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Isha comes to the room where Sahir was talking to Meghna. He comes to Isha, Isha says if he had to break up from her he must have told her, why she kept on feeling guilty from him. Sahir tries to explain but Isha asks how Megha knew about the floor he was on, he was still in touch with her. She blames him from breaking up with her so that she feels guilty and he wins the game. Sahir asks how she can misunderstand him. She says she has just understood him, he is a great player. She leaves the room telling him to stay away from her. Isha was upset and cries over her 18th breakup.
There, Rave was also upset. Guru picks up her call finally, Rave says she had been trying his number for so long. He was silent. Rave says if he doesn’t speak anymore, she will forward the inquiry of Yash Raj to someone

else. Guru speaks at once, he explains that he was out and there is missing signals and asks about Yash Raj. Rave asks if he is annoyed and angry with her, he was silent then asks why he would be. Rave invites him from dinner.
Gia comes home, Rave tells her to prepare Khichdi with the pickles Isha had brought. Gia heads to cooking silently. Rave asks why she is so silent and obedient. She throws some pulses and a pan down. Gia complains that she is really tired. Rave asks why she is silent, because of Diana again. Gia says Diana hated her article, but her bosses did. She was upset that Azher knows about her intentions, this is unusual that he didn’t call or texted her. He knew what she was behind. Rave says she had been doing this only, isn’t it? Rave says she knows about the guilt chips, Guru is coming over for dinner. Gia says alright, then she must cook for him. Rave tells Gia she has the same feelings as her. There is a ring of bell, a girl stood outside. Rave asks what she needs. It was Azher, watching whom Gia was shocked. There is a confusion between two between hugging and shaking hands. Gia picks everything from the floor, Rave asks them to make themselves comfortable. Gia cleans the mess. There is a bell ring on the door, it was Megha. She asks about Isha, Gia says she isn’t home. Megha leaves. Sahir stays outside the lift, Megha argues him to go home but Sahir asks him to clean up the mess. Guru comes there and asks them to stop arguing. He tells them he wants to go to flat number 101. Sahir asks who is he and how he knows the girls? Guru says he is Rave’s friend. Sahir asks if he is the one who paid house’s deposit. Isha comes there, she argues with Sahir that she doesn’t want to talk or listen to him or Megha. Guru tries hard to get in the lift but was stuck between the arguing men. Sahir finally asks Guru what it is about, Guru says lift and gets inside.
Nadia talked to Azher, Gia mixes the coffee nervous. Rave asks what is this all, Gia only stared Azher and Nadia. Rave asks her to chin up, stand straight, correct her flick and Nadia’s duplicate copy is ready. She gets it there is love thing between Gia and Azher. Azher asks if she needs some help. Gia says its fine.
Nadia opens the door, Guru asks about Rave. He was shocked to see Azher and goes to meet him cheerfully. He was excited to take a selfie with him. Isha and Sahir comes up fighting, the girls go out to watch it. Rave asks Sahir what he is doing here. Isha tells Sahir he isn’t welcome here. Sahir says he don’t care today. Rave tells Sahir to leave this place, Gia also push him away. Sahir tells them both to stop it, he won’t tolerate a single word. Isha tells him no one wants to tolerate him here as well. Azher and Guru also come out, Sahir leaves. Megha cheers watching Azher Khan and comes to hug her. She takes him inside saying she loves him. Rave complains Isha about all this. Isha tells Sahir to take his baggage along, Sahir comes to drag her out. Gia shuts the door.
Nadia introduces herself to be Azher Khan’s manager. Gia has made her really famous so now everyone also knows her. Gia was silent. Rave says Gia makes everyone feel awesome. Sahir tells Gia that Rave is right, Gia was left looking at her. There is a door bell again, Azher laughs that they are really popular. There was a pizza man, he says he can only give the pizza to Isha. Isha comes out, Sahir drags her out, shuts her mouth and push her towards the wall. He tells her that Megha is pregnant, but not with his child. She needs a place to live and he is arranging the place for her. He would have done this for anyone. He turns to leave. Isha asks if she will live with him. Sahir says they have decided that she will move in and he will leave, they can’t stay together. Isha asks where he will go. Sahir says he never thought about it. Isha calls from behind that Megha can live with her. Sahir asks if she hate her. Isha says his problem will be solved then. Sahir says this much of trouble for him, why? Isha says she don’t know, but his problem will be solved. Sahir says he doesn’t want her to compromise, there is no sense of this favor at this time. Isha says this isn’t a genuine favor, she is a girl and can better handle her condition. He asks if she wants to say she wants to care for her being a girl only. He was again quizzical. Isha thought enemies must be kept closer than friends. She says they had a breakup and it doesn’t mean they are strangers. Sahir says if she ever thinks about throwing Megha out, she must call him first. Isha asks if he cares about her a lot. He leaves her with a jerk, Isha says she won’t have problem with Megha because there is nothing between them.

PRECAP: Gia interviews Sonam about Azher who tells her he is really secretive. Gia appreciates Isha for giving her place to Megha. Isha tells Sahir that Megha’s reports are normal. They get a notice that only three girls had been allowed, the fourth occupancy was illegal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. what a funny episode Ha hahaha….It was really cute when all of them including azher, nadia,sahil,megha,guru joined together….I loved it…I am so happy that megha has no affair with sahil…why this Isha is behaving like this?????????however love is in the air…especially with azher and gia ……..waiting for the next the way,I donno why there is less comments..over the last 2-3 days only i am entering the comments..may be because of exams…Donno…

  2. Azhar-gia scene was amazingggggg!!!!!!!!!! Love them so damn much!!!!!! Rave.. ayesha you’re doin great girl!! Those shocked n teasing expressions were mind blowing!!!
    And.. azhar.. omg.. he is love.. he was lookin so damn handsome.. yuviiiii love u sooo much my love!!!!
    Guru n megha were awesome too.. gia is the best among the 3 gals.. dont like isha much.. shantanu’s acting is phenomenal n we all know it.. but I miss swayam.. how I wish it was vrushika here too! Tab v wud get our vrushan again onscreen! ♡♡♡
    Loads of love to the show n yuvi-barkha♡♡♡♥♥♥♡♡♡

    1. @kitty hey dear! If u see this, my boards start from 2mrrw so I’ll b unable to comment until 13th april 1pm.. I’ll come after that n we’ll rock this pg without rude ppl 😉 miss u kitty
      #girlsontoprox #azhargiarox

      1. Oh that’s so sad plumps…My exams will be over by 31st of this month..Only one more exam to go…by the way let me ask u one thing…Which class r u in?????I just wanted to know it if we are having the same age or not…However plumps we have one similarity,my favourite is also her a lot…Anyway,all the best for ur exams dear ,study well and score good marks…

  3. The show is rocking. ….I love rave and guru……but I missed last episode….

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