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In the morning, Roshali brings a photo to Rave asking who is the man, he is really handsome. Rave was upset saying he is Shekhar. Roshali gets it at once, Rave says ex-boyfriend. She asks what happened between them. Rave tells her the met, spent time, fall in life and wanted to spend their lives together; then he left one day. She felt bad, but even today something happens whenever someone takes his name. She recalls him appreciating black coffee, she liked milky one with lots of sugar but he imposed his liking of black coffee over her. She engulped it with much difficulty. He never considered her choices, even while movies. She returns the photo to Roshali, Roshaali assures Guru won’t do this. Rave clarifies there is nothing between her and Guru, there never will be.
Isha comes to Sahir with

the gift. He turns to her and straightens up. He asks if she has to say something. She asks if he has, about these cupcakes. Sahir says no, he doesn’t know what she means. She asks if he wants one, he says no to that too. Isha tells him she as well, she don’t want or need them. Sahir asks why she is telling this all to him. She repeats the question. Sahir was clueless. Isha asks him to be clueless, she knows who sent her these cupcakes. He cares because her secret admirer sent them, he asks how would be care. She says he is her secret admirer. He want ready to accept, calls it rubbish and nonsense. He asks if he wants words to lie now, he is a singer not an actor. She asks him to speak. He says yes he is her secret admirer, so what? Isha asks if this is so casual. He says no, she asks when there is nothing between them then why? Sahir says he didn’t do this for her, he thought she needed it. Isha asks why he cared. Sahir confesses he disliked, every individual has a right to remain happy; may be this gesture made her happy. Isha asks why secretly then? Sahir asks what could he explain, he didn’t want her to misunderstand him. She makes it clear she has nothing to do with him, she don’t care about him; she isn’t effected in anyway about him being around. There can’t be anything between them. He pins her to wall, asking if there can’t be anything. Their heart beats fast, he asks again then leaves her saying this is what she needs.
Gia joins Guru, she tells him she is avoiding someone. He asks if Rave is ok, she corrects his English. He asks if she always correct people. Gia wonders how would someone know his mistakes if she never corrects. Guru tells Gia there is life only because of feelings.
Isha comes to meeting, she tells the music company that they took a wrong decision about the winner. They tell Isha, UC is responsible as he didn’t want a girl to be the winner. Isha asks how she know they are truthful. The company just wanted a partnership and didn’t care who the winner is. Isha thanks them asking to leave, Ashima had filmed the truth.
On the set, UC asks about the winner of DJ Hunt and asks Isha to bring the winner to set. Isha leaves. Ashima gets UC’s attention to Isha who had come with Rave. UC asks where the winner is, what is she doing. Isha says he must be shocked watching the girl DJ, Isha informs the head producer that this girl had won the DJ Hunt. UC says everyone knows Rave is Isha’s friend. Isha confesses she is, she is the best. UC stops her from forcing her friends to the show. UC insists she isn’t the winner. Isha shows the boss the correct footage, the boss questions UC. Ashima plays the right one on projector about the company’s confession. The boss then insults UC, stops him from speaking any further.

PRECAP: Gia and Isha suggest about shifting their partners.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The precap is incomplete.
    Gia says to azhar that a guy gives more importance to his first kiss(or somethin like that) n gia goes closer and dammit they kissed!!
    AZIA KISSED!! That was one hell of a hungry kiss!! Shit!!! I was so hypnotized by it!!!
    Love yuvi beyond infinity!!!!!!!!!!
    Yuvi n barkha roxzzzz!!!!!! I love you guyz!!!!

  2. Ya where r u guyz??? I know its past midnight n sleep is so far from me.. But from last 3 updates no1’s commenting! Whr r u guyz?? Im back toh sab gaye??
    @kitty. On d 14th april WU i saw ur cmnt.. Abt that yuvi’s tweets.. I was giggling like a stupid! He just tweets “I just ran 7.65km with the pace 3.23/hour with nike+” i made smalley mistakes u know.. I stalk it evrytym.. But u’ll get his picz on insta..
    N i still cant get over d kiss!! Dammit!! Yuvi has improved so damn much!!!
    I find no improvement in saloni’s acting!!
    Shan is amazing we know!
    Ayesha has improved. Barkha always rocked. Arjun. I think he’ll gain fans through this role coz he is freakin awesome guy!!
    Anyway, lovin GOT.

