Girls On Top 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Azher says Gia is in his heart, it depends on her if she wants to make a house on it or not. If she wants to reject him she can do it now. Gia was nervous and says she doesn’t want this. He holds her hand back, and asks if she didn’t say she feels for him. He asks himself daily if Gia used him, but he has no answer. He knows she made this secret girlfriend’s story just because in some corner of heart she also felt a connection among them, it’s not affection but love.
Sahir makes pasta while Isha smiles watching him. She stops him putting in a lot of salt in it. He boasts he cooks daily, Isha says that girls consider cooking as really easy. He was about to put in another spice, Isha holds his hand back. Both were moved, Sahir had spilled in already. She change the topic and asks about his

recipe, then turns to hit him. Both hold onto each other. Sahir gets back, Isha confesses the kitchen is small. Sahir asks about her show? Isha says there are twenty days left, she still has to save her job. He suggests her about some addition in the show as its already on air. Isha hints about his and Shreya’s popularity. Sahir advices her to get something real and not the paid hits; if its good and real it will get rating by itself. Isha smiles that he really trusts her talent. Sahir says he trusts her.
They hear clapping, Sahir hurries towards the room saying its time. Isha follows clueless. Sahir hands Azher plastic earrings, Azher asks what this is; he had asked for something cute and not plastic. Sahir says he didn’t ask him not to get plastic, and Gia isn’t into metal. Azher says Gia is difference, you never know she might like her. Sahir turns to find Isha, she questions if Azher is going to propose. Sahir goes to kitchen silently. Isha was worried at once.
Gia comes out of washroom, Azher kneels in front of her requesting her not to deny what she feels. Gia asks him to realize whatever he do would come to headlines. Azher insists he isn’t a head line, he has feelings and he never felt for anyone what he feels for her. She must consider it atleast, and not punish him for being born at a star’s place and being a star himself. Gia finally holds them.
Isha walks restlessly, Sahir asks her not to be worried. What has to happen will always be. Sahir opens the video and was shocked to see the views. Isha says its reality. He points towards Isha and asks why she was looking at him, as if she was impressed by him. Isha says whatever he did that day was impressing. Sahir says whatever they both do is impressive, Isha asks like? Sahir plays their kiss. Isha slaps him, but he moves on doing a commentary over it. Isha calls him insane.
Gia gets her mom’s call. Azher compliments her timings, teasing Gia. She asks Gia about the news.
Rave asks Guru if he is angry at her. Guru wonders who can be angry with her, then questions why she is doing this all. Rave says his gift is useless, but its meaning is deep. Like him, he is deep. She wants to make him permanent in her life, just like these flower’s fragrance.
Gia explains to her mother it’s a gossip, her mother was afraid her father would have reached Mumbai. Gia asks her to ignore such a gossip, she is a journalist. Her mother tells Gia they have to marry her soon, she has to be careful. Gia says when she took dad’s name, she felt he was there with her. Her mom says they aren’t together, but they care for Gia equally. Gia hangs up, she cries in front of Azher because she comes from a simple family and doesn’t know how to deal with it. Azher hushes her up, kisses her forehead. She wipes her tears. Azher comes out, Sahir looks questionably towards him. Gia follows. Sahir appreciates Gia’s ring, she hands them back to Azher. Azher asks Gia if she would keep the other ring. Gia says yes. Azher asks if she didn’t say she isn’t interested in him. Gia asks when she said so. Azher qualifies this means he has a chance, Gia asks why would she keep this ring then. Sahir and Gia jump and cheer, hugging Azher and Gia. They dance around the room, Sahir bucks Azher and Gia for a hug. There is a door bell, Isha goes to check the door and see Mr. Mathew with the guard outside. She calls Gia worried.

PRECAP: Gia and Isha hide Azher and Sahir into washroom. Mr Mathew comes inside the house, Isha and Gia were tensed. In the office, Diana tells Gia that fans don’t lie, so get her the interview.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Azhar and Gia are so awesome.I really love them.

  2. Today’s epi is miiinnnddd blooowwinggg…Wooooowww reallyyy reallly AWESOME..

  3. But whr r u guyzz..Kitty,Plumpyy,Deepika,Hamda,Shanitics nd all otherr GOT fans..

    1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

      Hyy akshara …
      finally kisi ne muje yaad kiya … just kidding
      Episode was rocking … why mathew has problem with girls …it s their life …

      Totally love azhar-gia nd ish-sahir ?

      GOT rockss ✌

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