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Girls On Top 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Sahir’s home, Azher insists on sleeping over the bed, Sahir gets his side place. Guru jumps over them, banging Azher. The three fight and play for the space.
The next morning, Isha and Rave come for work, Rave stood upset outside. Isha tries to cheer Rave saying Guru took his decision as per her own will only. Ashima calls Isha to ask her come to creation area at once. Isha insists on Rave to smile and takes a leave from Rave. UC comes to Rave with a promotion letter, oops termination letter. He says they are going to make a new team for their next show, in future they might not need her. Rave argues that by law there must be one month notice. UC tells her to go home and check the last date of her contract, it’s over already. He tells her to take a U turn, and next time she must come in

with a visitor’s pass. Rave goes inside.
Sahir makes a video of Ashima trying to play with her physically, she felt awkward. Sahir shuts the music wondering what she is doing. Isha comes in and asks what they are doing, Sahir tells Isha they have to record a video to get approved for dance class. Ashima asks Isha to dance with Sahir and goes to take shooting position. Sahir takes a dancing lead, Isha breathes heavily. Sahir goes towards the camera, while Isha still felt nervous. She gets her dad’s call, he informs about his arrival and will visit her studio to see her progress, after all its one month already. Isha was worried.
Rave gets Isha’s call, Isha asks where she is, Rave makes up she is there outside. They get Gia on the call, and Isha informs them about her father’s arrival. She says she has an idea but for that she needs boys.
In the evening, Isha was on intercom with boys, they threw stuff in the way when Isha’s father comes to the office and was frustrated if his daughter works here. Sahir mocks there is no rain, still he is using an umbrella; this is where Isha’s attitude comes from. The update Isha that he has just reached. Isha shouts at Ashima in an ordering way just to show her father. Sahir enters, Isha scolds him that she won’t tolerate any mistake. She orders Sahir, Azher comes to Isha and appreciates her dedications. Isha again shouts Ashima’s name on phone. This time, Guru comes to Isha and compliments that all her ideas have been approved. Isha’s father turn to leave as he has seen what he wanted to. UC comes from behind shouting Isha’s name, her father turns around.
Rave asks her mother for training fee in music. Her mother says her dad has ordered her to return home. Isha’s father scolds her that he can’t tolerate her insults anymore. There, Gia’s mother doesn’t allow Gia any relation with Azher, she calls her back. Rave’s mother give her ultimatum of one month. Isha’s father decisively says she is coming with him, Isha insists this show’s idea is hers and the previous one’s idea was also her; she will get a promotion soon. Isha promise her father to start a company of herself soon. He inquires her about the details, Isha makes up its all in planning stage. Her father wasn’t ready to accept. Isha requests him a chance to his brought up, his father gives her a time for one month only.
At night, the girls lay together upset. Isha says there is no time to sulk, they need to gear up. Gia says she doesn’t want to lie to her mom, but she won’t let her stay then. She wonders why their life is so difficult, when is it going to be easy. Rave was silent among all this, the girls judge if she still has an argument with her dad. Rave says she lost her job, they were shocked. Isha curses herself, Rave’s contract was just for singing reality show. Rave was sure UC won’t let this contract renew. Gia and Isha come to hug Rave, assuring everything will get well.
In the office, Gia was irritated by continuous calls of her mom. She tells her mother she is not with Azher. She goes to Diana’s office and finds Nadia there, overhearing their talks. They were talking about something, Diana asks her about the truth if Azher’s movie is inspired by her father. Nadia insists that Azher is a superstar. Diana asks if Azher’s mother was involved in his father’s death. Gia turns around wondering if what director told her and Diana’s talk is right and Azher’s mother was really involved in her husband’s death.

PRECAP: Azher plans a weekend trip at his farm house, he and Gia share some intimate time there. Rave hugs Guru tight, Isha watch Sahir outside in rain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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