  3. MaNan-EpicDateAnniversary

    All d mananholics out there… Its our love’s 1st anniversary! D epic date which happened on 29th april 2015!! Cant believe that a year has passed n now v r d crazy AzIans n gotholics!!!
    Lets celebrate!!
    P.S- Plumpyyy here.

  4. 😀 😀 HI PLUMPS….WOW U R BACK…I really missed u dear…and as u can see the comments r going lesser and lesser…Last 2 epi I was not able to comment, well am back…But a sad thing 4 me is that on may 2 my schools wud reopen and am commencing to 10th… so it wud be really difficult 4 me to comment 🙁 🙁 …But for sure i wll try..and yeah today sunny leone is coming in got…It’s gonna be gr8…
    well donno where is sana anu and all others plz do come back and try to comment..
    OH yes…so surprised to know that last year on the samreday I was busy commenting for kyy and now 4 got..LOVEUKYY 🙂 🙂

  5. It was a gr8 epi……..I just loved it 🙂 :)….I am happy that all accepted rave….Hope ki sahir or ish ke problems jaldhi solve ho jaye….And as usual no comments 4 azhia…They always rocks…#LOVEGOT

  6. nice..actually very nice….and hi plumps….I am new here..Just joined this group a few days ago….and am so happy to see such a whole lot of good people….

  7. @kitty. U’ll get used to it soon! All d best for ur studies dear. N i missed u too. Yeah cant believe that time has passed so soon!
    @thrisha. I saw ur comments dear. Sana had welcomed u as its kinda a rule for our family(kyy roxz)! Now a GOT family we are!
    #GOTrox #AzIa rox

  8. Just another day.. And we get our GOT dose… That kiss.. Shit. I still cant get over it. The whole goddamned zoo comes in my tum partying like never before!! AzIa has got me totally into them!!!
    A big thumps up to yuvraj thakur and barkha singh!!!
    Love yuviiii!!!!
    – a proud yuvian.

  9. N whr d hell is evry1???!!!!!! This weekend is so rookha-sookha!!!
    Yuvraj + Barkha = ??????
    Suggest suggest!!!

  10. Or you can yuvi instead of yuvraj

  11. How’s YuvKha???

    1. sounds good

  12. hey plumpyy, do you remember me?? we use to meet in ky2 WU page!!

  13. Hi all….Well plumps u came back and u alone entered 8 comments…WOW….THAT IS GR8..and there is a gud news…i told that my school will reopen today..But gud luckk..Due to this scorching heat reopening date is changed to nxt week…So 1 more week is there to rock..And yes I will surely comment like u 😉 ..This page will be filled with our comments..and plumps YuvKha is really good…What can we give 4 Rave and Guru??????????any suggestions…??????
    Anyways even I can’t wait 4 today’s epi..I think gia kissed azhar may be 4 the news in mumbai masala….But I think she shud stop this drama and openly tell Azhar the real fact…
    and No doubt #AZHIAROCKS

  14. 15 comments…HMMM…It is not a big number…We have to increase the no of comments..So guys.What r u looking at…common ,…comment this page…Don’t b silent readers…PLZ DO COMMENT>>>>

  15. I just love MTV serials…They never make us sad..My favorite channel is MTV….and I hate saas bahu serials…Most of them r not having logical explanations..But GOT is not at all lyk that…..and that makes it more attractive..

  16. Yeah..U r srsly true thrisha….
    I just love GOT 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

    1. HAHAHAHA 😀 (just 4 a horror) 😉

  17. Just one more hour to go…But 4 me this 1 hour seems lyk a decade….Can’t wait to see AZHIA kiss…………I am falling in love with GOT yaar………….

  18. The 20th comment…@kitty….Yes we reached the goal(weekends- 20 comments)….

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