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Sahir enters the room where Isha was asleep, he wonders till when he would lie to her and himself that his heart aches for her. He hopes she agrees one day. Isha was lying on bed awake, she thinks she doesn’t know if Sahir has changed but is falling for him, she wish to tell him that she loves Sahir Basin.
Gia brings ice water for Azher as he unwraps his injured hands. She leaves handing the bowl to him.
The next morning, Guru opens the door to newspaper, reads the front page and jumps over Azher. He shows the news to Azher, it was the same Diana had shown Gia about being possessive girlfriend. Azher was worried what if Gia reads this news, Guru goes to burn the newspaper. Azher follows him in the kitchen, he asks Guru if they can hide the truth by hiding the newspaper. Rave comes there

inquiring about what reality they are talking about. Rave was also worried.
Gia gets a call and sits upset on her bed.
Isha calls Sahir from the kitchen and asks for olive oil. Sahir points at the normal oil. Isha argues this calls cholesterol and other problems. She denies cooking breakfast in this oil. Sahir says he won’t change his oil for her temporary stay. Isha shouts why he doesn’t keep eggs in fridge, Sahir qualifies even Azher doesn’t have as much problem as she has. He reminds Isha this is his home. Both call each other freaks. Sahir goes to show the news to Isha.
Gia tells Azher this is the news she was waiting for. Azher says she should have asked him, he wouldn’t let it publish. Gia tells Azher whatever this all is, it’s very difficult for them to deal. Gia questions where she was wrong when she wants to give this relation a chance. That day, he came in disguise but not to test his sincerity, but her comfort level about him. Azher wipes her tears, apologize for misunderstanding and thanks. Rave comes to hug Gia, Guru gives them a hug and drags Azher as well. Azher wipes Gia’s tears off her face again. Isha tells Sahir no one is picking up the call. Rave tells Isha she is fine as she knew about the article, Isha asks to hand the phone to Gia. Rave says she is speaking to Gia right now.
Gia tells Azher she promised her mom that the day she would commit someone she will inform her. Azher asks if this is the reason she never told her about him. Gia qualifies they both need time to understand each other, she can’t no matter how much she tries to. She says his world is all fake and is difficult to adjust, Azher says this is why he loves her and her world. He cups her face and assures until they understand each other’s world, they won’t proceed their relationship. Gia gives him the promise and kiss his forehead, Azher kiss the back of her hand.
Ashima speaks to Sahir that she is a huge drama queen. Isha arrives shouting at the rickshaw driver. Ashima asks Sahir to get her inside, she would take care. Isha shouts at the rickshaw driver, then comes to shout at Sahir that because of his stupid promise he doesn’t bring her along. Sahir demands if he needs to change his decisions because of her convenience. Isha apologizes, she was just frustrated. Sahir leaves saying if it was him, she would have made an issue out of it. He goes inside, Isha gets Gia’s call, Rave had been crying that she worked really hard and these foreigners rejected her. Gia says rejection is first step of selection, Isha says right now there are people better than her, when it’s her time she would get a chance. Rave agrees, and asks them not to leave their work. Gia tells them she has to meet Diana today at any cost.
Inside, Shreya shouts accusing Sahir. Ashima comes to Isha and asks her to handle this all, she has a get to a date. Shreya gets Sahir’s collar, pushing him away. Ashima tells Isha this is next episode’s script. Isha was pleasantly surprised, and says UC would never agree. Ashima tells her that Sahir convinced the big boss and these are his orders.
Rave was staring at the ceiling, Guru tells her it won’t be of any use. Rave gives him a space besides her, and tells him it’s blank just like her life. Guru draws a smiley and tells her to look from her heart, there is a smiling face up there. Rave calls him as a positive influence of her life, after Isha.
Shreya pushes Sahir away, Isha tries to calm her down as and be professional. She asks the cameras if they got their footage already. Shreya leaves. Isha goes to Sahir and asks how he convinced him. Sahir tells her he gave an idea only. She thanks him, Sahir tells Isha this was for himself as well. Ashima calls Sahir to check the tech.
Gia hands Diana her resignation letter, and deters that she must accept it else she would go to rival newspaper and give exclusive scoops to them. This will get her rivals more fame so she has to accept this resignation. And since she is professional she would like to serve her notice period.

PRECAP: Isha walks to Sahir and asks if he would do what she asks for. Sahir asks Azher if she is virgin, Azher says yes. Guru sits open mouthed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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