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Girls On Top 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tapasia finally cast her vote, Isha was leaving but was shocked to hear her name. Tapasia smiles towards her, the boss announces that Isha will lead the team and continue her job as creative decision. Sahir claps for Isha. The boss stops Sahir to discuss some budget issues about dance plan. Isha stops Tapasia, Tapasia replies it’s alright, she did what was right. Isha says she thought Tapasia… Tapasia suggests hated her? She tells Isha she keeps her professional and personal lived different, she deserved her vote. Sahir comes out to shake Isha’s hand congratulating her. She takes his hand, Sahir says he couldn’t think about any other team leader than her. He hurries towards Tapasia and thanks her, Tapasia teases him to be an Ex, and Sahir blushes. He denies, then explains she and Tapasia aren’t

friends, still she saved the day. Tapasia finally brings her to a hug, and tells her about rule number three; no sorry and no thank you in friendship.
Gia stops at once while watching Azher workout, toning his muscles. It was breath taking for her, Mitali comes from behind to tease her and pushes Gia towards him. Azher holds Gia close to himself, he moves his head to tease her by his sweat. She tries to warn him that his mother might watch them, then pulls her back. Gia’s phone rings, it was Tara.
Maryam hands Mitali a newspaper to give it to Gia, this contain ads for rent houses. They are independent girls who must be suffocating here, she tells Mitali that she is daily questioned by the media why she has kept a bar-dancer at her home, and they don’t understand she is her guest. She leaves saying they must look for the ads.
Sahir and Tapasia were handing the pot. Isha was angry at them. Azher arrives, the whole staff comes to take selfies with him. Azher tells them he is coming with Gia and Azher, who will shoot the event. Tapasia cheers she will be on page 3 tomorrow. They begin to shoot, Gia questions who is going to break the pot. All the three were speechless, then instructs Guru to cut it and replies they didn’t think about it.
Isha was busy with her work. Gia shoots again for breaking the pot challenge. She goes towards Azher, Sahir teases them. Azher questions Gia if she wants him to take this risk, Gia blushes. Gia says if her lover had asked this, she would have suggested him to try this. Azher agrees to take the risk. Maryam curtly watches this on TV, and calls Azher who had handed his phone to an assistant. Sahir calls for safety measures for Azher, he, Guru and other tea mates bend down to make bed for Azher. The girls enjoy as Azher fell off repeatedly. Gia notices Isha was missing, Tapasia comes to call her outside but Isha denies going out. She tries to control her rage, then apologizes as she is way too busy. Tapasia asks if there is some problem, if there is then she must face it. Isha denies, Tapasia inquires isn’t Sahir the problem, the main reason is that she can’t let him go. She had actually rejected Sahir. Isha asks who told her, Tapasia replies this doesn’t matter. She hadn’t wanted to move on, but she must give Sahir a chance to move on. Isha was determined to move on, it might take some time; but till then can Tapasia leave her alone? Tapasia leaves. UC smirks, while overhearing this conversation. Azher attempts to break the pot with a rod, everyone was cheering them. Sahir was hit over head by the rod, he and Azher both fell down. Tapasia runs concerned for Sahir and calls for water. Isha watches this from a difference, thinking someone else also loves Sahir.
UC tells his mate that Isha will leave this place herself, they will let Isha lose her focus by bringing a twist in Isha and Sahir’s love story and will use Tapasia for this.

PRECAP: Maryam tells Gia to remember she is her Ma’am, and will never turn to mom. Tapasia helps Sahir with walking. Sahir says he doesn’t want this attention anymore. Tapasia inquires what if someone, with her own will wants to give him attention. Isha watches them together, hurtfully.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today episode was full on entertaining ???? taps is a nice girl. Smart and beautiful. After looking azher shirless all girls have the same reaction as his had today ????? azher’s mom is such a dramabaz ?? breaking the pot section was sooo funny 8 pack wala govinda ????

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  3. Hey !!!! Where is the 31st August written update ??

  4. yup…..Sona,where is the written update of 31 aug?????

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