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Girls On Top 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahir throws away everything at home in frustration as he cries, repeating I hate you, I hate you. Azher comes inside and forcefully hugs Sahir asking him to calm down. Sahir cries that they have a breakup, its over. He and Isha are over forever. Azher assures everything will be fine, tears roll down his eyes as well while he asks Sahir to relax.
Isha comes home and hugs Gia crying. Rave comes there, Isha tells her about her decision for not leaving. Gia shows her joy to Rave, but she only replies with a hmm. Rave asks what’s big deal, she was angry that if she hadn’t make an issue out of it Isha must have left. Isha tells Rave to think what she does, she won’t stop her.
The next morning, Azher brings breakfast for Sahir and wakes him up. Sahir fell on the bed, Azher over him. Sahir

asks what he is doing. Azher says its breakfast, Nadia brought. He tells Sahir he has turned a brother for him and he cares for him. He tells Sahir to move on, Sahir promise he will. They stand up, Sahir hugs Azher saying he never cried so much.
In the office, Ashima suggests Isha to wait for Sahir before lining the auditions up. Isha says she can’t stop work, wonders when he will return. Sahir enters the office then. Isha smiles and stops him. Sahir reads the list to her and assures to submit her everything by the end of today. Isha says ok, he leaves. Ashima comes to Isha asking if dance reality is her concept, then why Isha Jai Singh is labelled as Associate producer and not a creative designer. Her father’s warnings echo in her mind. Sahir reads this all.
Gia looks around for her face wash. At the shooting set, she waits Azher shoot. She reach the director and asks him to think this character of Azher is an old one. She suggests him about turning his character into a non-violent one. She introduces herself as a novel writer, the director asks what novel she has written. She qualifies she is about to write one, he suggests her to write one first. He tells Gia that his character has a motivation in all the violence he does, his hero loves his mother who dies. His father is murdered and his mother comes out involved with this. Gia calls it unrealistic, the director says it’s very close to Azher’s real life story. Azher comes to drag Gia aside and forbids him mess up with his work. She stood enraged on the road, Rave calls Gia to inform her about Shekhar coming for dinner tonight. Gia says she doesn’t want to spend time with him, Rave insists she does. Gia calls Isha to share her frustration with her, Isha was silent. Gia was concerned, Isha says Sahir has been able to handle everything but he can’t; and then this credit struggle. Gia asks Isha why she doesn’t make a drama out of it, Isha says for a few months she still has to work as Associate. She then asks Gia why she is frustrated, Gia complains that Rave has invited Shekhar. She suggest Gia to call the whole gang home. Gia wonders if Sahir will come.
At night, Sahir and Azher come to the underground place in rain, where Guru had called them. Gia and Isha were present there. Sahir turns to leave, he asks if Guru can’t understand Isha has been using him. Isha says it’s not about them, it’s about their gang. Azher asks why they are playing such games. Gia says it’s about Rave. Guru calls Shekhar an unsuitable man. The girls insist that Rave’s life will be a huge mess if Shekhar stays in it. They ask them to search for a way to show Guru’s qualities to Rave and then compete them. Sahir denies being a part of their gang, but Gia insists him. He then suggest they must keep a competition between Shekhar and Guru, Azher says they will put them in same situations at different times. Gia asks them not to break their gang anytime, no matter what happens. Guru hugs Sahir and Azher together, Gia comes to borrow her boyfriend for a while and takes Azher aside. Sahir leaves the hall.
Gia brings Azher to a corner and wants to talk to him. She was unhappy the way they both behaved with each other, he agrees. She keeps her finger over his mouth and confess her mistake. She would also not like someone interfere in her work. Azher holds her hand saying she must get a punishment, she looks at him while Azher gives a quick kiss over her lips. She was disturbed, Azher says he isn’t sorry, should he be? Gia doesn’t respond, Azher says he wants her to remember their first official kiss forever, steps closer to her holding her waist; she raises herself as they kiss.

PRECAP: Guru held Azher’s hand. Isha takes Sahir’s measurements being close to him. Rave wasn’t ready to hear anything against Shekhar from Guru.

Update Credit to: Sona

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