is the real father of this child. Isha leaves curtly and slaps the door hard.
Gia comes to Diana. She asks if the authorities ask them to increase the savings, Gia suggests about more articles, or more sponsors. Diana says nothing more, but only decreasing staff. Gia coughs hard, she suggests Gia for an evening plot about what Azher had for dinner. Gia leaves to write the article.
UC calls Sahir, he shouts that he had to enter when the lights will get on. Isha comes to UC and says they are contestants and he can’t talk to them like this, he must tell her personally. UC taunts her about being personal and forgetting her professionalism. Isha tells Rosi he will enter first, Rosi misbehaves Sahir and comes up the stage. Sahir asks Isha why her boss is so hyper, mistakes happen. Isha says some mistakes have to be taken seriously and leaves.
Rave comes to restaurant, Guru was there. Rave says he called her fifteen times, what was the matter. Guru says she won’t pick up his call for fourteen times. Guju uncle joins them, Rave punches him hard. He says he will now file a court case against them. Rave stands up in rage. Guru stops him but Rave asks him to let him go. Rave says she is really sad and needs a hug. Guru looks around for someone to hug her, but she hugs him. He asks why is she sad? She says she has PCOD, they need to find out what it is.
Gia inquires the guard whom Sasha Kapoor entered with, hero or villain. The guard was confused as the hero and villain were twins. She gets Rave’s call and asks what is PCOD. Gia says its is Poly cystic ovarian disease. Suddenly someone in the car snatches her cell phone, Gia runs behind the car. The car stops by a distance away, it was Azher Khan. She asks why he snatched her phone, he complains she cancelled the date. Gia asks how he knew she was here. Azher says people with no contacts are found here. he asks her to get in. She tells him she is really tired, he offers her water.
Isha was conducting stage settings when she gets a call from the nurse. The nurse tells her that reports are ready, she must also get father of child as well. Isha asks Sahir? The nurse tells her that Sahir is not the child of Megha’s father. Isha regrets doubting Sahir.
The girls find breakfast ready on the table and wonder who made it. It was a househelp lady, Megha had appointed for worth 20,000. Gia asks if house help is paid so much she should also become one. She finds the newspaper and was shocked to read the news about herself as girlfriend of Azher Khan. Isha and Rave were also worried, her personal life, reputation and job were all at stake.

PRECAP: Gia shouts at Azher Khan on phone that if he wants to tell press about her he must go ahead.
There, Sahir leaves Isha wondering how he must win her trust. Megha asks Isha how does it effect her if Sahir is her boyfriend or is with her for pregnancy. Isha says it matters to her, he is her boyfriend. Rave and Gia hear this in disbelief.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    1. Azher n Sahir are soooo cute..<3

  2. Beautiful epii…..I just love azhar and gia..but who cheated her..who took that photo..I am damn sure it wasn’t planned by azher.hope that the problems between sahir and isha end soon…and also hope that new problems don’t arise among rave,gia and ish..

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