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Girls On Top 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia’s phone rings at once, she hurries to go. Azher asks what about dinner? Gia touches his cheeks and promise as soon as possible.
Rave performs. The crowd give her huge applause. Gia comes to Isha, Guru asks if she didn’t clap for Rave. Isha changes the topic asking to go to Rave in contestant area. Guru and Roshali tell Rave the crowd cheered for her. The management come and ask if they are here again, they are forbidden. Guru and Roshali make up they had to go to washroom. Isha appreciates Rave.
Azher calls Gia and congratulate her that her friend has won, he didn’t need any cheating. Gia cheers. Roshali asks what happened. Gia says her sources called her, Rave has won. They cheer and dance. Azher comes announcing the results. Sahir comes behind to take Isha aside and drags her

there. Isha resists but he walks fast and pins her to a wall. They share and eye lock, Isha says he can’t be physical forcefully. Sahir says he can be, when she can do this. He tells Isha that Raveti had won the competition but UC changed the results. Isha was shocked.
There, Azher asks for any guesses? The crowd cheer. Rave stood fingers crossed. Sahir tells Isha UC didn’t want a girl to win, specially her friend. Isha says UC doesn’t know she and Rave are friends. Sahir says Shreya! She is a plant.
Azher stops for a while the announcement, then says DJ Rahul! Rave was heartbroken. Gia upset. Azher clueless. Rahul tells Rave being DJ isn’t isnt a girl’s thing. Isha gets a message, Rave lost. She cries. Sahir consoles her by hugging her hard.
At night, Roshali calls Rave from outside the door if she is fine. They were all upset. Gia comes to Isha and says Rave would only listen to her. Isha asks its all because of her, if she hadn’t any clashes with UC Rave must have won. She cries that this is all her fault. Gia asks Isha to calm down and not to break up, they have to handle Rave. Isha asks when there will be their time? Gia says very soon, but they have to be strong. Right now they have to be strong for Rave. Roshali says to Rave that everyone would think she is weak, she says if Rave hadn’t supported her she wouldn’t be alive. She is so talented, a TV show loss doesn’t matter. She has to win World DJ competition now. Roshali recalls Rave saying not to think about past and give up, live in present. Rave sat beside the door, crying. Gia and Isha come to Roshali, Isha assures she will be fine. Gia looks at Guru.
Sahir thinks about Isha, calling him physical. She had said that she won’t give h im another chance, it was only physical for him. He gets a flash back from 2 years ago. Isha had come knocking his door, she had her mobile with her ear and says she can hear his phone ringing inside.
Sahir opened the door, draped half in shirt and didn’t allow her inside. She forces herself in to see a girl dressing up. Sahir explains he was just busy in something else. Isha left him.
Gia asks Isha not to be upset, Rave will be fine tomorrow but what has happened to her. Isha asks what? Gia asks what happened to her and Sahir, there is something bothering her. Isha says she is fine. Gia says she knew Sahir’s past still she accepted him, if he did she must trust him. If she doesn’t trust him its her fault. Isha tells Gia she doesn’t talk about Sahir, she has to think about Rave. Gia says she must shut her guilt first and be strong.
Next day, Gia finds a rush of people on the way. She shows the guard her card and head in. The other reporters complain how she can go inside, while she is also a reporter. Nadia says to Azher that no one knew about his participation in the show. She gave confirmation on last minute and it was only with no media condition, Azher says someone knew about it. Nadia wonders how it got leaked. Gia comes in then, Azher asks if she is fine. Gia says she is, why he called her so urgently. Nadia leaves. Gia asks if Nadia knows it her in the newspaper. Azher says he doesn’t hide anything from Nadia, he feels Diana has put all the reporters behind him who follow him all the time. Azher says no one knew he is going to attend the event. Gia suggests may be someone had told them after his arrival. Azher says Nadia made sure media persons didn’t get an entry. Gia says the person might be lying. Azher says this news only came in Mumbai Masala, none other newspaper. He was tensed and says he is an actor and not a terrorist, he asks if she can find out about the reporter. Gia looks at him guilty.

PRECAP: UC presents Sahir with Shreya. Shreya confesses her love to Sahir. UC warns Sahir to do what he is asked for. Tara tells Gia there was a deal between Diana and Azher, Diana tells Gia only business works in their office.

Update Credit to: Sona

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