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Megha shifts in the apartment, she comes inside with Isha while Rave and Gia dislikes her arrival. Rave and Gia have an argument with her about hairstyle. Isha drags the girls out. She takes the girls out. Gia asks Isha about the story, Isha says she needs help and is a decent girls. Gia says she isn’t even d of decent. Their chocolate ice cream arrive, they all hug for their friendship. Megha comes there, orders for an icecream for herself and takes a seat. Isha goes attending a call that was from Ashvini. She has to leave. Megha drops the icecream all around the table deliberately. Gia and Rave ask her to stop this, Megha asks for a story? Gia says they have to leave. Megha asks them to hear how Isha stole Sahir from Megha. The girls say men like Sahir are pathetic. Megha says she is only nice

to her because of the guilt chip, she cancels the order and leaves. Rave takes a seat and says she already said Megha will break their house. Gia confirms Rave if Isha can do this or not, she accepts she can’t. But its Sahir!.They say they will ask her tomorrow.
The next morning, Gia wakes Rave up. Both argues that they must ask Isha. Isha comes inside and asks what they have to ask. Rave says she lost a bet about her and now Rave has to go to Diana with Gia. Isha and Rave come to gynecologist. Rave wonders who wants a child, Isha says she does. But may be after ten years. Rave envisions Isha pregnant, she stands up in shock and says no way. She has to go to get herself tested, she will lose her mind if she stays her a minute longer. Isha gets Sahir’s call and tells him she is in gynae clinic right now. Sahir asks if she is fine, Isha asks if he wants to ask something else about Megha. Sahir asks if she got shifted fine, she says yes and cuts the call.
Gia gets on the rickshaw. She gets a text for eggs, bread and soups. She gets to shop for all the grocery. She gets Azher’s call who was in the car outside the store. She was distracted by the call, and orders for one dozen ice cream and one litre milk. Azher asks her to come to his home with all this, he will cook for her. Gia makes up as if there were no signals on her phone, Azher follows her to the vegetable market. The girls run towards Azher, Gia saves herself behind the shopping bags. Her phone rings again, Azher says it is a last chance. Either she wants a public meet or private dinner. She says private please and leaves. Gia leaves.
Sahir comes towards Isha in the studio. Isha says Megha is fine, her reports are fine; if he wants to ask something else. Sahir holds the gift behind him, he says she can’t even think how wrong she is. She doesn’t know anything and leaves throwing the gift away.
Gia comes to office with her shopping bags. Diana says Azher Khan was doing shopping in vegetable market, a reporter covered it as well. That gossip was not in Mumbai Masala and the reporter wasn’t Gia Sen. Gia says that was afternoon edition while she only does morning editions. Giana says from tomorrow, she will do afternoon sessions as well. Gia drops her bags, eggs breaks. Diana tells Gia to stay home and do grocery only. Gia promises that from now on she will write which is the favorite vegetable of Azher Khan. Diana says she wants to know why he was shopping in the vegetable market.
Megha comes to ask Rave if she asked Isha about it. Rave has an argument with her, Gia also comes home and goes to warn Megha to shut up. Isha comes home. Megha says Rave had to ask her something. Isha asks what happened to her. Rave tells her she has PCOD, it’s in the report but she doesn’t know what it is. Gia and Isha hug her. They get a mail at home, Gia goes to read the letter. She says it is society letter, three girls were allowed here; now they have summoned them and says they will take illegal action against them. They all look at Megha helplessly who sat unconcerned.

PRECAP: Isha hears Megha telling Sahir on call that she won’t reveal to Isha who the real father of this child is. Gia calls them to read something bad in the newspaper.

Update Credit to: Sona

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