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Girls On Top 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guru suggests Azher a name of his guest house as Shanti villas, he counts Azher’s abs. Azher says anyone can make such abs, but with workout and time. Sahir comes in, Azher explains Guru has to make eight packs. Sahir inquires whom he has to impress, Guru replies Azher. Sahir teases Guru about Rave’s absence. Guru calls Sahir slim, Sahir boasts about having taken more girls out for date, and moves his body that Guru tries to cheat. They then come to tease Azher.
Gia was in the kitchen when Maryam comes there taunting if she is trying to learn real fast. Gia replies she is learning a lot from her, and she has heard the way to man’s heart comes through his stomach. Maryam asks her to remember some more things, try try and try. Azher comes there and tastes the dish Maryam forwards to him,

Gia was upset. Maryam says this is Azher’s favorite. She leaves them alone, Azher was about to put it in Gia’s mouth but it touches her nose instead. He finds something to remove it, then bites over her nose playfully.
There, Gia was lighting some candles at the pool side when strong wind breeze put it off. Sahir comes to help her but keeping his hands around the flame. They share an eye lock. Isha thanks him, he replies with its ok. One of the candle fell inside the pool, they put their hands over one that was going to blow out. Mitali comes to call them inside, Sahir’s hand was burnt. Isha requests him to show, but Mitali interferes saying she has been waiting for so long. They come together, Mitali says she need to tell them something really important. Tapasia joins them from behind, Isha was upset at her presence and denies taking the snacks. Gia forces them inside her mouth. Mitali thanks them and apologize for troubling them. Sahir thanks Azher for giving them space at his home. Sahir then wants to thank everyone, especially Tapasia for helping him get out of the jail. Tapasia brings him a guitar to play, tears fell off Isha’s eyes. Tapasia enjoys the song around Sahir, she drags Gia and Azher in the middle to dance. Isha was crying alone, watching Sahir and Tapasia being together. Tapasia notices her run towards the balcony, and follows her asking if she is ok. Isha forbids her to call her as Ish… Tapasia asks what happened. Isha wants her to leave her alone, and not to touch her shoulder as well. She rudely tells her to leave her alone and goes inside.
Azher brings Gia to a corner, Gia says she had never thought. Azher asks if… they would be together so late at night. Gia qualifies she never thought love can be like this, so beautiful. They share some intimate moments. Gia asks if Azher doesn’t think so. Azher replies he thought she would consider it painful. Gia calls love beautiful, Azher is painful. Azher demands an explanation, Gia says staying away from him makes her heart ache. Azher replies this way she is the biggest pain in the world.
In the morning, Isha enters the office where UC was leading the team. She asks what he is doing here, has he forgotten she is the creative director. Boss arrives, saying it seems Isha forgot her responsibilities. Isha replies she has been working on this show round the clock, boss inquires where? If in the jail? Boss says he knew it was a fake complaint, but… Isha says company needed Mitali. Boss asks what the need to keep her home was. Boss qualifies that his company and show’s reputation was ruined because of Isha, they have a rule about not to mix personal and professional life. He promoted Isha with high hopes, but he isnt sure she is suitable for the new position. UC smirks. Isha was offensive, if UC had done this he wouldn’t have been questioned. The boss tells Isha he decided to democratically select the team leader, the one who gets more votes will lead the team. Isha wasn’t ready, UC was cheerful. Sahir observes the situation silently, then goes behind Isha. Sahir asks Isha to sign some papers, Isha taunts him to be on UC’s side. Isha judge that Sahir knew about this voting, Sahir accepts. Isha asks if he was so busy with Tapasia to inform her? Sahir slaps the papers on table and leave the room. The voting takes place, Sahir votes for Isha. It was a dodge. Tapasia’s vote had to decide, Tapasia thinks about Isha’s pride and rudeness. Uc smiles towards Tapasia.

PRECAP: Sahir was hit on face during a play. Isha watches Tapasia’s concern for him. Azher and Gia’s moments.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Episode was good !!! Azher’s abs OMG OMG OMG well done yuvi ???? gia and azher’s mom’s fights are epic ??? azia romantic scene ?????? isha’s character is becoming more and more irritating. I can only see a restless expression on her face ??
    Was good ❤❤❤❤❤
    ( sooooooooooooooooooooo disheartened as GOT is going off air ?????)

  2. sahir and isha’s lovestory is getting too bore…i think isha should also get a guy to make sahir jelous

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