Girls On Top 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia narrates her resignation story to Isha and Rave, who were shocked to hear what Diana had told Gia. Gia recalls Diana tells Gia that from tomorrow when she goes back to her ordinary life it’s going to be a nail biting moment, but if she stays she would know exactly what is going to be published. Rave calls Diana a smart woman, Isha scolds Rave for interrupting. Diana asks Gia if she realize how much she bend herself for Gia, she didn’t want to share her personal life with Azher. Gia asks what about setting Naina after her? Diana tells Gia someone else would always come behind her and Azher. Isha says that this time Diana makes sense. Gia further tells them that Diana allowed her to search for a new job, until then she can work in Mumbai Masala. Rave gets Guru’s text then inquiring about her

mood. She wonders how he can be so sweet always. Isha and Gia inquire how it is going on between them. Rave tells them he has got really sweet to her, they spend so much time with each other as if in a relationship. Gia and Isha tells Rave to be nice to Guru, he is really a sweet guy. They come to speak to Isha about Sahir. Isha says she is still confused. Gia qualifies she will be clear the day she decides if she wants Sahir as a boyfriend or just a friend in life.
Sahir, Azher and Guru also discuss the same. Sahir says it’s obviously Isha doesn’t want to be in a relationship. Azher and Guru insist Isha wants to be with him. Sahir says Isha always gives mixed signals. Sometimes she wants to be his girlfriend. He gets into flashback, when he was in studio. Isha walks towards him. She asks if he can give her if she asks for something. Sahir assures he would never let her down. She hands him an offer for being a consultant at the production. They all laugh. Guru narrates his day with Rave as a bad one. He tried to say I love you to Rave, but notices Rave was snoring heavily. Sahir and Azher laugh at his situation. Guru challenges them to check the report card, he is the closest to his girl. Sahir advices him not to be so much emotional, for Rave nothing is more important than her career. Guru recalls his night with Rave, it was his first time. Sahir and Azher laugh considering Guru to be virgin.
The next morning, Sahir and Isha watch the dance show video. He was first reluctant, then comes to sit besides Isha. He avoids touching her hand on the laptop as well. Both were reluctant getting close to each other. Sahir says to Isha its rhythm is a bit weak, they must reconsider him. Isha likes the dancer. Sahir asks her to be clear about any decision she wants to take. Isha asks if he think her to be confused. Sahir says yes, a lot these days. Isha thinks for a while, then murmurs she must change that, it’s not good. Sahir observes her. Both gts a text, it was Azher’s ad photo. They laugh about it, then heads to work. Both get calls together, and turn to opposite ways.
Gia tells Isha she feels fine watching Azher’s ad. Isha appreciates Gia for this. Azher asks Sahir to plan a get together today evening. Sahir wonders why they don’t spend some lone time. Azher says it’s a bit awkward, Gia also demands Isha to arrange some get together. Isha assures to try. Isha and Sahir both ask together for date night? Sahir says he promised Azher to spend the night with him, they both are free separately but together. Isha doesn’t understand, then asks him to come home for dinner, drinks and get together. Sahir says this is what he was trying to say. They decide the plan, but Sahir avoids touching her still. He leaves, while Isha sits irritated.
Gia comes to Naina, Naina hides her face from Gia with the help of newspaper. Gia inquires why she is hiding her face and snatches the newspaper. Naina was upset for her pimples. Gia laughs and suggests her a face wash. She takes a thanks from Niana and leaves.
Isha was in the lift, Sahir runs towards it. He holds Isha’s hand finally, breaking his promise. He drops the hand at once. Isha complains its alright for him to hold some random girl’s hand, but not hers. Sahir reminds her of the promise. Suddenly the light in the lift goes off, Isha screams and hugs Sahir, both getting close to each other. The lights are on again, Isha apologizes. Her hair strand got stuck in his button.

PRECAP: They all celebrate party and drink. Sahir tells Rave to stay away from Guru. Rave was shocked and asks if he is mad. Sahir qualifies he lost his virginity to her. Rave was shocked again. Rave tells Sahir she is a murderer, she killed someone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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