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Rave tries Guru’s number but he doesn’t take it. He lay on the bed upset. Isha was upset about Sahir, she was upset as she hadn’t share anything about her with him. She calls Sahir, she asks if he ready for the shoot. She tells him to bring white shirt and shoes. He says he already talked to Ashima. She asks who is calling him now. She says Isha, the associate producer. He says he has nothing to ask then, she asks otherwise? He says otherwise he has to ask a lot, but he has lost that right. Rave lay on the bed with her mobile, Gia comes in the room, Rave hides herself under the blanket.
Next morning, Rave gets a call and takes it at once asking Guru? It was some policy seller. Gia tells Rave that today she will have to complete double the work and extra time just because of Rave, she called

them for emergency in a non-emergency situation. Rave argues that it was an emergency. Gia says Guju had only threatened her, not put her in jail. Gia challenges Rave for something, Rave was curious what it is about? Gia says she already told Isha Rave can’t do it. Rave asks what? Gia says they need a maid. Rave says she will handle it. Gia say it’s her responsibility. Rave asks her to go to office, she will handle the maid search.
In the office, everyone stares at Gia. She comes to Tara and asks why everyone is staring at her. Tara says she has written a pathetic article. Gia asks how she can say this. Tara says everyone says so, Gia asks Diana? Tara says she doesn’t know. Diana comes with the newspaper, Gia stands up, Diana says this is the article that she has written and she allowed it to be published without reading. Gia says sorry, Diana asks what for. She scolds Gia for writing a women empowerment article in her magazine. She calls Gia a tabloid writer, she can’t make her newspaper as boring and sad. Unfortunately, her bosses liked her magazine so she isn’t firing Gia, but she doesn’t like it all. Gia says yes Dian… Diana. Gia picks up the ever ringing phone call, warns him and slaps the phone down. She was confused if she should be happy to have impressed top bosses or must be worried about Diana’s anger.
Rave auditioned the maids. One of the maid offers to discount for her. The other one comes to Rave and promises to do all the work for Rave. Rave was impressed by her offer to do all the house chores, bring vegetables from the market and make tea for Rave. Both the maids begin to argue, Rave shouts at them to shut up and sends them out. She thinks she must call Isha and looks around for her phone. She comes out and tells the ladies to return her phone. They both accuse each other. Rave warns to call the police, the other one gives Rave’s phone back.
Isha asks Ashima about the situation of audition. Rave says she can’t search a maid. Isha says it isn’t a mission. Rave says for her everything is a mission impossible. Isha says Raveti isn’t about disappointment but celebration. Rave says life is so depressed, Guru is really hurt because of her because he didn’t pick up her call. She asks how she can do this after having taken money from him. Isha says everyone makes mistakes, one only has to be careful the other time. She watches Sahir and says there are some people who only care for us, selflessly; we should hold on to them. She hangs up, and thinks she had butterflies in stomach watching Sahir that meant love. She decided to patch up with him after auditons. The producer asks her to send the first contestant, Sahir Basin. She comes to the contestant’s waiting room and informs him he is first. Other boys ask why she didn’t brief them. Sahir says they are contestants, must sing. The boy says he is talking to her, Sahir says she is the founder of the show so some respect for her. Isha tells them they are selecting fifteen contestants in the first round.
The autions begin. Isha watches Sahir perform. The judges select him. Isha cheers. Sahir comes out, Isha follows him, but a girl jumps over Sahir outside. Sahir asks Megha? She says yes, I am back and am here to share his happiness. Isha watches them from a distance and was hurt.

PRECAP: Gia is shocked to see Azher in office. Isha says to Sahir he must have felt really relieved, if he wanted to breakup why he blamed her, he must have asked her. Sahir tells Isha that Megha didn’t come to patch up, she is pregnant.

Update Credit to: Sona

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