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Girls On Top 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha comes to Sahir’s confrontation, Shreya takes him inside. Ashima comes to inform Isha about a press conference UC organized, Isha why no one told her. UC boasted about the concept of the show. Isha and Ashima eyed him as he disclosed the love birds Sahir and Shreya. They come to take seats, Shreya kneels in front of Sahir holding his hand while posing to the media. She confesses she loves him dearly and wants to be together with him always. Media reported the proposal. Sahir was surprised, and assures to deal with it later. He takes his hand off Shreya’s, thanks media reporters and leaves the conference. The reporters ask Shreya how she feels, UC advocates Sahir and goes behind Sahir. Isha also leaves the hall. She watches Sahir and UC argue in a room, Sahir angrily questions UC what this all

idea was. UC suggest him about telling the truth, he has a girlfriend who is this show’s producer, Isha Jai Singh. Sahir denies the truth. UC taunts Sahir about Isha favoring him into the show, and suggests about telling the whole truth to media. He would love firing Isha. Sahir points a finger towards him not to dare. UC warns him to do what he is asked for. Isha thinks about Sahir being her secret admirer. She wonders how to react, why he is her secret admirer.
Gia comes to Isha showing her a loop of Sahir and Shreya. UC is paying a lot of money to hurt her, it’s his personal clash with her. Isha shuts the laptop that she can’t take this anymore. It’s all because of her, Rave’s loss and Sahir and Shreya’s affair. She doesn’t want to do it anymore, she quit her job. Rave calls her, and reminds they aren’t quitters. They are girls on top, before anyone else speak she confesses she is an idiot sulking whole night. She apologizes for all the nonsense. Rave says atleast she knew she was the real winner, she is allowed to behave idiot but Isha isn’t one. Isha was determined not to let people like UC win, they bet the game is on.
Gia comes to Tara and asks about Diana’s meeting with someone last week. Tara tells her it was some crepe person Uday Chandar. Gia gets it was UC, Tara doesn’t remember what happened in it but Diana had signed a deal with him. Rave comes to the event management office, she accuses them to be cheater and asks to apologize on youtube else she would. They warn her of their publicity, she deters them for disclosing them one day.
Gia argues with Diana it’s not always right to get likes by paying viewers. Diana says its always business in her office, she should join some NGO if she doesn’t want business. She must get rid of honesty’s chapter from her life, else she wouldn’t have hid her identity from Azher. She questions if Azher knows she is using his secret girlfriend’s stories? Gia denies. Diana asks Gia to get back to her unfair life of stories. She gets Azher’s call, Gia apologizes she couldn’t get the reporters name, doesn’t listen any further and leaves.
Isha was on set, Rahul comes to meet her as DJ Hunt champ. Isha doesn’t shake his hand, he asks about music taste of people here. He boasts his music to be the best. Isha tells him his was second best music, she informs Ashima they will begin working with the real DJ Hunt winner from tomorrow. Rahul says he isnt available, Isha doesn’t pay heed and only smiles at Ashima. Someone gets Isha a gift from secret admirer.
Rave comes home, Roshali comes to her with her and Shekhar’s photo. Rave was upset watching it.

PRECAP: Sahir explains he didn’t want Isha to misunderstand him. Isha says there is nothing between them. Sahir pins Isha to the wall and asks nothing?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hmm. So i have lost many epis.. I cant read them altogether.. So can anyone plz tell me in brief about the competition, our AzIa, and GOT! Like what happened in 2 weeks!
    Im very happy that shantanu got a chance to dance with his desi hoppers onscreen!! Loved watchin him dance!!!!!! The D3 moments afresh! <3
    Missed my AzIa lots!!! Missed all my frnz here!!!
    Love GOT

  2. @sana. Oops sorry! I always get confused with d grades! I too remember suhash da, fairy, kuhu, nutzy n all of our kyy roxz family. Srsly.. We so thought that we wont have the smile we had watchin kyy n our manan.. But no! MTV is there alive to prove us wrong! They gave GOT n AzIa in compensation! Yeah i admit that i dont love AzIa as much as i love MaNan, but they’re giving in their best to make us love them to the core! Its goin to be 2 months of GOT soon.. N the epic date anniversary of manan which is tomorrow!!(manan kiss & manik’s confession wid kidnap 😡 )
    GOT really owes a huge thank you from us!!
    And #sanarox

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