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Girls On Top 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Azher was shocked to see Gia as her hair loosen. In the vanity, Azher questions Gia why she came. Gia says she came to give themselves a chance to their relation. Azher asks if she was keeping an eye on him, over his character; has she test his character now. Gia explains she was coming to test her own self, she wanted to check if she can see him getting close to another girl. Azher asks if she is giving him any favor. Gia says she just needs sometime. Azher complains if she doesn’t trust him, does she trust this fake dress? He argues he always shared his heart out with her, but now he feels they aren’t meant to stay together. They should stop trying now, and stands turning his back. Gia wipes her tears and comes out. People were making her video with their cell phones.
At night, Gia was restless

in her room. There, Azher was also upset in his room.
Isha rings the bell, and greets Sahir as he opens the door. He asks Isha what she is doing here. Isha says it was decided. Sahir tells her that Azher is going to stay here now. Isha asks if he is fine. Sahir tells her he is in bedroom, he tried to speak to him but no use. Isha says she isn’t liking this, this is bad.
There, Rave tells Guru that Gia doesn’t let anyone close to her, she is super sensitive. Guru tells her that Azher’ right. Rave imposes him to side Gia. There, Isha insists on Sahir to side Gia. Sahir tells Isha he would side whatever is right, everyone spies on Azher and now Gia is doing the same. He is Azher Khan, the celebrity; he is trying to change himself for Gia. One shouldn’t always manipulate things to his advantage. Isha was angry, and heads to leave. Sahir asks her to stay if she came, she might leave tomorrow morning. Isha agrees. Sahir goes to prepare for the bed, they hit each other. Sahir tells Isha he wants to make it really clear, Sahir Basin isn’t a s*x mania, no touching. Isha feels bad, she tells him she know he gets weak around girls but he is trying to change. Sahir assures he has changed, but he won’t force his thoughts over her. She must take her time, he is always there.
Diana watches Gia and Azher’s breakup story. Diana shows Gia another juicy story, about her breaking as a spy at Azher’s con**m ad shooting. Diana tells Gia if they print her breakup story their story will be ended.
There is a door bell, Guru was watching Gia, Rave and Isha also runs there. They were upset watching Gia cleaning vigorously. She was shivering and murmurs she needs to control herself. She was determined to fix this, and control everything. Guru tells her that she is right, they are all with her; she must not leave it. Gia asks Isha for a favor, to go to Sahir’s house for her.
Sahir comes home calling Azher to play a new game. Azher comes with his bags packed. Sahir asks if he is going somewhere. Azher says he is leaving for home. He confess he should have left when she first rejected him, but she thought about trying for once more. Gia is different from other girls. Sahir gives him an idea about a boy’s night. Azher says he doesn’t want to break their friendship, but if he stays… Sahir asks him to chill and not to overthink. Isha comes home then, she says to Azher she doesn’t want to be mean, but she made a favor over him and she wants him back. Gia wants to meet him and they can’t meet anywhere so he must go home. Azher complains if Gia couldn’t come if she had to meet. Isha tells Azher Gia never questioned his integrity. Sahir also insists on Azher to go there, else he would regret it later. He must do this, only for love. Azher leaves with his bags.
2 hours later, Gia tells Isha he didn’t arrive. Azher was doing boxing vigorously. Rave was sure he won’t come. Guru was sure he will, sometimes it takes time. Rave tells Guru she has been in a relationship with Shikhar, and realizes the harsh realities of life. Guru leaves. Gia stops Rave.
Sahir tells Isha he won’t go there. He asks Isha if she wants to go back, Isha questions if he want her to. Sahir tells Isha he never realize about her unsaid words. Isha tells Sahir she will leave in 20 minutes. Sahir explains he didn’t mean this, he says this is the reason he wants Gia and Azher to clear everything up, not like us where one is always in the air. They must clear their hearts out, just like they have done. Both agree, with their backs towards each other.
Gia was half asleep in her room when there is a door bell. Azher comes in, he inquires Gia what’s so important that can only be done in this house. Gia says it is something he will come to know tomorrow, if he can wait till tomorrow. Azher says its not ok, but he will wait. He wants to know what she can’t say right now.

PRECAP: Gia brings coffee for Azher. Guru wakes Azher up and make him read the news about him and Gia. Azher was worried if Gia reads this news she will be further tensed. There, Isha and Shreya have an argument.

Update Credit to: Sona

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